The Refectory, or Infirmary which it was once known by, where the sick Pilgrims were tended to.

The refectory was originally used as a place for the pilgrims' meals, it is also where the in-brothers and sisters received their allowances weekly, after the service in the chapel. It has been used as a library and also as a meeting place.

The large ornate plaque on the wall contains the names of the Masters of Eastbridge Hospital. The three lovely oil paintings are of former Masters, one of which is John Batteley.

There was also large fireplace on the north wall, which was removed in 1879, and in the 1930's there was a corner fireplace, which is also now gone, it was on the right, between where the window is and the corner of the wall. You can also see in the center of the wall, what seems to be an old doorway which has been filled in.

One of the tables in the refectory is said to date from about 1630, and there is also a "massive-looking chair" which is called the Masters Chair, of which the age is unknown.

There are also two very old chests, one which is made of iron, and which had a very elaborate lock. These used to contain ancient deeds belonging to the Hospital.

The candelabra you see hanging in the picture dates from the 18th century.

1759 - In the Hall hang the pictures of Dr. John Battely and Rev. Lewis, late rector of Minster in Thanet, who were masters of this hospital.


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