Established c. 1840

There is a "Goulden Collection" 1830-1930 available at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-U368


Goulden's, a detail from my High Street postcard - mailed 1914 to France, and an old Ad

1917 Ad


on Three Years' System. H. J. GOULDEN, LTD., 39-40 High St., Canterbury



Postcards of the "West Gate" published by H.J. Goulden

Postcard of St. Nicholas Church above, by H.J. Goulden - an interesting message on the reverse

Posted December 2, 1903 to Miss Nibbs, 136 Pyle Street, Newport, Isle of Wight - Have you heard from him lately since he married a black woman. Sarah.


May 1896 - Young lady wanted as Cashier and Book keeper. Apply H. J. Goulden, 40 High Street, Canterbury.


The cover of a book published by Henry James Goulden, and sold at 39 High Street


One of Gouldens sticker's, located inside the front page of my book "Canterbury, A Sketch Book" by Walter M. Keesey


Postcard mailed May 18th, 1904, from Brown & Woodley, Hastings, to Mr. H. J. Goulden of Canterbury


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AD - 1895 in Goulden's Guide

Goulden's Guide c. 1899

Ad in Goulden's Guide c. 1899

H.J. Goulden Postcard of Mercery Lane c. 1903

H.J. Goulden Postcard of St. George's Street

H.J. Goulden Postcard of Westgate

H.J. Goulden Postcard of Bell Harry Tower under Repair c. 1904

H.J. Goulden Postcard of Westgate

Some of their Postcards

Canterbury Cathedral, Nave East, H.J. Goulden, 1903

St. Martins Church, Canterbury

St. George's Street


Mercery Lane

Black and White of St. Peter's Street

South West Corner of the Cloisters, Canterbury Cathedral, Black & White

St. Peter's Street (Kings Bridge), Black & White

Exterior View of Christ Church Gate c. 1890-1910

St. John's Hospital Gateway, Canterbury


Some of their printed works

date ? - The Authentic Guide to the Cathedral and City of Canterbury, Author: A resident - publisher H.J. Goulden, Canterbury

1892 Bygone Kent; Its History, Romance, Folk Lore, etc., Richard Stead B.A., F.R.H. S.(editor, headmaster of the Folkestone Grammar School) H.J. Goulden, Canterbury and William Andrew & Co, Hull and Simpkin, Marshall London 1892, First Edition 267 pp - price 7s. 6d.

c. 1899 Goulden's Guide to Canterbury and the Cathedral, H.J. Goulden, Printer & Publisher, Stationer's Hall, price six-pence

1908 The 3rd Battalion "The Buff" in South Africa, Hirst (Major H.D.), 59 pages, Publisher, H.J. Goulden, Canterbury


1764, Marriage, Aug. 7 John PETTELEY and Mary GOULDEN by banns, St. Peter's Canterbury

1771 possible marriage of William GOULDEN and Phebe AMASS at St. Peter's Church Canterbury (Dec 25)

1773, Jan 10th, christening, Thomas son of Samuel and Eleanor GOULDEN his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

1775, Jan 29, christening, Samuel, son of Samuel and Eleanor GOULDEN his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

Possible christening of William GOULDEN May 26, 1776 at St. Dunstans (married Sophia GOODBAN)

1777, Feb 2, christening of Samuel son of Samuel and Eleanor GOULDEN his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

1779, Sept 12, christening of James son of Samuel and Eleanor GOULDEN his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

1782, April 7, christening, William son of Samuel and Eleanor GOULDEN his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

April 7, 1782 christening of William GOULDEN (married Hannah LEPINE 1812)

1785, June 12, christening, Francis, son of Samuel GOULDEN and Eleanor his wife, St. Peter's Canterbury

Thomas Goulden, Freeman of Canterbury 1789, Silkweaver

William Goulden of Staplegate, Freeman of Canterbury, 1797, Turner

Married at Canterbury, Mr. W. Goulden, to Miss Goodband*. - The Monthly Magazine 1801 pg. 195

*should read William GOULDEN of St. Alphage, Canterbury, Turner, bachelor age 24 and Sophia GOODBAN of St. Paul, Canterbury age 20, father Thomas GOODBAN, Gentleman, at St. Paul. January 24, 1801

1805-7 Samuel Goulden, Grocer, Westgate without

1805-7 William Goulden, Grocer, Borough

1805-7 William Goulden, chair maker, Borough

1808 James GOULDEN of St. Alphage Canterbury, cabinet maker, bachelor (22) and Catherine Wastell of Sheldwich, spinster (28) at S. 13 December 1808.

1809 William GOULDEN Jr. of Staplegate near Canterbury, Turner, widow and Mary Ann HOLBOURN of Badlesmere, spinster age 31, at Badlesmere. August 1809

1812 William GOULDEN of Holy Cross, Canterbury, bachelor and Hannah LEPINE, of All Saints Canterbury, spinster at All Saints. May 29, 1812.

*June 2, 1812 Marriage William GOULDEN, bac, of Holy Cross Westgate "without the gate" and Hannah LEPINE, spinster, of this parish, lic. (All Saints Canterbury)

1814 John GOULDEN of St. Alphage, Canterbury, Shopkeeper, bachelor age 34 and Elizabeth KENNETT of Brabourne, spinster age 24 at Brabourne, December 26, 1814

May 10th, 1815 burial of Margaret GOULDEN of Guildhall Street, age 21 months (Holy Cross)

June 6th, 1815 burial of Sarah GOULDEN of Guildhall Street, age 5 months (Holy Cross)

February 16th?, 1817 burial of Samuel GOULDEN of Westgate age 73 years (Holy Cross)

1818, burial of Eleanor GOULDEN, of Westgate, Sept (1?), 1818, age 72 years (Holy Cross)

1819, burial of a Christiana GOULDEN of Northgate on November 29th, 1819, age 3 years (Holy Cross)

1819, burial of a Eleanor GOULDEN of Northgate on December 10th, 1819, age 11 months (Holy Cross)

1830 Poll Book

William GOULDEN, St. George's Street, Canterbury, Cabinet Maker

Thomas GOULDEN, St. George's, Canterbury, Upholsterer

James GOULDEN, St. Mildred's, Canterbury, Cabinet Maker

William GOULDEN, Kingsland road, London, Baker

William GOULDEN, Kingsbridge, Canterbury, Cabinet Maker

T. GOULDEN, Jr., St. George's, Upholsterer

*list of Freemen







1834, Aug 24 Christening of Eleanor Sarah GOULDEN, to Thomas and Sarah GOULDEN, Canterbury, Kent

Was a marriage of Phebe Ann GOULDEN in 1837 in Canterbury

1839 Charles GOULDEN marries Mary Ann Baker in Canterbury

Was a marriage of John GOULDEN in 1840 in Canterbury

Business was started in 1840 by Charles GOULDEN

1841 - Guildhall Street Charles & Mary Ann are living in Guildhall street, and Charles is working as a Stationer. His wife Mary Ann was running the shop. The couple don't have any children at this time.

Was a marriage of Catherine Hannah GOULDEN in 1843 in Canterbury

William GOULDEN a labourer of Ivy Lane born c. 1801

William GOULDEN born c. 1776 in Kent, a turner of Church street (Staplegate) with wife Mary, son Charles (painter), daughter Mary, son Edward (shoemaker) and son John Goulden

1841 Birth of a William Edward GOULDEN in Canterbury (d. 1911) to Charles GOULDEN and Mary Anne GOULDEN (nee Baker) the first of six boys and a girl born to them

1845 (British Archaeological Association) The following associates were announced as having been enrolled since the meeting of June 9th: William GOULDEN, esq., Peter street, Canterbury

1847 Charles is listed under Bookseller, Printer & Stationer at 6 Guildhall street in the Bagshaw directory

Was a marriage of Emma Elizabeth GOULDEN in 1847 in Canterbury

1847 - At Miss GOULDEN's Establishment, No. 2 Saint Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury, Kent, YOUNG LADIES are liberally boarded and instructed in all the ususal branches of a useful and polite Education. References kindly permitted to the Rev. J. K. Foster, Canterbury (late of Cheshunt College) and the Rev. H. Cresswell, Canterbury.

About 1847 the business was removed to 41 High Street, and in 1864 the management of it passed to W.E. Goulden, eldest son of Charles. William E. Goulden was succeeded in 1870 by his brother, H. J. Goulden, who had been connected with the business since 1863. Three years later the firm moved to its present premises. In 1910 H. G. Goulden, the third son of H. J. Goulden, became a partner and in 1915 the business was made into a private company, with H. J. Goulden as Managing Director.... Book Auction Records, Vo. 14

Was a marriage of Edward Newton GOULDEN in 1848 in Canterbury (Hannah Anderson, Ann Bundock, Elizabeth Vines, Sabina Wilson)

1849 Death of a Samuel GOULDEN in Canterbury

William GOULDEN, widower, born c. 1782 in Canterbury living at No. 4 St. Peter's Street, a retired cabinet maker (same house as Francis Read BATEMAN, Paper hanger, cabinet maker)

1851, April 14th Death, At Canterbury, aged 69, Mr. William GOULDEN, cabinet-maker, formerly a town councillor. GMv189

William Goulden, All Saints church yard

Sacred to the memory of William GOULDEN

who died April 14th, 1851 aged 69 years

Also of Hannah wife of the above who died

May 9th, 1826, aged 26 years

Also of Mary infant daughter of the above who died

in the year 1822 aged 5 months

June 2, 1812 Marriage William GOULDEN, bac, of Holy Cross Westgate "without the gate" and Hannah LEPINE, spinster, of this parish, lic. (All Saints Canterbury)

The footstone belonging to the grave above (they are in two different parts of the yard)



H.G. 1826

M.G. 1822

William Goulden born March 21, 1782, Canterbury, christened April 7, 1782, St. Peter's Church, died 1851 buried All Saints Churchyard

Hannah Lepine, christened April 2, 1780, Canterbury, died 1826, buried All Saint's Churchyard

1851 - 41 High Street Charles Goulden (b. March 11, 1813), is a Bookseller *Charles and Mary Ann Goulden are the parents of Henry James Goulden who was born in 1850. Henry had siblings, Charles Lepine (1843), Edward Baker (1845), Hannah Lepine (1848), and William Edward Goulden (1841).

John Goulden, No. 2 St. Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury, Elizabeth, Frances, Emma, John

They also had a son Albert Goulden born in October of 1852 that passed away in January of 1853 and is buried at St. Gregory's.

Was a marriage of Ann Elizabeth Goulden in 1853 in Canterbury

Was a marriage of Harriett Heziah (Hesiah) Goulden Goulden in 1855 in Canterbury

Rebecca Goulden, widow, born c. 1792 in Canterbury living in Chantry lane (formerly a shoe binder)

Elizabeth Goulden, widow, born c. 1792 in Brabourne at 2 Orchard Terrace (proprietor of houses) with daughter Frances Goulden born c. 1818 Canterbury, a schoolmistress *1851 directory - Miss Frances Goulden, ladies' boarding school

Death of a Eleanor Sarah Goulden in Canterbury

Goulden & Francis, milliners & dressmakers, located at 15 St. George's Street

Goulden & Son, auctioners, upholsterers and cabinet makers, 15 St. George's Street

Charles Goulden, printer and stationer, 41 High Street

Edward Goulden, boot & shoemaker, 30 Burgate Street

William Goulden, wood tuner, Borough square, Canterbury

1853 Death of an Albert Goulden in Canterbury

Death of a James Goulden in Canterbury

Death of a Mary Goulden in Canterbury

Death of a Thomas Goulden in Canterbury

1858 Charles Goulden, Printer and bookseller, High Street, Mellvile & Co. Directory

1858 Thomas Goulden (professor of music) and organist of St. Margaret's**family?

Was a marriage of a Rebecca Goulden in 1858 in Canterbury

1858 John GOULDEN, Turnery Factory and Paper Hanging Warehouse, Palace Street (no. 8 Palace Street)

1860 - British Archaeological Association vol 16 - William Goulden, Esq., 44 Peter Street, Canterbury

1860 "The National Review. No. 7", "Knight's Penny Magazine. Part 19 July, 1842; Part 21, Sept 1842; Part 30 June 1843." Wanted by C. GOULDEN, Bookseller, 41 High Street, Canterbury

In 1861 Charles Goulden, his wife Mary Ann and children are living at 44 St. Peter's Street, he is noted as a Printer (Kentish Chronicle), Stationer, employing 3 men, 2 boys and 1 girl. They have a housemaid, and a new addition to the family, son Herbert (c. 1853 died 1935).

1861 son Charles Lepine Goulden passes away

Their son Edward Baker is being apprenticed in 1860's, as a Pharmaceutical Chemist. His master is William F. Smith a Pharmaceutical Chemist of 10 Keene's Row in St. Peter Walworth, Newington, Surrey.

Was a marriage of George Goulden in 1861 in Canterbury

1861 John GOULDEN, Turner & Paperhanger, no 8 Palace Street

1863 land tax commissioners names - Charles GOULDEN, Saint Peter's, Canterbury

October 1863 C. GOULDEN, Canterbury. (Books Wanted) Philosophical Magazine. Vols. 62 & 65. Quarterly Review. Nos. 1 to 12 and 156

*The Leisure Hour and Sunday at Home. A change has been made in the mode of publication. The parts are now ready at the beginning of the month instead of the latter end as heretofore, and the coloured illustrations will not be issued with the weekly numbers, only with the monthy parts, and in sets a the end of the year. As an instance of the popularity of the coloured engravings, we may mention that in consequence of one of Canterbury Cathedral being given with the first number of the new volume of the Sunday at Home, Mr. Goulden, bookseller, &c., of Canterbury, took 3000 copies, the largest quantity we believe, ever taken by a country bookseller of one periodical. (Dec. 1863)


1865 Poll book

C. GOULDEN, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury - 1726, D. (No. 1314) parish of qualification, Saint Dunstan

William E. GOULDEN, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury (No. 1315) voted for "D", parish of qualification, Saint Dunstan

Charles GOULDEN, 44 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury (no. 1726) voted for "D" parish of qualification Saint Peter

Edward GOULDEN, Burgate Street, Canterbury (no. 1769) voted for "D" parish of qualification Staplegate

C. GOULDEN, 44 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, 1726, D. (no. 1370) parish of qualification Saint George the Martyr

C. GOULDEN, St. Peter's Street, Canterbury, 1726, D. (no. 1573) parish of qualification Saint Mary Bredman

C. GOULDEN, 44 St. Peter's Street, Canterbury 1726, D. (no. 1169) parish of qualification All Saints


1869 son William Edward GOULDEN marries Jane YOUNG in Canterbury

1870 Son Edward Baker Goulden marries Louisa Frances Kennett in the district of Blean, Kent.

1871 Son Edward B. Goulden is living on High Street in Uckfield, Sussex, working as a Pharmaceutical Chemist with wife Louisa the couple have no children.

Son William E. Goulden is living at 41 High Street with wife Jane and noted as Printer (Kentish Chronicle & Goulden's Canterbury Chronicle), Stationer employing 6 men, 9 boys and 2 girls

Charles Goulden & family are living at 45 St. Peter's Street and Charles is now 57 and is a retired Bookseller, and Alderman. His son Henry James Goulden age 20 has taken over the business. His daughter Hannah (age 23) is still at home, and they have a Jane Hoare, domestic servant working for the household. The couple now living at 44 St. Peters is the Sheriff and his wife.

1873 Pharmaceutical Chemists - Herbert GOULDEN, Canterbury

1873 - T. Goulden, F.C.O. is an Assistant Master at the King's school for Music

I believe Hannah became a "sister" sometime between 1871 and 1881, as she's not at home in 1881

Was a marriage of Esther Jane Goulden in 1874 in Canterbury, possibly to William Wilson

1875 Henry James Goulden has a William James Randall and William Eames working for him

Jan, 4, 1876 - Mr. W. E. Goulden will immediately commence business at 281, High Holborn, as a literary auctioneer, and will inaugurate a new system which will "serve the public and be largely beneficial to publishers." The Bookseller issue 218-229

1878 Henry James Goulden marries Isabella Susanna Wind in the winter of 1878 in Lambeth in London.

Charles Goulden was Mayor of Canterbury in 1878 & 1879

Both Mr. H.J. Goulden and Mr. Charles Goulden Esq., Mayor of Canterbury purchased the book Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent (from the list of subscribers) 1879

Charles was Alderman from 1880 to 1883 as well (retired 1883)

Oct 3, 1878, George GOULDEN drunk on St. Peter's street, fined.

1880 Tuner (Pianoforte) wanted. Apply, stating salary required, outdoor. A permanent situation. R. J. GOULDEN, Canterbury (The Musical Times)

1880 Kelly's Directory of Leather Trades - Edward GOULDEN, 26 Burgate Street, Canterbury (Listed under - Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dealers) *also listed 1885

In 1881 Charles and his wife Mary are still at 45 St. Peter's Street, all their children are from home. Charles is noted as retired Stationer.

Edward B. Goulden is a Bookseller employing workers and is living at 44a Abbey Gate Street, in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk with wife Louisa and children Herbert E. and Florence E.

William E. Goulden is living on Sheep Market Street in Crewkerne, Somerset and is a Jeweller & Stationer employing 6 workers, they have no children.

W. E. Goulden's library is sold off (his collection was said to contain 30,000* volumes), sold by Ben TWYMAN of St. George's Hall *10,000 volumes were sold to the Woolwich Library for a mere 1,000 pounds

W. E. GOULDEN, 1891, bookplate from my collection (W. E. Goulden Canterbury 1891. The design shows bits of old Canterbury, a portrait of the owner, his monogram, and other appropriate devices. It was designed by Mr. Hume Nisbet, the popular novelist)

Henry James Goulden is living at 40 High Street with wife Isabella, son Charles B. Goulden and domestic servant. He is noted as Bookseller & Pianoforte Dealer, employing 5 men, 3 women and 3 boys.

Henry GOULDEN born c. 1827 in Canterbury is living in London and working as a looking glass frame maker at 7 St. Peter's Terrace, with his wife Louisa M. GOULDEN

John GOULDEN c. 1830 and Elizabeth GOULDEN c. 1830, living at 13 Albert Terrace in London, both born in Canterbury. John is a Tailor.

Esther Goulden widow living at 3 Old Dover Road in Canterbury born Eastwell c. 1812

Edward GOULDEN born c. 1817 Canterbury is a master bootmaker at 26 Burgate Street, with wife Ann and son Charles

Mary A. Goulden, unmarried born c.1816 Canterbury

William Goulden, widow, baker, born c.1819 in Canterbury is in Christchurch Workhouse in Marlborough street, London

Thomas GOULDEN born c. 1831 in Canterbury, who is a professor of music is living at 35 St. George's Place, Canterbury, he is unmarried.

c. 1879 South Kensington Museum - A Printers Stick. Old English. Presented by Mr. Charles GOULDEN, Canterbury

1883 Lower Norwood - The Stationery and fancy business (Post Office) at 184 and 186, Norwood Road, carried on for many years by the Misses Proudfoot, has been purchased by Mr. Charles KITTING, who for five years was chief assistant to Mr. Arthur Blayney of Chester, and subsequently with Mr. H. J. GOULDEN of Canterbury.....

1883 Charles Goulden to retire as Alderman

"Canterbury Times and East Kent News" Saturday, 1d. Est 1884. Conservative. Circulates in Canterbury and throughout East Kent. An excellent family and commercial journal. Proprietor and Publisher - E. B. GOULDEN, Canterbury (ad c. 1887)

1888 Charles Goulden, the children's father passes away, he is buried in the New Cemetery in Canterbury. Charles Goulden (1813-1888)

1889 Directory - H.J. Goulden Music and Pianoforte Mart at 39 High Street and H.J. Goulden Printer and Bookseller at 40 High Street, he and his family are living at Fern Lea according to the directory of 1889, London Road, near St. Dunstan's vicarage (Argyle sq.)

1891 Music Warehouse at 39 High Street and The Stationary Shop at 40 High Street

Hannah Goulden is a "sister" at Nazareth House, home for the aged Poor, Priory Street, Lenton, Nottinghamshire

James Goulden c. 1818 Sheldwich, living at 3 Black Friars Street with his sister Mary Goulden born c. 1818 in Shledwich

Edward Goulden is at "Ryecroft" in St. Mary Bredin, he is a Newspaper Proprietor (Kentish Gazette) and Printer, with wife Louisa. His son Herbert is a Journalist, and daughter Florence is at home

Mary A Goulden of 45 St. Peter's street (widow) born c. 1816

Edward Goulden born c. 1817 of Bertha Cottage (the Borough) with wife Ann and son Charles (all born Canterbury)

John Goulden born c. 1830 in Canterbury was in St. Mary's Hospital in London he is a retired Tailor

Mary A Goulden of 17 Cobden Place (not married) born c. 1816 (next door is noted as No. 1 Goulden's Buildings)

William Edward Goulden is living at 6 Station Road with wife Jane and working as a Bookseller

Henry J. Goulden, wife Isabella, son Goutram, daughters Nora, Ida, and Daisy are living at Fernlea House in London Road

1892 Mr. E. B. GOULDEN, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, member of the East Kent Natural History Society

*Barton Manor Estate/Longport, correspondence Goulden 1894 CCA-CC-P/1/R/26

February 25, 1893 (WTHBH) During Monday night the residence of Mr. E. Goulden, in the Borough, Canterbury, was burglariously entered from the rear, and the thief or thieves carried off nearly £9 in gold and silver. There was a lot of silver articles in the same room in which Mr. Goulden had placed the money, but none of these were taken. Last week there were three burglaries at Ickham and Stodmarsh, and the police believe that the same man committed these as well as the one in Canterbury.

1896..2 messuages in Rose Lane (St. Mary Bredin), 1896 account of estate duty on the death of Mary Ann Goulden, April 27 (CCA, DEEDS)

1897 Edward Baker Goulden, allowing his dog to be unmuzzled on St. George's Fields Canterbury, fined (CCA)

1900 Advertisement in the Whitstable Parish Church Magazine, H. J. Goulden, Piano & organ hire, 39 & 40, High Street, Canterbury

1901 Henry, his wife Isabella and children, May, Nora, Ida, Daisy, Christina, Osmund, Joseph, Anthony and Francis, and unnamed daughter (under 1 month) are living at Claredon on London Road in St. Dunstan Within. He is noted as Bookseller, shopkeeper and employer. The family has a Mary Beaumont who is a certified hospital nurse living with them, as well as a cook, a domestic nurse, and two housemaids.

Edward B. Goulden is living at Barton Fields "Thorndens" in Northgate, Canterbury, he is a newspaper proprietor and printer, and an employer, he is living with wife Louisa Frances

William Edward Goulden has retired from his bookselling and is living at 67 Crescent Road in Ramsgate, Kent, with wife Jane

1902-3 - Henry James Goulden was a councillor for the Westgate Ward

1902 - September 7th, a postcard was sent from Ida Goulden to a Mr. Goulden* in Tunbridge Wells at 14 Berkley Road. The only Goulden I could find in Tunbrige Wells in 1901 was Gontran Goulden of Canterbury who is 17 and is a Booksellers Apprentice at 61 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, to Stanley C. G. Curry who was born in Walworth, London. Stanley Curry was a partner of Henry's father, Henry James Goulden of Canterbury. (thanks to Richard for confirmation and some extra information)

*Henry Gontran Redman Goulden was born 1884 in Canterbury


Ida Goulden would have been 14 years old when she sent this postcard to her brother Henry who was 18 at the time


Will of Samuel Golden, Grocer of Holy Cross Westgate Without, May 3, 1817, available online at the National Archives *1817 Monthly Magazine and British Register vol 43 - Died At Canterbury, 74, Mr. Samuel Golden, suddenly.


1902 Advertisement in the Whitstable Parish Church Magazine, H.J. Goulden, Piano & organ hire, 39 & 40, High Street, Canterbury

1903 H.J. Goulden is living at Claredon on London Road, his shops are still located at 39 & 40 High Street listed under Booksellers

1903 we have an E.B. Goulden working as an agent. In the 1903 Kelly's Directory, you are to contact E.B. Goulden who is the agent for St. George's Hall (I assume this is Edward Baker Goulden)

1903 William Edward Goulden is also listed under Booksellers (new and second hand bookseller), at 5 Church Street, St. Pauls, Canterbury

1904 - B. G. GADNEY (late W.E. Goulden) 5, St. Paul's, Canterbury

Was a marriage of Florence Ethel Goulden in 1904 in Canterbury

July 16, 1904 - Mr. Jack ROBERTSON gives lessons in singing at H. J. Gouldens Music Room

1906 - They were using miniature labels produced by James Clegg, Aldine Press, Rochdale, Eng.

1906 - Henry James GOULDEN, 39 & 40 High Street - 1840, Circulating Library. History, Biography, Art and Fiction. Telephone, 23

1906 - W. E. GOULDEN, 5 St. Paul's - 1887 - Secondhand books. Antiquarian, Old Prints, Remainders and Miscellaneous

1906 - Goulden & Curry, Royal Library, 61 High Street. Circa. 1820, Circulating Library, Turbridge Wells, Kent

Was a marriage of a Nora Kate Goulden in 1910 in Canterbury to Bertie Twyman *Nora I believe was the daughter of Henry and Isabella Goulden.

William Edward Goulden dies 1911

Death of Mr. W. E. Goulden of Canterbury - We much regret to record the death of an old and respected citizen of Canterbury. Mr. W. E. Goulden, which took place at his residence, 5, St. Paul's, on Sunday night, February 12th, 1911. The deceased gentleman, with whom we have had pleasant business relations for forty years, was born in 1841, and with the exception of seventeen years' abscence, spent the whole of his life in Canterbury. In 1863, he succeeded to the stationer's and bookseller's business of his father. The Publishers' circular and booksellers' record, vo. 94

Was a marriage of Violetta May I Goulden in 1913 in Canterbury to Vincent A. Weeks

1917 Directory H.J. Goulden (ltd.) music sellers and pianoforte manufacturers, stationers, booksellers and fancy warehousemen (Tele. 139) 39 & 40 High street

1917 AD - Pianofortes, American Organs, Gramophones, for cash, hire or on Three Years' System. H.J. Goulden, Ltd., 39-40 High St. Canterbury

1923 The store is advertising in "The Publishers' Circular and booksellers record" for "Historical records of the Buffs 1914-1919" by Col. R. S. H. Moody. This book is now ready and can be obtained from - H. J. GOULDEN Ltd. Canterbury. The sole distributing agents. Also in this vol. Books - Asstant wanted to take charge of Book Department (Lady or Gentleman) Goulden. Canterbury.

1928 F.W.A. GOULDEN Ltd. of Hastings, owned by sons of Henry James GOULDEN

Edward Baker Goulden passes away 1931

Herbert Goulden passes away 1935

I believe that Henry James Goulden passed away in 1937 in Canterbury

1953 death of Charles Bernard Goulden ?

Please remember to verify all the data yourself

Marriage of a William Goulden to Phebe Amass, December 25, 1771, at St. Peter, Canterbury, Kent

Marriage of a William Goulden of Holy Cross Canterbury, bachelor and Hannah Lepine of All Saints Canterbury, at All Saints on May 29, 1812


Will of Margaret Goulden, Widow of Holy Cross Westgate Canterbury, December 30, 1803, available online at the National Archives

Will of Margaret Goulden, Spinster of Canterbury, October 28, 1834, available online at the National Archives

Will of Thomas Goulden, Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer of Canterbury, May 8, 1857, available online at the National Archives



The Gouldens of Canterbury 1686-1947 by A.T. Goulden (1948)


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