1824 Post Office - 47 St. George's Street

John FARLEY, Post Master


1840 - St. George's Street

John CALLAWAY, Postmaster



Stephen WOOD, Clerk in Stamp Office


1858 Post Office - High Street

Mr. B. MACLEAN, Post-Master


1860's - Richard Bax (75), Burgate Lane, formerly Post Master


1860's - 38 High Street

Stephen Dunill? age 35 from Ireland, Post Master General Post Office Canterbury


1870's Post Office

Thomas ANDERSON, Letter Carrier

Robert A. Withwick, Stamper and Sorter at the Post Office



Charles Joseph Ayre, Postmaster



Thomas Anderson - Postman

William Nichols, G.P.O. clerk

John Culmer, Letter Carrier

William Brown, Letter Carrier

Henry Vass, Mailman G. P.O.

George Maxted, Letter Carrier

William Kemp, Post office clerk

Frank Scobell, G.P.O. Clerk - Havelock Street



Charles Joseph Ayre, Postmaster



George M. Sayer, Postman

Frederick Oakenfull, Telegraph Boy

Frank Scrvell, Post Office Clerk

Albert Baker, Mail Cart Driver

Thomas Chittenden, Mail Contractor

Jesse Jennings, Postman (90 Broad St)

John F. Bing, Chief Clerk, Post Office


Dec 1894

Postmaster - Mr. H. MELSOM

Chief Clerk - Mr. J. F. BING



William Brown, Letter Carrier (residence 19 New Street, St. Dunstan Within)

George Trebble, Foreman of Post Office (residence Stour Street)

Joseph Green, Post Office Telegraph (boarding on Stour Street)

Henry Sturt?, Postman (residence Stour Street)

William Maxted, Town Postman (residence 41 Havelock Street)

William Page, Postman, Blackfriars Street


1903 - High Street

James BENN, Postmaster


A new post office was built in the High Street in 1904 on the site of George Neame's soap works.


1913 - High Street

A. Cook, Postmaster

J. C. Crowther, Superintendent

Hours - weekdays 8 am to 9 pm

Sundays open for telegrams 8:30 to 10 am and 5 to 6 pm and the sale of stamps and delivering of letters from 8:30 am till 10 am and 5 to 6 pm

Town sub post office - Martyr's Fields


1917 - 28 High Street

A. Cook Esq., Postmaster

Mr. J. C. Crowther, Superintendent


1917 St. Georges Post Office, Mrs. G. Nichols, Subpostmistress

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