Parish of All Saints *

Parish of Archbishops Palace Precints

Parish of Black Princes Chantry

Parish of Christchurch

Parish of Eastbridge Hospital

Parish of Holy Cross Westgate * (Westgate within)

Parish of Old Castle Precincts

Parish of St. Alphege *

Parish of St. Andrew *

Parish of St. Augustine

Parish of St. Dunstan

Parish of St. George the Martyr *

Parish of St. Gregory the Great

Parish of St. Margaret *

Parish of St. Martin *

Parish of St. Mary Bredin *

Parish of St. Mary Bredman *

Parish of St. Mary Magdalen *

Parish of St. Mary Northgate *

Parish of St. Mildred *

Parish of St. Paul's (parts of)

Parish of St. Peter *

Parish of Staplegate

Parish of The White Friars


Westgate Ward

Dane John Ward

Northgate Ward

Newingate Ward

Worthgate Ward

Burgate Ward

Ridingate Ward


1522, the "yearly value of lands and tenements in the 6 wards in Canterbury, was 1,322l. 17s. 1d."

"Alphabetical Description of Parishes in Archdiocese of Canterbury in 1640" CCA-AddMs-37

Accordingly the fourteen parishes of Canterbury were responsible for their own poor until 1727/28.

1751 - Canterbury is divided into six wards, which take their names from so many gates of this city; and are called Westgate Ward, Newingate Ward, Northgate Ward, Worthgate Ward, Burgate Ward and Ridingate Ward.

1776 - Here are six Wards, denominated from them whilst one more stood.

Kent 1821 - The total number of inhabitants in Canterbury and its suburbs, is 14,947

The civil parishes were amalgamated into the parish of Canterbury in 1912.

In 1933 the Canterbury Extension Act altered and extended the city boundaries to inclued parts of the parishes of St. Dunstan without, Hackington, Harbledown and Thannington Without.

The county is nominally divided into three Districts, East, West and South or Upper Middle and Lower Kent; it consists of five Lathes, which are subdivided into 14 Bailliwicks, and these again into 68 Hundreds. A Lathe is a division peculiar to Kent, and consists of two or more Bailliwicks. 1776

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