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1809 - To be premptorily sold by auction, by Charles POUT, auctioneer, at the Star Inn Canterbury on Monday the 13th day of March instant. The following estates in lots.

Lot 1. All that Feehold messuage or tenement, with the fore court yard, garden, and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate lying and being in the parish of Saint Paul, in the City of Canterbury, in or near a certain lane there, called Ivy Lane, and now used as a military hospital.



1638. New conduit pipes are ordered to be laid through Barton-close, and thence through Chantry-lane, into Ivy-lane. HT


Map detail of 1777 showing Ivy Lane


Map detail of 1843 showing Ivy Lane


1838 Policeman, Sydney SPRATT, Ivy Lane


9 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Ivy Lane, Chantry Lane and Longport, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


Starting from Lower Bridge Street

No. 1 (north side of the street)

1889 Mrs. MARTIN

1917 William COURT


No. 2

George SMITH, Photographer ^

Patrick McGUIRE ^

1889 Mrs. C. LAVENDER

Thomas Oldfield, Bricklayer )

1917 Mrs. EDWARDS


Showing Ensigne Place, Ivy Lane built 1856


No. 3

Edward PEARSON, Smith ^

1889 William HOLLAND, Coachman

Rachel HOLLAND )

1917 George IDDENDEN


No. 4

George BENNETT, Marine Store ^?

David ELVEY, Police Officer ^?

George ELLS ^?

1889 Mrs. Mary Jane SMITH

Thomas McRobert SMITH, Tailors Cutter )

1917 Frank COOK


No. 5

Frederick COULTHAM, Agricultural Labourer ^?

William LEE, Butcher ^?

1889 John PAGE, House agent

William Sampson ....You live here at No. 5, Ivy Lane? Yes. What is your business? I am a mason by trade..... Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

Charlotte LEE )

1917 H. TAPP


No. 6

John SOUTHEE, baker ^


1917 Miss McKENZIE


St. Pauls Terrace c. 1880's


The buildings highlighed in blue were a builders yard in the 1870's and by the early 1900's are now new houses in Love Lane


No. 7


Joseph WEST, Publican at THE TWO SAWYERS ^

John Spicer. Where do you live? 7 Ivy Lane. What is your occupation? Labourer. Did you get anything at the last election? 5s. Who from? Robert Beer, Star Brewery. For your vote? Well, he saw me an hour afterwards and called me, and gave it to me for an allowance. But he gave it to you because you had voted? He never asked me such a question. You do not think you would have got it if you had not voted? I think he would have done so. I have worked for his father 17 years, and I have been disabled from work. You would have got it if it had not been election day? I suppose not. You do not often get 5s from Beer? No. Has he ever given it to you before? No; he has given me sometimes a 6d. when he has seen me. But never 5s. for beer? No. You do not suppose he would have give it to you if it had not been election day? Perhaps not; I suppose not. Did you get anything in 1879? No. Neither from Mr. Beer or anyone? No. PP Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

1889 Thomas LANE, Grocer

George Lippingwell, aged 14 convicted of stealing four shillings from Ann Bradford, wife of Henry BRADFORD, General Shop, 7 Ivy Lane. Aug 15, 1899 CCA

1917 S. T. BAILEY


No. 8

*built by Henry Laming

Stephen PORT, Brewers Labourer ^

1889 George TRITTON, Coachman

Frederick FINN, Domestic Coachman )

1917 Joseph SHARP


No. 9

*built by Henry Laming

John PAGE, Stable help ^


Moss's Square


No. 10

*built by Henry Laming

Alice BROWN, green grocer ^

1889 George A. HEORRELL

Henry PARNELL, Bread Baker )

1917 Sidney Charles JENNER


No. 11

*built by Henry Laming

Thomas MAXTED, Grocer ^


No. 12

*built by Henry Laming

1889 John OVENDEN, Butler

John OVENDEN, Retired Butler )

1917 Mrs. OVENDEN



No. 13

1889 - Early 1900's "FOX & HOUND"

1917 William FLINT


No. 14

Thoms BEAST ^

J. F. COZENS, Builder (built the Simon Langton School)




The turning onto Love Lane from Ivy Lane


Love Lane


The buildings highlighted in pink are H.E. Taylor's Corn Stores, previously Harman's


Where the two windows are now, there was a large arched opening for the trucks to go through, and a smaller window above, as well as advertising in the blank wall space.


CORN STORES - H. E. Taylor

CORN STORES - Gardiner & Hill's


STABLES for a house on Longport


No. 15


Thomas OLDFIELD, Bricklayer )

1917 Oliver DEAL


No. 16


No. 17

James RICHARDS, Glass Cutter ^


No. 18


No. 19

No. 20

William ANSLOW, Brewer

1917 Thomas HOGBEN


No. 21 (north side of the street)

Steven COULTHAM, Labourer ^

George WOOLLETT, Dustman

1917 John WATSON


H. Holden, Mineral water manufactory

J. D. Maxted, Littlebourne creameries


Union Row


No. 22 (no longer there)

Thomas JOHNSON, Farm labourer ^


James STANMORE, Beer Retailer



No. 22A (no longer there)

1917 Louis Arthur WOOD


No. 23 (no longer there)

William COULTHAM, Mason's Labourer ^

Edward HAMMOND, Drayman * (a brewer's draymond living at Ivy Lane St. Pauls, June 13, 1882)

John COOMBS, Painter (

1917 John COOMBS


EAGLE BREWERY (1870's) *large building


Chantry Lane


No. 24 South side of the street

C. BENNETT, Dressmaker *


No. 25


George WHITWELL, Labourer *


No. 26

Richard ELLIS (born Tipperary, Ireland)*

Lucy Cramp, St. Pauls, stealing 1 silver medal, 1 pair of cufflinks, and 1 waistcoat, value of 10s from Richard Ellis, a pensioner of Ivy Lane. Aug 24 1874 CCA

Richard Ellis, St. Pauls, drunk and disorderly on Ivy Lane Sept 3, 1874 CCA


No. 27

George ARNOLD, Bricklayer *

Phoebe SPRATT, Retired Sick Nurse (Monthly) )


No. 28 & 29 (destroyed in the Blitz)


Samuel ASHBY, Brazier and Tinman ^

John T. BURT, Wheelwright (no. 28) *


1917 Stephen COOMBS


No. 30 (destroyed in the Blitz)

Thomas WATERS, Farm labourer ^


No. 31 (destroyed in the Blitz)

William HAYWARD a fish dealer of Ivy Lane (June 13, 1882)

1917 Robert HOARE


No. 32 (destroyed in the Blitz)

George HOWARD, Bricklayers Labourer *


No. 33 (destroyed in the Blitz)

Charles COLTHUP, Bricklayers Labourer *


1917 Charles COULTHAM


No. 34 (destroyed in the Blitz)

Thomas GAZE, Butcher *

1917 William LONGLEY


No. 35 (south side of the street)

Henry ELLS, Coachman ^

John JOINER, Bricklayers Labourer *

William ATTWOOD & Henry ATTWOOD (Nov 28, 1902) CCA


No. 36

John F. ROBERTS, Gardener ^

Charles SHETHER, Wheelwright *

Archibald CHRISTIE a fish salesman living at 36 Ivy Lane, the owner of a shed on land near South Canterbury Railway Station where the stolen items were found. Nov 12, 1901 CCA


No. 37

William PAGE, Farm labourer ^

John SPILLETT, Blacksmith *

Mrs. S. CROCKER, Dressmaker

1917 Charles FAIRBRASS


No. 38

Charles ASHBY, Bricklayers labourer ^

John E. BLOGG, Coach Builder *


No. 39

William BRETT, Agricultural Labourer ^

Benjamin J. CULLEN, Agricultural Labourer *



No. 40

James LINNBOURN, Brewers Labourer ^

William BRICE, Labourer *


1912 Edith Ella WEBB, 40 Ivy Lane, son Charles WEBB (stealing a garden roller) CCA-CC-J/V/1912/19

1917 F. W. NUNN


No. 41

Richard SIMMONDS ^

Thomas JOHNSON, Labourer *

1903 James TWYMAN, Chimney Sweep (see also 42 & 43 below)

October 7, 1902 - James Twyman of 41 Ivy Lane, ordered to contribute towards the maintenance of his son, John Thomas Twyman, aged 14 years. John Thomas Twyman having been placed in the Philanthropic Society's Farm School for the Reformation of Criminal Boys, Redhill Surrey*. CCA-CC-J/V/1902/126 & 125

*if you google the Society's school you will find lot's of great information and pictures


Showing 42 Ivy Lane now "The Hall"

Showing the old dwellings in Ivy Lane

No 42 & 43

William WILSON, Groom (42)*

William BURCH, Labourer (43)*

Mrs. C. FOREMAN 1889 (No. 42)

Alfred TAYLOR (No. 43)

No. 42 Robert G. FINN, Stationary Engine Driver with wife Elizabeth and children, Charlotte, Lewis, Jane and Robert ) *thanks to a visitor to the site

1917 Valentine G. SPILLETT (no. 42)

1917 William Henry DISTON (no. 43)

Showing 42 Ivy Lane from a postcard in my collection

The boys in the photo are:

On the left - George Thomas RICHARDSON, born 1888 in 35 Dover Street, Canterbury

On the right - William George RICHARDSON, born 1886 at 35 Dover Street, Canterbury

The family were living at 46 Ivy Lane by the early 1900's

*thanks to Ray & Vi for this great piece of history

If you have any other information or history on the RICHARDSON family, please contact me as the family would be very interested.


A view of Ivy Lane now looking towards the city, lower bridge street (no. 42)


No. 43

James Twyman, Chimney Sweep, wife Agnes, son Charlie, Sweep, James Carriage Builder Apprentice, Edward, son Thomas*, son Albert, son Ernest, son William, son Sidney )

*John Thomas Twyman, aged 15, stealing money from Edith Jutson. CCA-CC-J/V/1902/125 see also CCA-CC-J/V/1902/126

No. 43 & 44 James Twyman, Chimney Sweep )

October 7, 1902 - James Twyman of 41 Ivy Lane, ordered to contribute towards the maintenance of his son, John Thomas Twyman, aged 14 years. John Thomas Twyman having been placed in the Philanthropic Society's Farm School for the Reformation of Criminal Boys, Redhill Surrey*. CCA-CC-J/V/1902/126 & 125

*if you google the Society's school you will find lot's of great information and pictures


No. 44

William BALDOCK ^

Mary SMITHSON, Seamstress *


No. 45

William FISHER *

Edward WEEKS, Chimney Sweep

Frank SMITH, Corn Miller )

March 1903 John & Susannah COOPER


No. 46

John L. GRUBY, Hawker *

John Lavender GRUBY... Where do you live? 46 Ivy Lane. What is your occupation? Hawker ..... Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

*was a conviction of an Elizabeth GRUBY of St. Pauls for using obscene language on Ivy Lane, Jan 16, 1882


William Henry RICHARDSON, General Labourer )

1917 William RICHARDSON


No. 47

William FOX, Blacksmith *

William Fox - Where do you live? Ivy Lane. What are you? A Smith. Did you get any money about this last election? No. Did you get any in 1879? Yes. From Sampson? Yes. How much? 5s. Was that for your vote? No. Wat was it for? It was for a days work. .......Where did he give you the money? Between the"Fox and Hounds" I think, and his house it was, that he give me the money. Was the "Fox and Hounds" where one of is rooms was? Not as I know of..... Parliamentary Papers 1881

William FOX, Laboruer

George BRETT, worker at a Tanyard ) *likely St. Mildred's Tannery

1917 Mrs. WHITE


No. 48

Mrs. Esther SPILLETT, Charwoman *



No. 49

Stephen SPILLETT, Gardener *



No. 50



Thomas H. ELLIS, Engineer )

Charles TERRY, General Labourer


No. 51


Notice of Auction sale of properties. Aug 3, 1855, Navy Arms Pub in Ivy Lane, to be sold at the Rose Hotel CCA

John WILSON, Carpenter *

1903 The Navy Arms, Ivy Lane - Mr. G. T. Drury represented the owners, Messrs. Ash and Co. Superintendent Farmery stated in his report that the licensee was Mr. Thomas Ellis. The house was used as a common lodging house; it was dirty, and quite unsuitable for licensed premises. The whole of the accommodation was used for lodgers. It was a fully licensed house, but a beer license was only taken out. The tenant paid 15 pounds per annum rent, and rates and taxes. The stench from the house was almost unbearable, and the licensee said he could not exist if it were not for the lodgers. The tenant then gave evidence.


No. 51a


No. 52

Mrs. Catherine MARCHMENT, Seamstress *

Walham J. WILSON, Tailor )


No. 53

Charles HOLLANDS, Saddler *

George DADY )


No. 54

John FINN, Labourer (Sawyer) *

Arthur FAIRBRASS, Carter on a Farm )

1917 Arthur FAIRBRASS


No. 55

Mrs. Jane SMITH, Laundress *

Ann Taylor convicted of stealing a pair of childs drawers, an apron and a linen bag, value of three shillings, the property of Mary Jane Smith, Laundress of 55 Ivy Lane, Canterbury. Jan 27, 1898 CCA

Mary J. SMITH )


(passage to) Little Cottages - Moss's Square (6 small cottages) these were directly behind no 52 to 57 Ivy Lane


No. 56

Miss J. HOOPER, General Shop

Mrs. Caroline HOPPER, Grocer *

Julia HOPPER, Grocer's Shopkeeper )

1917 Walter John COX, General Shop


No. 57

early to late 1880's Stephen PORT, Farm Labourer, daughter Mary is a finisher of Photographs

Esther COX, Seamstress )

1917 Mrs. COX


No. 58 (previosly No. 7)


William ELLS, Licenced Victualler of the TWO SAWYERS &

John J. BURT, Painter *


Edward LINTON convicted of stealing two silver watches and one silver chain, value three pounds and two shillings, property of Henry CLARKE, living at "The Two Sawyers" in Ivy Lane. May 27, 1897 CCA

TWO SAWYERS, Henry STURT, Ironmongers Clerk )



No. 59 (previously No. 6)

John SOUTHEE, Baker &

James DADDS, Baker *

L. T. DADDS, Baker (Leonard T. Dadds), James son

Leonard T. DADDS, Bread & Biscuit Baker )

1917 L. T. DADDS, Baker




No. 60 (previously No. 5)


You can see the outline of another doorrway that they've bricked in, which was between the door and window now. This was No.5 previously, but now No.60. It's attached to the Chaucer Hotel.

Charlotte LEE, Porkseller &

Mrs. C. LEE (Charlotte Lee) * see also no. 5


No. 61 (previously No. 4)

George BENNETT, general dealer with his wife Amelia a monthly nurse and grandson William W. Bennett, along with them are George TERRY (my family), Carpenter and his wife Amelia TERRY (nee BENNETT) & (possible address)

George KNELL, Organ Builder *

Henry CROW, Dealer

Benjamin T. CULLEN )

1917 Mrs. AMOS


No. 62

George F. BING, Corn dealers porter &

George F. BING, works for a Corn Dealer * (see no. 21 St. Margaret's Street)

William HAMER, Coachman

George EASTON, House Painter )

1917 Harry TAPLEY


No. 63 (south side of the street)


The part of the building on the left hand side is the original Ivy Lane House before it was added to, and turned into a Hotel

1865 IVY HOUSE, Canterbury Frederick Thomas WALSH, parish of qualification St. Mary Bredin

1865 Stamp Distributor - John Aris, Esq., Canterbury

IVY HOUSE - John ARIS, Alderman and Magistrate for Canterbury, director of stamps &

1873 Return of owners of land - John ARIS, Ivy Lane House, Canterbury...extent of lands 13 - 28, gross estimated rental 25 10

Susannah P. ARIS *

1882 Mrs. ARIS, Ivy Lane House, Canterbury

1889 Mrs. ARIS

*creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. c. 35. ARIS (Jno.), Ivy Lane House, Canterbury, Esq. July 15; Plummer and Fielding, solicitors, 15 Burgate Street, Canterbury *The Law Times, May 18, 1878, John ARIS

George P. HOPERAFT, Baker )

1903 G. P. HOPCRAFT, Ivy Lane House, Canterbury (Journal of the Institute of Brewing)

1917 George S. MORLEY Esq. "INGLENOOK"


*As noted by William Urry, Under the Angevin King's

*The next blow was struck on September 26th, when, early in the morning, James Rolfe, a labourer, was arrested at his house in Ivy Lane, Canterbury, by Bond, the Bow Street officer under a warrant,.... The Smugglers: Picturesque Chapters in the History of Contraband, By Henry Noel Shore Teignmouth, Charles George Harper published 1923

1852 - 12 Ivy Lane, Canterbury



Henry DUDDERIDGE, smith


Poll Book 1830

Henry EASTMAN, Ivy Lane, Gardener

William COOK, Ivy Lane, Excavator

Daniel FRENCH, Ivy Lane, Sawyer

Jacob FEDARB, Ivy Lane, Cordwainer

John FEDARB, Ivy Lane, Bricklayer

James KNELL, Ivy Lane, Victualler


1832 John DEAKENY - Beer retailer

William FREND, Carrier & Licenced Victualler, wife Ann Page Frend %

Ann COOK, Laundress %

Samuel THOMSETT, Carrier %


George BENNETT, General Dealer %

William LEE, Ag. Labourer %

John SOUTHEE, Baker %

William LESTER, Victualler %

William Walter WOOD, Carpenter %

John MARLOW, Cab & Fly Driver %

John GREENSTREET, Painter %

Daniel FRENCH, Wood Sawyer %

John ROBERTS, Gardener %

John FINN, Wood Sawyer %

Charles WOOD, Hostler %

William COOK, General Labourer %

Henry ROBERTS, Victualler, Tramp Lodging House %

Denwood JORDAN, Ag. Labourer %

Ann HOGBEN, washerwoman %

Jane ELVEY %

David ELVEY, Policeman %

John Lavender GRUBY, general dealer %

Thomas ANDERSON, Ag. Labourer %

John MORRIS, general labourer %


The Inhabitants of St. Paul's Parish - The like order for John WILLIAMS and William ALLEN two of the inhabitants of St. Paul's in the borough of Longport who appeared and paid a fine for the discharge of an indictment against the inhabitants for the decay of a highway in St. Paul's, containing in length 10 rods and in breadth 1 rod* leading from Longport to Ivy Lane. Q/SO/E1/f.42 (1659-60)

* 1 rod = 16.5 feet


The London Gazette, March 8, 1870

Thomas WILSON of Ivy Lane, Canterbury, Kent, Horse Dealer, adjudicated bankrupt on the 13th day of December, 1869. An Order of Discharge was granted by the County Court of Kent, holden at Canterbury, on the 15th day of February, 1870.



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