Opened 1849, last burial 1962

Burial registers - Canterbury Wincheap Cemetery 1911-1927 (CCA-CC-Q/BB/F/2), Canterbury Cathedral Archives


The Wincheap cemetery (Non-conformist) is situated beside the King's Head public house on the west side of Wincheap Street. The cemetery was opened in 1849, and closed for burials in 1938. After this time, the cemetery was in a much needed state of repair having been overgrown with foliage and sorely vandalized. In 1976, the City Council's Planning Committee was undecided as to the future of the cemetery.



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1889 "Nonconformist Cemetery, top of Wincheap Street, opened 1849 and under a committee of management of 12 gentlemen, 4 from the Baptist, 4 from the Congregational, and 4 from Lady Huntingdon's Chapel."


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"In affectionate remebrance of John HALKE who departed this life July 30th 1870, aged 72 years. How strangely fond of life we are that none who vies this house would change with me. Yet gentle reader tell me which is best, a painful journey or a place of rest. Also of Elizabeth Atkinson relict of the above who departed this life April 16th, 1874 aged 81 years....." *John was a Grocer

"In affection remembrance of John GIBBONS of this city who departed this life May 6th, 1873, aged 73 years. The battle is fought the victory is won. Tho lost to sight, to memory dear Aslo of Esther wife of the above who departed this life May 16th, 1874....." *John was a Tailor & Draper

"In affectionate remembrance of Lily Blanche JACKMAN who departed this life September 10th 1873, aged 6 1/2 months"


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The grave stone on the far left

"In loving memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Stephen CARTER who entered into rest May 11th 1898, in her 87th year. Also of the above Stephen Carter who entered into rest August 29th 1905, aged 90 years." (Stephen was a Baker, daughters Mary Ann Carter and Emily Carter) *Sophia Sarah Sankey, sister in law


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"In memory of John HERITAGE who died May 27, 1869, aged 76 years...... Ann HERITAGE his beloved wife who died May 22, 1853, aged 65 years...."

"In memory of Robert BARBER of this City who remains repose here waiting the resurrection of the just. He died January 5th, 1870 aged 75 years, also of Frank Albert youngest son of the above who lies interred in the burial ground of Holy Cross Church, Westgate. He died June 4th, 1847, aged 7 years.....Also of Elizabeth wife of the above Robert BARBER who died December 1st 1878, aged 76 years."


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"In affectionate remembrance of Augusta Maria the beloved wife of Alfred ANDERSON, who exchanged mortality for life on the 23rd day of March 1873. How solid all, where change shall be no more. Also of the above Alfred ANDERSON who died December 14th, 1900 aged 69 years. Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness.... Also of Harriet second wife of the above Alfred Anderson who died December 3, 1903 aged 65 years. For ever with the Lord. "


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"Mr. G. W. BEALE, Baptist Minister of Faversham (41 years). He was interred at the Canterbury Cemetery, Wincheap, on April 20th. His old friend Mr. ROOK of Faversham, officiated at the grave. I am longing and waiting, my brother: and I hope soon to be with my dear departed friend and brother. "Then loudest of the crowd I'll sing, With shouts of sovereign grace." Samuel Foster. Sturry, near Canterbury, Kent. June 5th, 1863 - The Earthen Vessel August 1863 (George Wilson Beall?)


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I.H.S. - Memorial for Thomas Foat COZENS


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The monument to the right is a memorial for Louisa the beloved wife of Thomas Foat COZENS and Sarah Louisa eldest daughter of Thomas Foat and Louisa COZENS


There is a book on the Memorial Inscriptions of the Nonconformist Burial Grounds in Wincheap, Canterbury, containing "a plan of the burial ground, by Richard A. Jones and an exact copy of every legible inscription on every gravestone 1849-1938." Transcribed by Duncan W. Harrington, L.H.G. - The Kent Family History Society 1976. ISSN 0308-9037

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