June 20th, 1952 notice given from the removal of tombstones in the Military Cemetery. J. Boyle Military - January 13, 1953, Tombstones around the walls

*the tombstones are no longer there, it is now a children's playground


Annie Caroline PARKER, born July 26th, 1877, died February 22, 1879, parents James PARKER St. Major of the 12th Lancers and Caroline PARKER

Lydia Annie SHURVILLE died June 29, 1878, William Harry SHURVILLE died 22 April, 1879, children of Thomas SHURVILLE

Louisa FULLER daughter of Colonel John FULLER and Margaret his wife, died October 1, 1878

George William DUNTHORNE son of George & E. DUNTHORNE of the 16th Queens Lancers, died August 17, 1876

George Campbell ONSLOW only son of George M. ONSLOW, 20th Hussars and Louisa his wife. Died August 4th, 1872, 5 months

Martha Elizabeth CATSPOOL wife of Sgt Major John CATSPOOL, East Militia died December 7th, 1866. Maria Louisa daughter of above who died October 7, 1861 age 3 years and 7 months

Michael John WRENN son of Sgt. Major Cornellius WRENN 4th Depot who died 17 November, 1860 age 3 years and 2 months

Gunner John J. HOWSON of No. 2 Battery ..Brigade Royal Horse Artillery, died November 18, 1865 age 22

Colour Sgt. John BRYAN, 98th Regt. Who departed this life November 3rd, 1861 age 58 years

John BATES late of 1st Dragoon Guards died May 16, 1858 age 36 years.

John FITZGERALD died May 12, 1858, age 34, Colour Sgt. Of 82nd Regiment. (wife Mary)

Alexander MOUTRAY of the 6th Dragoons died 29th, September 1854 age 31

Elizabeth Sarah HOOPER, died December 3rd, 1838 age 22 months. Daughter of Troop Sgt. Major HOOPER, 7th Hussars.

Joesph DAWSON, private No. 5 Regt. To the sacred memory of Joseph DAWSON a private in No. 5 Regt. In Captain TAYLOR's Coy: Royal North Lincoln Militia who was unfortunately drowned while bathing in the Stour, August 25, 1855, age 24 years. He was a good soldier and highly respected as a man.

George WILKIE, Drummer 82nd Regt. Died April 5, 1868 age 16

George W. CHIVERS, Drummer 70th Regt. Died July 13, 1863 age 11

Peter SIMPSON age ? M.. of the Cavalry Depot Staff, born October 16, 1819, died 3rd December, 1867 age 48 years

Joshua Wesley BRADBED, 2nd Life Guards who died February, 1868 age 18

William HEWEN, died February 12, 1860

John McCALLAM died April 4, 1865 age 72, also Bridget wife of above, died May 6, 1865 age 63 years

Charles Edmond MEPHAM son of Catherine and Edmond MAPHEM Staff Sgt. East Kent Militia who died September 22, 1863, age 12 months, also of the above named Edmund MEPHAM who died January 30, 1866 age 40

James THOMAS, Drum major of the East Kent Militia Staff who died March 19, 1862 age 48 years

Louisianna Mary SHORTT, daughter of John and Margaret SHORTT who departed this life February 27, 1861 age 16 years

Sgt. William Hibson GLYNN late of the 13th Hussars, born 1st December 1828, died July 9, 1870

William PLEACE died June 22, 1871 age 42. Caroline daughter of the above, died September 5th, 1868 age 5. William, son of the above died August 30, 1868, 1 year.

James WILLIAM the beloved husband of Goshia WILLIAMS who died August 31, 1873 age 44 years (not sure if it is Wiliam or Williams)

Richard SMITH late T.S.M. 1st Hussars, who died in Canterbury, 15th March 1873

Gunner Charles George SHARP "C" Battery "B" Brigade Royal Horse Artillery who died Canterbury 1873 aged 20

James Henry WINFIEDS son of John and Sarah Anne, February 12, 1874 age 19 months (maybe Winfields?)

Private John SPENCER, East Kent Militia,, died September 5, 1862 age 35

James infant son of Troop Sgt. Major GURHAIE, Life Guards, died September 6th, age 1 year and 6 months

William Thomas FINN, died October 8, 1860 age 5 years. Frederick FINN died January 17th, 1862 age 1 year and 10 months. Children of Johanna and James FINN

In memory of Kate, 2nd daughter of Sgt. James RYAN, 3rd Dragoon Guards, died March 16th, 1864, also Ellen wife of above, died March 21, 1864.

George Percival infant son of Sgt. Major NORTH of 7th Dragoons and Emily his wife. Born at Lahor, Punjab India January 6, 1859, died January ?, 1862

Richard BOOKER late Sgt. H.M. 18th Hussars died December 24th, 1874 age 32, also of his children who died in infancy.

George Wellington COMERS, H.M. Hussars Band died April 2, 1887, aged 22 years

Farr Sgt. George LERTON died August 27, 1875 (57 yrs)

Driver Thomas THONIER died August 15, 1875

James Victor, son of Sgt. James GREG, died August 30th, 1875 (age 2)

Driver Pearl CODLING (?) died August 13, 1875 age 24

Sgt. Paul McKENNA late Bengal Army Comm. St. Dept. who departed this life, April 1, 1877, age 36

John Henry CASSWELL, served 21st Hussars.

James Henry CARTER, died April 19th, 1871 age 36


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