Canterbury City has records of Policemen who worked in Canterbury 1836-1860

A detail from my 1901 map, showing the Police station beside West Gate Towers on Pound Lane


Above is a recent picture of the Old Police Station on Pound Lane, you can just see the Westgate and the steeple of Holy Cross Church on the left


Showing some Policemen in front of the Guildhall in High Street (from my collection)



Superintendent, John CLEMENTS, Station house


Andrew PLANK, 2 St. Peter's Lane

William BRADLEY, 1 Pound Lane


Charles CHAMBERS, 20 Castle Yard

Edwin GIFFORD, 3 Artillery Street

William WISE, 2 Abbots Place

G. NORLEY, Church fields, St. Mildreds

J. EPPS, 24 Black Griffin Lane

Edward PARKER, 29 Union Street

Stephen WILSON, Chantry Lane

G. MILLENER, 21 Northgate Street

Thomas ADDIS, 30 King Street

Sydney SPRATT, Ivy Lane

Robert GILES, Artillery Street

James FULLAGER, 60 Palace Street

Robert SPRINGETT, Knott's Lane

J. P. WEBSTER, 2 Artillery Street

James BRETT, Old Ruttington Lane

Police Station - HIGH STREET



St. Peters Place, Westgate Goal

George Store, Governor of the City Gaol, wife Mary Ann Store is the Matron of the City Goal

Prisoner for Trial



Edward YOUNG


Stephen GILHAM

*1830 was a Stephen Gilham, late of Canterbury, Hair Dresser (Canterbury, at the City and County of the same City, at the Court House. Sat Mar 13 at 1)

Miss Mary LUCAS

Miss Sarah SIMONDS

Mary Ann YOUNG


Convicted Prisoner

Miss Hannah FEATHERSTONE * (c. 1851, unmarried age 21)

*could be the daughter of Robert FEATHERSTONE and Charlotte FEATHERSTONE (nee Patterson)?

Miss Catherine BURKE

Miss Margaret BURKE




David Elvey, Formerly Police Sergeant

George Kemp, Police Constable (New Street)

Jesse Manuel, Police Sergeant (30 Orchard Street)

Stephen Oakenfull, Police Constable (28 Orchard Street)

Thomas Andrews, Police Inspector (28 Cross Street)

John Clements, Retired Superintendent of Police (Whitstable Road)

John Groombudg, Police Constable (London Road)

Thomas Rye, Police Constable (London Road)


The Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday, April 12, 1879. The Police Force. A circular was read from Whitehall certifying that the Canterbury police force had been kept fully up to the requirements of the Act during the past year. Captain Lambert said Mr. C. Holttum had kindly offered to put the police force through a course of instruction in the use of the St. John Ambulance litter which was presented to the city by the Marquis Conyngham. There was no other business.

1879 Police constable STRECHE sent in his resignation in consequence of impaired health, and it was accepted. Supernumerary HAWKS will fill the vacant constableship, and there will, therefore, be no election of another policeman.

1879 - watch committee - ''previous to proceeding to the ordinary business the Committee inspected the new police clothing."



Westgate Towers, Superintendent's House - Robert P. Davies, Superintendent of Police, with wife Susan and daughter Susan (all born in Ireland) and son Frederick George Davies*, who is an Iron Merchants Clerk *he was born in Canterbury in 1860 - The family came to Canterbury sometime between 1857 and 1860

Thomas Andrews, Police Inspector

William W.F. Ells, Police Inspector

Thomas Hayward, Police Sergeant

Jesse Manuel, Police Sergeant

William Andrews, Police Constable

John Pd. Holden, Police Constable

George Kemp, Police Constable

Edgar Ernest Hawkes, Police Constable

James Crisp, Police Constable

Reginald Mantle, Police Constable

Michael Munns, Police Constable

Stephen Oakenfull, Police Constable

Samuel Pryor, Police Constable

James Pysden, Police Constable

Thomas Rye, Police Constable

George W. Sell, Police Constable

James Sinclair, Police Constable

William T. Smith, Police Constable

Henry Tomlin, Police Constable

Henry Twyman, Police Constable

*Oct 22, 1888, Charles Hodges assaulted Constable Henry Twyman - CCA-CC-J/V/1888/239

James Twyman, Police Constable


Charles Daniels, Policeman, Superanuated

Joseph P. Webster, Superanuated Police Constable


Westgate Towers Prison (1881) Prisoners:

Thomas Furner of Canterbury

Patrick Donovan of Ireland

James Burke of Ireland



PC Edward HAWKES, Canterbury Police

Sgt. Thomas HAYWARD and Constable Edgar HAWKES both of Canterbury Police

James McBean, superintendant of Canterbury Police

PC William Thomas SMITH, Canterbury Police

PC Thomas RYE, Canterbury Police

PC Edward HADLOW, Canterbury Police

PC George Charles ETHRIDGE, Canterbury Police (possibly ETTERIDGE)

PC James PYSDEN, Canterbury Police

PC George JULE and PC Henry TOMLIN, of Canterbury Police

PC Henry John SEATH, Canterbury Police

PC George GILHAM, Canterbury Police

PC George KEMP, Canterbury Police

PC Henry TWYMAN, Canterbury Police

PC George JULL, a police office, constable of Canterbury


PC James HEWETT, Canterbury Police

PC James CRISP, Canterbury Police

PC Reginald MANTLE, Canterbury Police

PC James SINCLAIR, Canterbury Police

PC James Nicolas CRISP, Canterbury Police


PC John Charles IVES, Canterbury Police

PC Edward HADLOW, Canterbury Police

1884 James SINCLAIR, Canterbury Police


detail from a postcard of St. George's street in my collection


City Police Station - 1889, Robert Peacock, Superintendent of City Police Station


City Police Establishment (Westgate, Pound Lane)

"The council is required to provide a Police Office, for transacting the business of the Justices, and to pay from time to time out of the Borough Fund the sums necessary for providing, upholding, and furnishing, and for the necessary expenses of such Police Office."

Superintendent of City Police (Pound Lane)

Robert Peacock



Thomas Andrews


Henry Tomlin (Tudor Road)

James Sinclair (Laurel Cottage, Black Griffin Lane)


Samuel Mouser - Police constable

William Saxby - Police constable

John Holder - Police constable

June 27, 1882 William Taylor, assaulted and beat constable John Holder, who was executing his duty as a constable of the City CCA-CC-J/V/1882/184

County Police Station - Resident Superintendent - John Wood

G. H. Cogan - Police Constable

S. Oakenfull - Police Constable

William Thomas Smith - Police Constable

August 10, 1874 Edwin Smith, assaulted William Thomas Smith CCA-CC-J/V/1874/158

July 5, 1877 Robert Woodrow, assaulting William Thomas Smith CCA-CC-J/V/1877/125

February 20, 1888, Benjamin Manouch the younger, assaulted Constable William Thomas Smith CCA-CC-J/V/1888/68

George Hollands - Police Constable

November 23, 1887, James Morgan, assault of George Hollands CCA-CC-J/V/1887/174

July 2, 1896, Thomas Hackett, assault and beat George Hollands CCA-CC-J/V/1896/135

Christopher Jackson - Police Constable

George Gillham - Police Constable

Edgar Hawkes - Police Constable

Henry John Seath - Police Constable

William Elvey - Police Constable

Henry Twyman - Police Constable




William T. Smith, Police Constable

Stephen Oakenfull, Police Constable

William Moore, Police Constable

Henry J. Seath, Policeman

Albert West, Policeman

Henry Twyman, Policeman

Feb 19, 1894 Richard Bradford, assaulted and beat Henry Twyman an on duty constable of the City and Borough of Canterbury CCA-CC-J/V/1894/184


Jesse Manuel, Police Pensioner

Thomas Andrews, Retired Police Inspector



*from a photograph that was in Westgate Towers

Back row, left to right: Police Constables Mouser, Holness, Stone, West, Orman, Robinson, Anslow, Holder

Middle row, left to right: Police Constables: Reynolds, Lockey, E. Goddard, J. Goddard, Hawkes, Wentworth, Smith, Butcher, Ewell, Jury

Front row, left to right: Police Constable Swain, Sergeant Dunk, Inspector Sinclair, Police Constable Twyman, Superintendent Farmery, Sergeant Holland, Police Constable Ives, Sergeant Jackson, Police Constable Gilham.



Mr. J. W. Farmery, Superintendent of the City Police


detail from a postcard of Mercery Lane in my collection



Edgar E. Hawkes, Police Constable

Leaf L. Dunk, Inspector of Police

William J. Holness, Police Constable

James Butcher, Police Constable (city)




John W. Farmery, Head Constable

1 Inspector

4 Sergeants

20 Constables


c. June 1907 - Canterbury...Retirement of the Chief Constable. Mr. J. W. Farmery, the Chief Constable of Canterbury, has retired on pension, and his successor, Mr. L. T. Dunk, took over the duties from Saturday last.



Mr. Holness, Police Constable


Canterbury Police 1910, courtesy of the WEST family



J. H. Dain, Chief Constable

Inspectors - Richard Mark Swain** and George Thomas Smith***

5 Sergeants

27 Constables


1925 - Phone no. for city police Canterbury 48, Westgate

**was a police sergeant in the early 1900's, living at 10 Victoria Terrace on St. Peter's Grove with his family

***was a city police constable in the early 1900s, living at no. 4 Black Griffin Lane with his family



William Walker, Superintendent of Police *Police Station, Kirby Lane

Charles Humphrey, Groom & Police Constable *Police Station, Kirby Lane

George J. Cobley, Police Constable *Kirby Lane

Charles J. Jury, City Police Constable



Divisional Quarters - Kirby Fields

Capt. J.H. Hay Ruxton, Chief Constable

John Wood, Superintendent

2 Sergeants

19 Constables



Thomas J.R. Jacobs, Superintendent of County Police, Kirby's Lane


1925 - Phone no. for county police Canterbury 36, Kirby Lane

1673 Churchwardens of St. Margarets, concerning a child born to a woman on her way to the goal CCA

date? Richard JOHNSON, ribbon weaver, seeks position of Keeper of Goal

date? Joseph NELSON, ribbon weaver, seeks position of Keeper of Goal

1700 Charles COOPER - goal keeper (seeks also to be Seargent at Mace)

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