c. 1788


Baldock Halford & Co.

Plumptre, Hammond & Co.



"Marriage of Rev. Robert Morgan, r. of Sevington, Kent, to Ann, eldest daughter of John Furley, Esq., of Canterbury." The British Magazine 1840



Obituary, Sept. 1853 At Canterbury, John Furley, Junior, Esq., Banker formerly Commi. H.E.I.C.S. GM

"Death, November 7th, at Canterbury, aged 82, John Furley, esq. many years managing partner of the Canterbury Bank. His remains were interred in the family vault lately constructed in St. Stephen's Churchyard, adjacent to that city." GM 1855


1865 GM - Marriage at St. Stephens Canterbury the Rev. J. P. ALCOCK, M.A., Pickley, to Katharine, second daughter of the late John FURLEY, esq., of Canterbury.

*C. J. FURLEY, esq. The late Charles John Furley, Esq. of the firm of Hallett, Creery and Furley, solicitors of Ashford, Kent who died a his residence in that town on the 6th inst. in the thirty-fifty year of his age was the second son of the late Mr. John FURLEY, banker of Canterbury, where he was born in the year 1848. Mr. Furley was educated at the King's School, Canterbury; he was admitted a solicitor in Hilary Term 1870, and in 1872 he succeeded his uncle, Mr. Robert FURLEY, the senior partner of the above firm. Mr. FURLEY, held the appointment of solicitor to the Kent Fire and Life Office for the eastern division of the county, clerk to the guardians of the East Ashford Union, clerk to the Ashford Cattle Market Company, clerk to the Ashford Cemetery Board, and also clerk to the three School Boards. He married in 1873, Frances Jane, daughter of Mr. James Prosser SNEAD, banker of Brecon, by whom he has left five children. The remains of the deceased gentleman were interred in Ashford Cemetery. The Law Times 1883



Hammond & Co.

William Osmond Hammond, John Plumptree, Deane John Parker and John Furley ......Glyn & Co.


Hammond & Co. William Osmund Hammond, St. Alban's Court, Nonington, Kent, Esquire. John Pemberton Plumptre, Fredville, Nonington, Esquire and M.P. for Kent. John Furley (late William Foord Hinton, deceased) Canterbury, Esquire. William Henry Furley, Canterbury, Esquire. 1845 - The Bankers Magazine



William Osmond Hammond, St. Alban's Court, Nonington, Kent, Esquire. John Pemberton Plumptre, Fredville, Nonington, Esquire. William Henry FURLEY, Canterbury, Esquire. Thomas Hilton, Nackington House, near Canterbury, Esquire. John FURLEY, Jun., Canterbury, Esquire.


1830 Canterbury Union Bank - Halford, Baldock & Co.

Richard Halford the younger, William Henry Baldock, Osborn Snoulton the younger, and Edward Kingsford the younger.....Grote & Co.



George Turmaine, Bank Manager (51 High Street)

Alfred Kemp, Bankers Clerk (Dover Road)

David Noel, a clerk for the London & County Bank (The Elms)

John McMaster, Bankers Clerk (St. George's Terrace)

Josiah B. James, Clerk in the London & County Bank (St. Dunstan's Terrace)

James Cox, Banker's Clerk (Victoria Place)

James Wiltshier, Banker's Clerk (Sandhurst Terrace, London Road)


Joseph Russell - Oct 15, 1880 - What is your position in the bank? Second Cashier. In Messrs. Hammond & Co.? Yes.


1887 J. B. James Esq., London & County Bank, Canterbury (Archaeologia Cantiana)

Hammond Plumptre Furley Hilton & McMaster note from my collection October 17, 1899


late 1880's


51 High Street. Manager's, George Furley and McMaster



12 Parade. Manager, W. J. Dinnis, Draw on Head Office, 21 Lombard Street, London



Sidney Hobbs, Bankers Clerk, boarding at 4 Castle Street



Cecil P. S. Major, Bankers Clerk



"There are three banks, viz.: the Canterbury bank, carried on under the firm of Hammond, Plumptre, Hilton, McMaster & Furley, and branches of the London and County Banking Company and Lloyds Bank."

From Kelly's 1903 directory of Kent


The Capital and Counties Bank late Hammond & Co. c. 1903



"There are four banks, viz.: Branches of the Capital and Counties Bank Limited; the Union of London and Smiths Bank Limited; the London County and Westminster Bank Limited, and Lloyds Bank Limited."

From Kelly's 1913 directory of Kent

"Birth, September 14th, at the Paddock, Canterbury, the wife of William Henry Furley, esq. a son." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1858 (Upper Chantry Lane)

William Henry Furley, Esq. Canterbury - Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Annual Register 1859 - Died November 1, at the Paddock, Canterbury, aged 57, William Henry Furley, Esq., banker, of that city. (Upper Chantry Lane)

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