Fleur de lis Hotel


Demolished 1958

Fleur de Lis Hotel, postcard

Fleur de Lis Hotel, postcard, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


Fleur de Lis Hotel, Tarriff's c. 1906, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


Hotel detail from a postcard & c.1902 ad from Canterbury Views


Thomas PARAMORE, esq. of Monkton by his will in 1637, gave his messuage called the Fleur de luce in Canterbury, to his nephew Thomas Paramore, on condition that he paid to the mayor and aldermen of the same 100l. the same to be lent to five poor shopkeepers of this city freely, and he willed, that whosoever should borrow the sum of 20l. parcel of the same should put in good security to the mayor and aldermen, to repay the same at the end of five years, which said poor shopkeepers should, with the consent of the mayor and aldermen, be appointed by his said nephew during his life, and afterwards by the house of burghmote, or the major part of them for ever. HT


15th Century Lounge Bar, Fleur-de-lis Hotel, Canterbury, from my collection

The Coffee Room, Fleur-de-lis Hotel c. 1906, Canterbury, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


Death, December 1805, At Canterbury, Mr. William FREND, of the Flower de Luce Inn (Fleur dis Lis). MM vol 22


The Lounge, Fleur-De-Lis Hotel, Canterbury, from my collection

Lounge and Dining Room, Fleur-de-lis Hotel c. 1906, Canterbury, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


1824 Directory Fleur de lis Hotel - John Miller, High Street


"One of the oldest of the City hostelries, which was an Inn in the early years of the fifteenth century. Lately renovated throughout in accordance with modern requirements, the interior still retains much of the old-world character for which it was noted when Charles Dickens used to stay here as a guest. From the Courtyard, now converted into a lounge, may still be seen an early thirteenth century window, unspoiled by restoration, while a portion of the Tudor staircase yet remains."


Exterior, Fleur-de-lis Hotel c. 1906, Canterbury, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


William BYGGE was said to possibly have built a part of this inn or had a financial interest in it. He was twice mayor of Canterbury in 1460 and 1466.


My thanks to Paul for pointing out the corbels from the old Fleur de lis hotel (although they are in the opposite position of where they were placed under the original window)..situated now in Whitehorse lane


1830-40's - James Toke SIMMONDS


1860 - Mrs. Jane Simmonds *noted in "The Draper and Clothier" A book of general information for all traders in and purchasers of textile fabrics 1860


1870's - Zachariah Prentice, Hotel Proprietor


WTHBH - Sept 14, 1872 - The Mayor's annual banquet took place on Wednesday at the Fleur de Lis Hotel, when a very sumptuous repast was provided in excellent style by the landlord. Mr. Prentice, to which a more numerous company than usual sat down. The room was tastefully decorated with plants and flowers kindly supplied by the Earl of Mountcharles, Captain Lambert and Mr. Mount. Amongst the company present, besides the aldermen and councillors, were Mr. W. Masters, Mr. G. Furley, The Rev. Canon Mitchinson, Mr. W. Furley, the Mayor of Faversham, Mr. J. Callaway, Mr. J. Lowry, Mr. J. Hemery, Mr. C. Collard, Mr. C. Holttum, Mr. W. Plummer, Mr. Rigden, &c.


Liquidation by Arrangement. First Meetings of Creditors. Tuesday, April 29, 1873. John DAVIS, Bridge near Canterbury, Kent, Grocer. May 13 at 12 at the Fleur de lys Hotel, High Street, Canterbury. Monckton and Son, Maidstone. May 10, 1873. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter


1874 - Samuel PRENTICE


1880's - Ms. Charlotte A. TEMPLE was the Manageress of the hotel


1884 - Horatio WARD



H. BAKER, Fleur de Lis stables

1889 Directory - H. Ward, proprietor of the FLEUR-DE-LIS Hotel - Horatio Ward was working for the FOUNTAIN HOTEL in 1891


Early 1900's - Elizabeth S. ALLEN, Hotel Manageress


1902 - Cobb family of Margate, Kent.... Estate Papers Sale - Fleur de Lis Hotel, Canterbury EK-U1453/5/3/11


1903 - FLEUR DE LIS Hotel, Family & Commercial & Posting House, Charles SANDERSON, Proprietor - Kelly's directory of Kent 1903


1917 - Fleur De Lis Hotel officially appointed A.A. & R.A.C.; M. Sheppard (Tele 195)


1917 -1926 - Fleur de Lis, 34 High St., M. Sheppard


1922 Ad for the hotel

Fleur-de-Lis Hotel,


(Opposite the Royal Museum).


A part of the Original Building still existing

Has been entirely Re-decorated

and a

New Smoking Lounge


Billard Room added.


Electric Light Throughout.

Table d'Hote Luncheon Daily,

3/6. Dinner 5/6


Under the personal supervision of the Proprietor.

Tel: No. 195



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