St. Gregory the Great, St. Mary Northgate


No. 1

1889 William HORNE, Butcher

1903 T. Horne & Son, Butchers *William HORNE, Butcher (17 St. George's Place)

1937 William BOORMAN & Son, Family Butcher & Poulterers


No. 2



No. 4 & 5

1889 "THE COMET", Thomas LEEMAN


No. 6

Frances TURMAINE, Tailoress &

Matthew NUTLEY, Bootmaker &


No. 7

Gilbert J. DEWHIRST, Carpenter & Joiner &


No. 8

Cromwell House

Sarah BEER, Brewer & Maltster &


No. 9

1889 Charles CASTLE, Maltster


Showing No 9 and 10 (Court Chambers, left)


No. 10

William CUMMINS, County court bailiff &


No. 11

1889 A. Beer & Co. Brewers

John H. READ, Chemist )


No. 12

Sophia SHOOSMITH, Dressmaker &

Frederick AMOS, General Labourer )


No. 13

Edward RICHARDSON, Bricklayer )


No. 14

George HARRIS, Shoe & Boot maker )


No. 15

George E. COPPING, Carpenter &

Jan 13, 1894 - Mrs. Cheesman of 15 Broad Street, St. Pauls Canterbury, Ellen Branchett, Domestic Servant (goods stolen from Mrs. Cheesman by Edward Crawley, Henry Cousens and Stephen Sullivan)

George HARRIS, Shoe & Boot maker )


No. 16


No. 17

1889 George COPPIN



No. 18


Henry William Champs, a Licensed Victualler living at the 'Three Cups Inn' Canterbury June 11, 1901


No. 19

1865 Thomas WOOD, 19 Broad Street, Canterbury

1889 Richard DREW, general shop


No. 20

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Mary HOPPER, 20 Broad Street

1889 J. BEST, Tobacconist


Showing the Corner of Lady Woottens Green and Broad Street


Lady Wootton's Green


No. 21

1889 The Misses GRAYLING


No. 22

1889 A. BEER, Carpenter & Picture Frame Maker


No. 23

1889 Thomas LEFFORD


No. 24

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1728 HADLEY, Henry Senior, 24 Broad Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Dering

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

1889 George DADY


No. 25

1889 Thomas NEWING, confectioner


No. 26

1889 C. BAILEY, paperhanger


No. 27

1889 S. PILCHER, general shop


No. 28

1889 S. CLARKE


No. 29

1889 James CLEMENTS


No. 30

John GOLDSMITH sworn. Where do you live? 30 Broad Street. What are you? Sweep. Did you get anything about the last election? No; never in my life from anybody. Not in the one before, 1879? Never voted. Did you get any allowance at the last election? Never have had a halfpenny worth in my life, and never asked for it. Did you give anything to anybody at the last election? Never. Or promise or offer anything? No. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

1889 James BEDWELL


No. 31

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1724, FORD, Edward Norton, 31 Broad Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B, K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.


No. 32

William GOLDSMITH, Junior, sworn. Where doyou live? 32 Broad Street. What is your occupation? Formerly I was a coach builder. I have been a fly proprietor for some years, but I am now one of the firm of Goldsmith and Sons, chimney sweeps, Broad Street. Did you get anything in the last election? No. .....Do you know of anyone having given any away? Yes, I witnessed one transaction. What was that? I heard Tom Holttum promise William Turmain, I believe 3s. 6d. if he would promise him to vote; but I did not witness the payment; I only heard the promise given. .....Where does William Turmaine live? I do not know; but I believe he is employed by the Local Board. What part of the town does he live in? I fancy he resides in Northgate; I have seen him come from that way to his occupation. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881 *William Turmaine was a labourer in a brickyard living in Northgate street at the time.


No. 33

1838 William Henry LONGHURST, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral, 33 Broad Street

John HALKE, Grocer ^

John Halke and his wife Elizabeth Atkinson Halke are buried in the non-conformist cemetery in Canterbury.


No. 34

James JACOBS, Linen Weaver ^

Stephen REED, Linen Weaver / Ann Reed, Spinner ^

Edward HOLNESS, Weavers Labourer ^

John JOHNCOCK, Iron Foundry Moulder ^


No. 35

John FOORD, Schoolmaster ^

February 1, 1894 - Births - HOGBEN, On the 24th January, at 35 Broad Street, Canterbury, the wife of Walter HOGBEN, of a daughter


No. 36

Sarah NASH w ^

William DIXON, Grocer *


No. 37

Mary Ann MILGATE w ^

Thomas CASTLE, Brush Maker *

June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


CASTLE - May 29, at 2627, Bedford Acre, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., of typhoid fever, Thomas W. A. CASTLE, eldest son of the late Thomas CASTLE, of Canterbury, aged 39 years.


No. 38

George MILGATE, Painter ^

William STREELING, Gardener *


No. 39

Marriage, April 3, 1899 - William TERRY (age 22), carpenter of Havelock Street, married Harriet Jane MOAT (20 years) of 39 Broad Street. Fathers: William TERRY, surveyor and Henry MOAT, Labourer. Witnesses: Henry MOAT, Arthur E. MOAT and Charlotte M. WILSON


No. 41

Robert DUNN, Brewers Servant ^


No. 42

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - George CONSTABLE, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1917 THE BROAD STREET DAIRY, Mrs. A Martin, new laid eggs



Old Ruttington Lane



No. 43

No. 44

Broad Street House

1879 Mr. Wallace GENTRY, Broad Street, Canterbury (2 copies) subscriber to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent

Thomas Foat COZENS was John Foat COZENS older brother by 12 years. He seems to have had a sad life with the loss of his wife and daughter so close together and then the loss of his only son Thomas Finch COZENS on the brink of adulthood. Thomas never remarried; his remaining child, Annie Lepine COZENS stayed with him but got married a few months after her father's death. She married Frederick Thomas GENTRY of 44 Broad St, Canterbury. Wallace and Frederick GENTRY were also builders and Frederick went on to become a Canterbury JP and Alderman. *thank you to Catherine for the information on the Gentry/Cozens family

c. 1902 Frederick T. Gentry, Builder, Contractor, and Undertaker, Broad Street & Military Road, Canterbury

Frederick Thomas Gentry had something to do with the sorting out of a bankruptcy for Ernest Streaton Austen, residing at Sunnyside Godstone, Sturrey and George Townshend

I believe Frederick Thomas Gentry went to the King's School (register 1859 - 1931)

Returning Officer - Frederick Thomas Gentry, Esq. Canterbury (Sheriff) Debrett's House of Commons and the Judiial Bench 1902

1990 - 2 storey rear extension


Showing No. 45 on the right and No. 46 Broad Street

No. 45

1917 George A. NORRIS


No. 46

1917 W. G. KING


St. Mary Northgate Cemetery


No. 47

1917 T. K HOOPER, Baker


No. 47a

Henry William SMITH


No. 48

1917 Mrs. BLIGH


No. 49


Albion Place


No. 50

1838 Henry BAKER, 50 Broad Street (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and retired persons)

1847 Mr. Henry BAKER, 50 Broad Street

William C. SURRY, Baker, wife Eliza (

their children, William, Harry (teacher), Rose, Louisa, Frank H.

Kentish Observer, Thursday, December 20, 1894 - The Sidney Cooper School of Science and Art

An examination for free scholarships at the above School took place on the 30th ult. The conditions this year differed from those of previous years, the examination being open only to past and not present pupils of the elementary schools. Some 32 candidates presented themselves. Then were, however, disqualified, through being students at elementary schools. The maximum number of points was forty, and the subject freehand drawing from a flat copy. The work was generally very good, and the following were the successful candidates with the number of points gained: Miss Bear, 36, Louisa Surry, 36; William Jarrett, 35, George Jarrett, 34; Rose Surry, 32, Frank Collingwood, 30, Arthur Rye, 30, Ernest Ingleton, 29; Mabel Sewel, 29, George Parry, 28; Robert Holness, 27; George Coppen, 26; James Spillett, 24; Alexander Twyman, 23; - Hopkins, 16; Forwood, 8.

1917 George RALPH


No. 51

Richard J. EDE, Coach Smith - grandson Richard M. TERRY (


No. 52


No. 53

Richard J. EDE, Coach Builder, wife Elizabeth is a school mistress (


No. 54

Thomas BAINES, Tailor %

John THURSTON, Blacksmith (


No. 55

Ann KNIGHT (w), Nurse / Robert WARMAN, Woolstapler %

William M. WARMAN, Carpenter & Joiner *

Son Albert is a Printer & Compositor

William W. WARMAN, Carpenter (

1917 George Henry FAIRALL


No. 56

Charles Farquett ^

H. Hickman (removed from Artillery Street), 56, Broad Street, Canterbury. British Insects, very fine.... The Entomologist April 1880

H. Hickman, 56 Broad Street, Canterbury. "Insects for Sale. - Edusa, Artemis, Blandina.........also a fine pair of Orichalcea from Mr. White's Collection, bought from Mr. Harding of Deal. The above are all fine, fresh, well-set, and very cheap. The Entomologist 1881

James LEFEVRE, Greengrocer (


No. 57

St. Crispins

Esther SKINNER (w) / James SKINNER / Elizabeth KIDD (w) / Ann PIERCE (w) %

Robert YEOMAN ^

EXETER INN - James HOLMAN, Victualler (


No. 58

"Crofts Cottages"

James BEAN, Butcher %

Edward CULLEN, Agricultural labourer ^

Job Morris, Gardener ^

James T. SAMSON, Cork Cutter (


Hayward Cottages

William MILLS, Stone Mason ^

William W. J. ELLS, Pollice Sergent ^


No. 59

Document found "Canterbury, August 1, 1847. To the free and independent gentlemen of Lord Albert Conyngham's committee of Canterbury." It is signed "William Martin, No. 59, Broad Street", and the writer states, "This is a case that I am about to lay before you of a base injury that I sustained in a former election, which I nearly lost my life in going in North Lane to receive my colours, which incurred a very heavy expense, being not able to do any work for many weeks, and being lately married made my expenses the greater. Being advised, as my friends are all true supporters of the cause, to lay my case before you, I feel sorry that I was not able to tender my vote, having lately taken out my copy, but I hope on all future occassions you will not find me wanting. Gentlemen, I hope you will lay it before his Lordship; hoping whatever his Lordship will be pleased to bestow will be gratefully received and gratefully acknowledged." Endorsed, "Martin to be paid three guineas, John Brent?" I suppose Mr. Brent ordered it to be paid. ... from Parliamentary Papers 1852-53

James PHILPOTT, Cooper ^

Moses FOX, Night watchman (

1917 Henry FAIRBRASS


No. 60

Charles AUSTEN, Gardener ^

Sarah Ann CRIPPEN and partner Ellen NEAME, Dressmakers *

1917 Harry MICHAEL


No. 61

Elizabeth LESLIE (w) %

George GRAHAM, Plumber & Painter *

Frederick CROUCH, Pumber (

1917 Charles MEASER


No. 62

Henry HITCHCOCK, Portrait Painter, son George HITCHCOCK, Grocer, Edward W. HITCHCOCK, grandson, Eliabeth FOX, lodger%

Henry HITCHCOCK, Artist ^

Eleanor BAGGS *

John Fowler AVANN, Teacher of Languages *

1917 George PILCHER


No. 63

Jane LOACH, Grocer, Joseph LOACH, Hannah LOACH, Grocers %

Thomas BATES, Grocer ^

Edward W. Hitchcock, Ticket writer & Grocers Asst. *

1917 Albert Edward COACHWORTH


No. 64

William DUCROW, Coardwainer % ^

Edward WILLCOX, Millwright & Engineer *

*Mr. Edward Wilcocks sworn and examined. What are you? Millwright. Do you keep the Weavers Arms? Yes. Are you also a publican? Yes. Are you a Liberal or Conservative? A Liberal. All your life? All my life. Are you a freeman and householder? Both. Are you on the register as a freeman? As both. How long have you held the franchise? Ever since 1828 or 1829. Have you taken part in every election that has occured since? No, not particularly. What elections have you taken part in? None at all in particular. The last election, in 1852? no. Now recollect. Do you mean to say you took no interest in that election? No. I will explain to you what little interest I did take if you call it an interest. I had a niece the name of WOOD. I asked her if her two brothers had promised their votes. She said " I do not know unlce; I wil go and ask them." What were the names of the two brothers? I do not know whether it was Tom, George, Bill or what, I was so little with them, but heir name were Wood. Is her name WATKINS? That is an aunt; a sister in law of mine. Did you ever talk to Mrs. WATKINS about them? Yes; I asked her the same as I asked the niece about the WOODS.....more (PP)

1884 Edward Willcocks, (Under Back & Vat Manufacturers) The Post Office Directory of the Brewers and Maltsters 1884

early 1900's Edward Wilcocks, Retired Millwright


No. 65

Peter CRIPPEN, Bricklayer %

James M. CRIPPEN, Painter & Glazier ^ *Albion Place in 1881 wife Sarah

(Crippen, Lawrence & Co. - The active manager of the firm in the East is Henry J. Crippen, the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Stockwell) Crippen, who was born in Canterbury, England, from which place the family migrated to this country when he was five years old. His ancestry on the father's side were of French descent, and on the mother's of the old Anglo-Saxon stock. After a brief residence in Maine the family removed to Boston, and remained in that city and vicinity for about seven years, then moved to Grafton, Mass., where the parents now reside.....not a member of any church but attends the Unitarian. He was married Sept. 30, 1868, to Susan J. daughter of Col Peter Sanborn. Their union has been blessed with two daughters) 1888

Henrietta Elizabeth Crippen daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Crippen, Feb. 16 1835...Henry John, son of Henry and Elizabeth, Sept. 22, 1837. Vital Records of Grafton, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849

Patrixborne - Renville is a manor, in this parish, which formerly belonged to the owners of the name Crippen, one of whom, Thomas Crippen, died possessed of it in the beginning of king James I's reign, leaving an only daughter and heir Joane, who carried it in marriage to Robert Naylor gentleman, whose arms were, Argent, on a bend, sable, three covered cups of the field, their rims, or. His son John, about the year 1638, sold it to William Kingley, S.T.P. archdeacon of Canterbury, who left a numerous issue, of whom George the eldest son, succeeded to this estate, whose only son William died in 1701, leaving William, now whom mention will be made hereafter; and Anthony, who was ancestor of Thomas Pincke Kingsley, gent. now of London....Hasted

Thomas BATES, Grocer *

August 23, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


CROUCH - August 20, at 65, Broad Street, Canterbury, Edwin CROUCH, aged 63 Years.


No. 66

1840's - 60's Edward MARSH, Cordwainer, Broad Street

*from the Jurist 1850, Insolvent Debtors - Edward MARSH, Canterbury, Kent, Shoemaker. Dec. 6 at 10, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury

Narris KIDDER, Brewery )


No. 67

Grace J. BAILEY (w) %

Edward QUESTED, Carpenter ^

Pilcher CROW, Cutler with wife Elizabeth (


No. 68

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Ann HANREE, 68 Broad Street

Pilcher CROW, Plane Maker *


No. 69

Samuel WEAVER, Shoemaker %

John M. FILMER, Printer Pressman, his two sons, Henry and William are printers apprentices ^


No. 70

1832, Edward Willcocks - WEAVER'S ARMS

James CHAMBER, Whitesmith %

1890's "WEAVERS' ARMS" William Willcocks

1900's Joseph W. KENNETT, Licensed Victualler

June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

Before Mr. D. AMOS (in the chair) the Deputy Mayor (Councillor W. H. NETHERCLIFT), Mr. G. J. DRURY, and Captain STEAD.

The Coronation - Extensions Refused.

Mr. J. W. KENNETT, landloard of the Weavers' Arms, Broad Street, and Secretary of the Canterbury and District Licensed Victuallers' Protection Society, applied for a general extension of one hour to all the licensed houses in in the City on the nights of Thursday and Friday on the occasion of the Coronation. Mr. KENNETT pointed to hte fact that in the City of London and a Dover a free grant had been made of this privilege. Questioned by some of the magistrates and the Clerk, the applicant had to admit that he had not been asked by the whole of the occupiers of licensed houses in Canterbury to make this application. He had, however, been asked to do so by many of them. Mr. G. J. DRURY; Then you want us to force it on many of them. Applicant said it would be open to those who did not wish to do so not to avail themselves of the privilege. It would, however, be a privilege to the licence-holders and a great convenience ot hte public if it could be granted, as there would be fireworks and a bonfire on the Old Park at ten p.m. The Clerk inquired if there were any other applications and a large number of licence-holders made individual application. Supt. Farmery being appeald to, said he took neutral ground in the matter of hte application. Several licence-holders had been to see him on the subject. They explained to him that they did not want the extension unless other houses remained open. The Bench retired and the Chairman subsequently announced that they had decided to refuse the applications. They considered that there was no ncessity for an extension on the occasion.


No. 71

John M. FILMER, Printer %

William C. HANREE, Cabinet Maker *


No. 72

1838 Henry Charles DOBSON, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral & Chorister, 72 Broad Street

James ROBUS, Cordwainer %

Maria PIERCE, Sellor of Medicine ^

William CROW, Boot Maker *


No. 73

William WIER, Draper %

William Weir, Draper, 73 Broad Street, Canterbury *The Bankers' Magazine 1856, shareholders in the London Joint Stock Banks furnish those of the Bank of London and the City Bank - the two principal of the recently organized institutions; and as much depends upon the credit and responsibility of the proprietors we have considered it advisable to reprint this information at length.

Thomas Hymers, Baker ^

Amelia Bullin, late Schoolmistress *

1917 William BALDOCK


No. 74

Samuel J. B. MIETTE, Baker & Woolstapler %

Mary ROWLAND a former Nurse ^

James DELAHAYE, Cook, his wife Adele DELAHAYE is a Professor of French *

Mary CROW (

1917 Charles POWELL


No. 75

Charles N. MIETTE, retired Woolstapler %

Charles N. MIETTE, Gentleman ^

Frances BERKLEY, Midwife *

Frances BERKLEY (


No. 76

Edward ROBERTS, Baker ^

Thomas W. SHARP, Life Insurance Agent (


No. 77

Thomas CLARK %

Edward Roberts. Where do you live? 77 Broad Street. What are you? A Baker. Do you know anything about the last election? Nothing at all. Nor about the one in 1879? Yes, I worked in 1879. For whom? Mr. Edwards. Did you give any money away? I appears from the evidence I have heard in court that I gave a man named Birchett 4s., but it was not my own. You gave it? Yes, I took him to Mr. Bass. I fetched him from a place about 3 miles off. He told me that he was going to vote for Mr. Edwards; when I took him, and he voted, he kept on annoying me, and said he could not get back again. I took him to Mr. Bass. Mr. Bass was not at home, but in the presence of Mrs. Bass, I gave him 4s. That was because he voted? Yes, I had fetched him from the country and he had left his work. Did you get repaid by Bass? Yes. That is all you know? Yes......" Parliamentary Papers

Edward ROBERTS, Master Baker *

1903 Henry Edgar BAYLIS, Baker & Confectioner

1917 Harry E. BAYLIS, Baker


No. 78

William RYE, 78 Broad Street, Canterbury, Kent *A List of the Lodges Composing the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Corresponding Secretaries) 1876

Isaac ORPIN, Master Tailor *

A. E. VANDERSTEEN, Pawnbroker (also at 76 Northgate)


Right from Northgate Street


No. 79

1838 Castle KEMPTON, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral, 79 Broad Street

Castle Kempton, Lay Clerk of Canterbury Cathedral % ^



No. 80

Phoebe G. WOTTON, Schoolmistress %

John CROFTS, Blacksmith ^

Thomas K. WILSON, Tailor ^

1917 W. J. BLAKE


No. 81

1838 John IRONS, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral, 81 Broad Street

Stephen HOLMANS, Veterinary Surgeon %

Amstle J. MARTENET, Teacher of Languages ^


No. 82

1838 John Shrubsole DENNE, Lay Clerk of Canterbury Cathedral, 82 Broad Street

John IRONS, Lay Clerk of Canterbury Cathedral %

Samuel HAYWARD, Excise Officer ^

1917 William Thomas CHANDLER, Tailor


No. 83

Elizabeth PALMER %

The Musical World, Jan 24, 1857... In the Press: ready early in February. The Canterbury Psalmist, dedicated by permission to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. A Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, Ancient and Modern, and comprising several original Compositions by various Composers, never before published; suited to the Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship published by the Soicety for Promoting Christian Knowledge. The whole edited and arranged in Short (or organ) score, by W. H. LONGHURST, Assistant Organist of Canterbury Cathedral.

Price to subscribers, Price to Non Subscribers.... Subscribers names received (up to Jan. 31st) by the Editor, 83 Broad Street, Canterbury Mr. J. A. Novello; Messrs. R. Cocks and Co.; Messrs. Addison, Hollier, and Lucas; and all music and booksellers. The Musical World 1857

Robert GIBBARD ^

May 4, 1878 "The Deputy Governor read an application on behalf of Mrs. Maria Friend of Canterbury, a sister of Thomas ADMANS (q.v) a deceased Inmate. Mrs. FRIEND is in failing health and needy circumstances and the Deputy Governor..considered it a very suitable one for a small out pension. It was resolved that an allowance of £1 per month be made to Mrs. FRIEND during the pleasure of the Committee"; June 7, 1884, "The Deputy Governor reported the death on the 3rd instant of Mrs. Maria FRIEND of Canterbury to whom in May 1878 a pension..was granted." P (Coquau) Oct. 22, 1877, regd. Nov 3 endorsed Dead (a) Maria Friend, 83 Broad Street, par. St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Kent, with her daughter; ...

1903 Mrs. Ann J. ABBS, Midwife

1917 Knowler HORTON, insurance agent


No. 84

William COGGER, junr., Carpenter and Builder %

William COGGER, Builder ^

(died February 20, 1876 in Broad Street - executors of his will were Alfred James BEER, Brewer and Edward ROBERTS, Baker{see no. 77 above})

see his parents grave in St. Mary Northgate (they were of Ruttington Lane)

1917 Mrs. F. HOLDSTOCK


No. 85

Thomas W. ROBERTS, Merchant ^


No. 86

William H. BUBB, Marine Stove Dealer %

John RUOTHAM, Baptist Minister & Schoolmaster

1903 James BLIGH, jnr., Carpenter

1917 Walter SOLLY


No. 87

George WALL, Brewer & Maltster & Sheriff of Canterbury %

* George WALL, Common Brewer, Canterbury, Kent. Com. Holroyd: May 14 at 12 and June 18 at 1; Basinghall Street. Off. Ass. Edwards. Solicitor, Baker, 3 Cloak lane, London. Pet. April 18. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter May 4, 1861

William GOLDSMITH, Chimney Sweep ^

1917 Mrs. BURREN, Thoms DENNE, fodder stores



(National School) Francis M. BULLARD, Mistress of Model School %

"The New Model Schools. In Broad street, on a portion of the old city ditch, and close under that part of the city wall, which

encompases the Cathedral, stands these schools. They are handsomely built, principally flint. They consist of a boys', girls'

and infant school, giving education to upwards of five hundred children, and are supported by subscription, and managed

by a committee. The children pay one penny per week, and are taught in conformity with the established church."


No. 88

Christopher FOORD, Labourer % (no address)



No. 89

Sarah ROYAL ^

1917 Queningate - Catnerbury and East Kent Refuge and Rescue Society, Miss ROMANES (in charge)


No. 89a

1917 Malvern House - Misses ROBINS, Mineral water works

B. HAMMETT, Shoeing Smith

W. RALPH and Sons, Builders


DIOCESAN SCHOOL, girls - Miss DOE infants, Mrs. S.B. WILMOT


No. 90

Robert AVERY, Wheelwright ^

1917 Mrs. Lousia HARWOOD


No. 91

1917 Alfred HART


No. 92

1917 THANET HOUSE, Mrs. L. M. MAGUIRE (Q.C.H., C.M.B.), midwife

E. & G. HOBDAY, furniture depository

1927 Alex PHILLIPS, Relieving Officer, Thanet House, 92 Broad Street, Canterbury (phone book)





No. 92a

W. S. COZENS Limited. Builders, Decorators, Sanitary and Hot Water Engineers. 92a Broad Street, Canterbury. Telephone 63559 (1960's?)


Messrs. COZENS adjoining 93 to the right also known as 92B

No. 93

Early 1900's, William SOAMES, Bricklayer

Soames. - May 2, at 93, Broad Street, Canterbury, Isabella Sophia, dearly beloved wife of William SOAMES, aged 62 years. Deeply regretted. The Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press, Saturday, May 16, 1896

August 23, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


TOMLIN-SOAMES - August 16, at St. Paul's Church, Canterbury, by the Rev. Arthur PAYNE, George Edward TOMLIN, of Southall Green, Middlesex, to Rosie May, fourth daughter of William SOAMES, of Broad Street, Canterbury



No. 94

1917 Henry Arthur NEWMAN


No. 95

1917 Mrs. MacCormak

W.T. STREETING, builders works


No. 96

1881 George Thomas TERRY, Carpenter and wife Amelia TERRY

1917 Mrs. WHITE


No. 97

1917 Ernest G. HARDING


No. 98

1917 John GOLDSMITH, Chimney Sweep


No. 99

1917 Miss L. BAILEY, Miss A. J. BAKER


No. 100

1917 Miss GAMBRILL


No. 101

1901 GEORGE TERRY, head, married age 59, Carpenter, wife AMELIA TERRY, age 53, Helen A. Giles "nurse child", age 1

*George Thomas Terry died July - Sept 1905, age 59 2a pg 492

1917 Nelson ROBBINS


No. 107

1889 W. SMITH, Builder

May 1896 - Washing by a respectable person, ironing and glazing and good drying ground. 107 Broad Street.


H. MOYS, Carpenter


No. 108

1889 A. HOUSDEN, Carriage Proprietor

1917 Frederick SAMSON


No. 109

1889 R. HUXSTEP, Baker

1917 William READ, Baker


No. 110

1889 J. MARTIN, Fruiterer and Dairyman

1917 No listing


No. 111

1889 vacant

1917 No listing



*there is a note in the Dover Telegraph, 1850 Oct 26, regarding a dissolved partnership of W. & G. Beer

1858 Star Brewery, George Beer, Brewer & Malster, Corner of Broad Street, Canterbury

1874 Beer & Co. Original Brewery, Broad Street, Canterbury (The London and suburban licensed victuallers', hotel and tavern keepers)

1874 George Beer, Broad Street, Canterbury (The London and Suburban licensed victuallers', hotel and tavern keepers, 1874)

1884 George Beer & Co. Star Brewery, Broad street (listed under Brewers and Maltsters)

1889 Beer & Co's "Original Brewery" Corn and Hay Stores

1889 G. Beer & Co. Brewers & Maltsters "Star Brewery"

G. Beer & Co. Brewerey Offices

1903 George Beer & Co. brewers and wine and spirit and bottled beer merchants, Star Brewery, Broad Street (no address)

1917 George Beer and Co., (W. E. N. Chapman and F. G. Oliver) Brewers, wine, spirit and bottled beer merchants

Demolished 1936 and turned into a car park


Burgate Street


...Portions of the walls are to be seen in Broad Street (East of the Cathedral), with a few of the wall turrets. Handbook to the County of Kent

Maneringe's Gift - Thomas Maneringe gave by will in 1592, six shillings and eight pence to be yearly distributed to twenty poor men in money, charged on a house and orchard in Broad Street. This charity is still in existence. (1885)

Thomas ADMANS, head, married age 53?, Baker, Broad Street (Passage?) born Canterbury. His wife Mary Admans born Dartford, passed away in 1850 *note in the Dover Telegraph 1850 Sept 28


Joseph CLARKSON, taylor

Thomas White LONGLEY, stone mason

James ROBINSON, corkcutter

John WORTHY, carpenter


Poll Book 1830

Thomas RAMSDEN, Broad Street, Pieman

John BILLGATE, Broad Street, Tin Plate Work

Benjamin BURGESS, Broad Street, Labourer

Thomas FLINT, Broad Street, Smith

William BROCKWELL, Broad Street, Carpenter

Joseph BEST, Broad Street, Cordwainer

Thomas MARTIN, Broad Street, Smith

William WATTS, Broad Street, Victualler

Stephen ELVEY, Broad Street, Professor of Music (1805 - 1860)

Born in Canterbury, "at an early age he was admitted as a chorister of Canterbury Cathedral, under Highmore Skeats"

The Musical Times 1906, page 379, write up and photograph? by Mr. J. G. Charlton, Canterbury

Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine - Stephen Elvey was born in Canterbury, June 27th, 1805, and gained his first musical knowledge as a chorister boy. On the death of Alfred Bennett, in 1830, Elvey was appointed his successor as organist of New College, Oxford, and his connection with the University lasted till his death, October 6th, 1860. He received the Mus. Doc. Degree in 1838, producing on each occasion an elaboaret anthem. His compositions were not numerous, and consisted chiefly of chants, hmntunes, anthems and Church services. (*some years before his death he had to submit to the amputation of a leg, through a gun accident whilst shooting. *A dictionary of music and musicians)

His younger brother George Job Elvey, born at Canterbury, March 27th, 1816 (in a small house in Union Street), was much more celebrated both as an organist and as a composer. He also began his musical education as a chorister, and continued his studies under his brother Stephen. His anthem "Bow Down Thine Ear," gaind the Gresham price medal in 1834. His exercise for his degree of Mus. Bac. from Oxford in 1838, was a short oratorio entitiled "The Resurrection and the Accesnsion," which produced in public by the Sacred Harmonic Society at London, on December 2d, 1840. It has also been given at Boston, U.S.A.. For his Mus. Doc. degree, received in 1840, he produced an anthem. ....His compositions for the Church service are numerous and important, and his tune to the Harvest Hymn "Come ye, Thankful People Come," is universally known and admired....He composed a Festival March for full orchestar for the wedding of the Princess Louise in 1871, and the same year he was knighted by the Queen.

...We know from inscriptions on the flyleaves of two of the partbooks that they were given to Stephen ELVEY in Canterbury on 31 August, 1827 by a certain John WILLIAMSON. Stephen was 22, and was studying composition with the cathedral organist Highmore Skeats. (this is in the University of London Library)

There is a book called "Life and Reminiscences of George J. Elvey Knt" by Lady Elvey from 1894 (Mary Elvey)

Siblings - Elizbeth Elvey and Ann Elvey


Thomas COLE, Broad Street, Tailor

Stephen D. PHILPOT, Broad Street, Lieut. Royal Navy

Henry BAKER, Broad Street, Gentleman

Stephen ELSE, Broad Street, Labourer

George INMAN, Broad Street, Cordwainer

Henry TEVELEIN, Broad Street, Cordwainer

*there is a John TEVELEIN in Ruttington Lane, Saddler

(died at Canterbury, Mr. Peter TEVELEIN, one of the brothers of St. John's Hospital, in Northgate, and a senior ringer of the Cathedral Bells, which his brethren of the clapper, according to ancient custom, made to proclaim by a muffled peal. 1807

1802 - died at Canterbury, aged 86, Mrs. A. TEVELEIN, MM

1855, PP - year 1831 - defendents name, John TEVELEIN - plaintiffs name, Jonathan BUNDOCK - debt, 13s - costs, 3s. - number of days for which each debtor committed in default of payment, 20 days

William BOYLE, Broad Street, Cordwainer


1832 - William WATTS, DUKE OF WELLINGTON Broad Street


1838 John FOORD, Boys' Day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Broad Street

1838 Castle KEMPTON, day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Broad Street


Thomas FRIEND, Broad Street, Cabinet Maker *Thomas Friend, Canterbury, Kent, Cabinet maker noted under "Declarations of Insolvency" the Jurist, July 20, 1844


Died at Canterbury, In Broad Street, 56, Mrs. UPTON. The Monthly Magazine 1819

Died at Canterbury In Broad Street, at an advanced age, Mr. J. HULKS. The Monthly Magazine 1819


2 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Broad Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal - one in Broad Street, Male 2 years, death June 17th, Nature of District - Unhealthy Association Medical Journal


Thomas CORNWELL - Hay Dealer. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881


1847 Mr. William BASKERVILLE, Broad Street

1847 John ARIS, Clerk to Justices, Broad Street

John ARIS, Esq. Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851


*WILCOX - Feb 23, at Broad Street, Canterbury, Frances daughter of Mr. Edward Wilcox, engineer and mill-..... (record of births, deaths & marriages)

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