St. Radigund Street to King Street


1830 Poll Book

Witherden DUFFELL, Carpenter, Mill Lane

Henry ACORS, Painter, Mill Lane

William PALMER, Chair Maker, Mill Lane

William SMITH, Coachsmith, Mill Lane

John CARDEN, Coachman, Mill Lane

Witherden DUFFELL, Carpenter, Mill Lane

William SMITH, Whitesmith, Mill Lane


1847 Elizabeth Acors, Mill Lane


No. 1

W. H. Bangham

Frank Dobson, Grocers Carman )


No. 2

W. Marriott

George Bushell, Platelayer for the Railway )


No. 3

1880's - 90's Charles James Berriff, Carriage Trimmer & Painter


No. 4

James Giles, Tanner )


No. 8

George Cousens

George Gambrill, Grocer's Carman )


No. 10

William D. Cobb, Wheelwright (

George Vile, Gas Fitter & Plumber )


No. 11

John Todd, General Dealer (shop) (

Frederick W. Blackman, Railway Fireman )


No. 12

Jane Miles (


No. 13

Richard Denne, Railway Porter )


No. 14

Joseph Sharp, Vice man (smith) (

Albert J. Gambrill, Bootmaker & Photographer )


No. 15

Charles Twyman Brewers Labourer (

Charles Twyman, Miller

Charles Twyman, Brewers Labourer )


No. 16

Robert Hoare, Labourer in Soap Factory ( *probably worked for Alfred Neame in Stour Street

Soap Works


No. 17

William Andrews, Ironmongers Assistant (

Bramwell Shufflebotham, Tattoist )


No. 18

Mary Ann Robins, Glove Maker (


No. 19

Richard GEORGE, Grocers Carryman (

George Frank Hicks, Grocers Warehousman (


King Street


No. 20

John Smith, Electric Works Stoker )


No. 21

Charles CLARK, Stableman (Groom) (


Blackfriars Street


No. 22

Ernest Allen, RIVER HOUSE

Charles Hollands, Saddler )


No. 23

Sophia Elgar, Governess (


No. 24

John Barry, Tailor (


No. 25

John LEMAR, Agriculturist's Labourer (

George Haycock, Labourer



No. 26

John Johnson, Clerk at the Flour Mill %

John Fox, wife Amelia, son Stephen Fox %

Alfred Jacobs, Miller )


No. 27

Flour Mill (



Millers Arms as seen from Solly's Orchard

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