St. George the Martyr

Destroyed in the bombing of 1942

"...in the past there has been much uncertainty as to the exact position of the mound called in the records of the city 'Little Dungeon Hill'. We now learn that it lay between St. George's Gate and Riding Gate - apparently where St. George's Terrace now stands" Woodruffs List

Houses were built in St. George's Terrace between 1822 and 1826. George NEAME, built no. 1 - 6. It is likely that William WHITE built no. 22.


1843 map above showing St. George's Lane (below is St. George's Terrace) and the Cattle Market


Obituary, August 2nd, 1825 - At her house, St. George's terrace, Canterbury, in her 62nd year, Anna Maria Duncombe, only surviving daughter of Joseph Highmore esq. well known to the world, not only by his pencil, but by his other extensive knowledge, and literary pursuits. She had suffered a painful and lingering illness, which encreased towards the time of her decease, and was an exemplary instance, throughout her life, of filial regards and veneration for her parents. Interesting memoirs of both, and also of her grandfather the Rev. Wm. Duncombe, may be seen in vol. viii. of Nichol's Literary Anecdotes.

*Mr. Duncombe's widow died, at an advanced age, October 28th, 1812. She inherited much of her Father's taste for the Fine Arts, and of his genius for letters, softened by a refined judgment and feminine delicacy. Her union with Mr. Duncombe tended to expand her natural talents and to exemplify her education; which enabled her justly to venerate the eminent circle in which she was born to shine - Young, Harris, Hawkesworth, Richardson, Isaac Hawkins Browne, Chapone, Carter, and others equally dear to Literature. Mr. Duncombe's preferment at and near Canterbury led them to fix their residence there, where her Father soon after joined them, and continued with them until his death. After the decease of Mr. Duncombe, she adopted a more retired life, accompanied by her only surviving daughter*; and although her advancing years cast their autumnal tints over her once brilliant mind, yet they sufficiently marked the beauty of the days that had passed, and rendered perhaps more eminent the "light that now shines more and more perfect day." She has not left any literary work to perpetuate her fame; but her story of "Fidelia and Honoria" in the Adventurer, and some small contributions in the Poetical Calendar, and Nichols's Poems, and a few transient effusions of genius that never met the public eye, principally in the Gentlemen's Magazine, have assisted to cheer her friends with the remembrance of her with respect and delight. She was interred in the church of St. Mary Breadman, in the same vault with her husband, whose tomb is thus inscribed:

"The Rev. John Duncombe, M.A. Rector of this Parish, with that of St. Andrew annexed, Vicar of Herne, and one of the Six Preachers in the Cathedral. Ob. Jan 19, 1786, aet. 56"

*one daughter and two sons died as infants viz. Sarah-Elizabeth, October 17, 1764, William February 26, 1767 and John February 13, 1769.

In 1763 he married a daughter of Mr. Highmore, the painter. (John Duncombe)

To the Gentlemen's Magazine Mr. Highmore was almost a monthly contributor; as his numerous and valuable communications on various subjects under the signature of A. H. abundantly testify. Mr. Highmore traced his ancestry through several centuries on the paternal side, wherein the church, the army, the medical profession, and the private gentleman, embrace the whole list of his progenitors, up to several in the 15th century, who possessed and resided upon a large estate at Harbybrow in Cumberland, consisting of seven manors and mansion houses, which were afterwards disposed of to a member of the Blencowe family, by Abraham Highmore, a Colonel in the service of Charles the First, in order to defray the charges of raising, equipping, and maintaining a volunteer corps of 1000 men, in the cause of that unfortunate, obstinate, and ill-advised monarch. And it may perhaps here be mentioned, that among those of more recent date, he numbers the late Mrs. Duncombe of Canterbury (his aunt) a name "not unknown to fame," of whom, as well as of her amiable and estimable husband, the Rev. John Duncombe, he furnished memoirs to the Gentlemen's Magazine; and that he was a grandson of Mr. Joseph Highmore, an artist of celebrity in the reign of George the Second, and pupil of the celebrated Godfrey Kneller, whose style he so successfully acquired as to have been frequently denominated "the rising Kneller," and more particularly in some lines addressed to him by Mr. John Bunce, of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and published in the Whitehall Evening Post of August 12 to 15, 1727. Mr. Joseph Highmore is also mentioned in Walpole's Anecdotes, vol. iv. p. 105., and more at length in the Gentlemen's Magazine for April 1780, where there is a portrait of him......

Joseph Highmore, a portrait and historical painter of some reputation in his day, was born in London in 1692. he was the nephew of Highmore, Serjeant-painter to William III., and was originally bred to the law, but having a decided disposition for painting, he gave up the law and became a pupil of Sir Godfrey Kneller, in whose style he painted. He painted several pictures from the works of Richardson the novelist, but his chief works are taken from the Scriptures. He died at Canterbury in 1780, in the house of his daughter, who was married to one of the prebendaries of that city, and he was buried in the Cathedral.

Marriage, April 13, 1761, The Rev. Mr. Duncombe, Rector of St. Andrews Canterbury, to Miss Highmore, of Lincoln's Inn Fields. Miscellaneous Correspondence 1761


1840's George Warren, Solicitor (Dane John or St. George's Terrace) *The Legal Observer - Applications for renewal of attorney's certificates. On the last day of Michaelmas Term, 1845

Mary Flood, Independent

Catherine Palmer, Independent

Stephen Palmer, Professor of Music

Saturday, October 9th. Assignees have been appointed in the following cases. Further particulars may be learned at the Office, in Portual street, Lincoln's inn fields, on giving the Number of the Case. Stephen Lintott Palmer, Canterbury, Kent, professor of music, No. 67,043C; Robert Walker, assignee. TJ1853

George Dent, Independent

Mary Frend, Lodging House Keeper

Marian Frend, Straw Bonnet Maker

Henry Warren, Solicitor

M. Lorrimer (female), Independent

Sarah Fouljano, Independent

Sus Collyer

Jake Simmonds, Independent

Hills Westfield, Auctioneer

Sarah Foord, Independent

Mary Hammond, Independent

Lydia Howis, Independent

William Palmer, Professor of Music

Laura Palmer, Teacher of Dancing

Margaret, Louisa and Georgiana Cooper, Milliners

Henry Chrisham, Veterinary Surgeon

Thomas Hobday, Coal Merchant

Anne Parnell, Independent

Ann Tevalien, Milliner

Ann Langley, Independent

Mary Davey, Independent

George Cook Auctioneers Clerk

Rebecca Smith, Independent

Mary Hart, Independent


1847 Thomas King , Gentleman, St. George's Terrace (no address listed)

1858 Rev. William Worth, Wesleyan Minister, St. George's Terrace (no number listed) *death of a William Worth 1861 in Canterbury, might be him


Cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in St. George's Terrace, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal - one in St. George's Terrace Male 9 months, death April 15th, Nature of District - Healthy Association Medical Journal

No. 1

Built by George Neame (grocer) between 1822-1826 on land purchased from Stephen Philpott

John Brown, Shoeing Smith %

Thomas Wilsdon, Watchmaker &

1882 Harry Lilley

1889 - 1903 Mrs. Sarah Ann Noyce, Dress Maker & Costumier


1917 Miss Blogg


No. 2

Built by George Neame (grocer) between 1822-1826 on land purchased from Stephen Philpott

Lucy Rebecca BUNDOCK, Machinest &

Hannah NUTT, Retired Oyster Dealer &

William M. WARMAN, Carpenter

Martha Saunders, Dressmaker

1882 Thomas Hunt, Veterinary Surgeon, 2 St. George's Terrace and St. George's Lane

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Veterinary Surgeons- Thomas King HUNT, 2 St. George's Terrace and St. George's Lane, Canterbury

1889 Vacant

William M. Warman, Carpenter )


1917 Miss Pemble


No. 3

Built by George Neame (grocer) between 1822-1826 on land purchased from Stephen Philpott in 1822

Stephen Carter, Late Clerk in the Ordanance Department %

Elizabeth Diamond, Apartments &*

William Henry Clarkson, retired Wesleyan Minister

1889 Miss Diamond

Edward G. Theobald, Printer )

1903 Edward George Theobald, Manager (Printer)


1917 Mark Jones *Mrs. Jones, "Spirella" trained corsetiere


No. 4

Built by George Neame (grocer) between 1822-1826 on land purchased from Stephen Philpott in 1822

Sarah Ann Bales, Schoomistress %

Mary Harvey w &

1882 Francis Whitnall

1889 Francis Whitnall (Retired Accountant)

Francis Whitnall )

1903 Mrs. Grayson


1917 Miss M. Minter


No. 5

Built by George Neame (grocer) between 1822-1826 on land purchased from Stephen Philpott in 1822

1840 Madame Dejonchere, 5 St. George's Terrace

George Herbert Barnes, Post office clerk %

Phillipps B. Stephens, Master Mariner &

Edward Stone, Music Teacher *

1882 Edwin Milton Small, Deputy Superintendent Registrar of Canterbury Union

1882 E. Milton Small, Deputy Registrar (living at 6 Wincheap Grove previous to this - Solicitor Generals Clerk)

1882 Edwin Milton Small *son of Edward Thomas and Sarah Ann Small - Edward was a Solicitor (Married 1880 Medway, Kent - Agnes Chalmers)

1889 Vacant

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Wraight, Apartments )


1917 Miss Spicer


No. 6

Built by George Neame between 1822-1826 who also built several other houses fronting the terrace after pulling down a messuage and coach house. The property was sold at auction 14 July 1857. Particulars of sale of 4-11 St. George's Terrace.

Ann Wybrow, Milliner %

Sarah Meaton, Annuitant &

Mary Ann Castle, cousin, Companion to Lady &

(Inland Revenue Succession Duty certificate of Mary Ann Castle on the death of her cousin Sarah Meaton, April 9, 1877 - Inland Revenue Succession Duty Certificate of Elizabeth Chapman Coleman wife of Augustus Coleman, Canterbury on the death of Mary Ann Castle her aunt whose will was proved 1917) CCA

Thomas Dean

1882 Miss Castle

1889 Miss Castle

Thomas Dean )

1917 Mrs. Penny


No. 7


1847 Miss Matilda Clarkson, 7 St. George's Terrace

Miss Matilda Clarkson %

1858 John Johnson Esq., 7 St. George's Terrace

Sophia Cheesman, Schoolmistress &

Elizabeth Cheesman, sister, Schoolmistress &

John Maxted *

1882 Walter Maxted, Professor of Music

1889 C. Dunkin, Veterinary Surgeon

1903 Charles Dunkin, Veterinary Surgeon


1917 H. R. Cole, Artificial Teeth Depot

No. 8

Thomas Hobday, 8 St. George's Terrace, Canterbury - Registrar of Marriages 1840

*was a death of a Thomas Hobday in 1841 in Canterbury (might be him, as there were other "Thomas Hobday's" in Canterbury)

*There was a Thomas and Elizabeth Hobday in Military Road in the early 1840's, this Thomas was a Sawyer (age 55 - 1786) - new Ruttington Lane in the 50's

Edward D. Holttum, Chemist %

Susanna Westfield, Lodging House Keeper &

Constantia Westfield, sister, Lodging house keeper &

John McMaster, lodger, Bankers Clerk

1882 Henry Court, Drill Instructor of 2nd East Kent Volunteers

1889 Vacant

Margaret Denne, Apartments )

1903 Miss Emily TERRY, dressmaker

Miss TERRY !!

1917 Miss TERRY


No. 9

1839 Henry CHRISTIAN, Veterinary Surgeon, 9 St. George's Terrace

1847 Mr. William Forman, 9 St. George's Terrace

(*there was a William Foreman, Turner in Lady Woottons Green in 1839)

William Foreman, Retired Sadler %

Sarah Beake Foreman, Annuitant &*

1882 Mrs. Foreman

1889 Mrs. W. Keeler

Frank W. Bird, Bank Clerk )


1917 Mrs. Lewis


No. 10

1847 Miss Frances Sharpe, 10 St. George's Terrace

Miss Frances Sharpe %

Clarison Springate, Apartments *

Martha Saunders, Costume Maker *

Emma Springate, Dressmaker &

Clarissa Springate, Housekeeper &

Mary Ann Greed, Annuitant, she's Emmas sister &

Bertha Saunders, Dressmaker, she's the neice of Clarrisa Springate &

1889 Miss Saunders, Dressmaker & Miss C. Springett

Thomas Berry, Farmer & Grazier )


1917 Walter E. Pinnock


No. 11

1847 Mrs. Margaret Cooper, 11 St. George's Terrace

Miss Margaret Cooper %

Louisa Beale, School Mistress &

Mary Sophia Balls, assistant, Governess

Frances Gordan, Annuitant

Mary Fill *

1882 Baptist Anderson, Quarter Master for the East Kent Militia

1889 Thomas W. Sargent, Builder

Thomas W. Sargent, Retired )

1903 Thomas William Sargent

1917 Thomas William Sargent

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) Victim of a hopeless passion for a girl who did not return his love, Frederick William TAYLOR (21), of 11, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury, made a tragic end of himself on Monday by committing suicide at Highland Court, Bridge, where he was engaged on work as a carpenter. He was found shot through the heart in the cloak room of the mansion. The inquest was held on Tuesday by the East Kent Cornoner (Mr. Rutley Mowll). Mr. Charles West was foreman of the jury. Mr. P.A. Wood represented Mr. George BROWNING, the man's employee. Leslie Frederick TAYLOR, of 11, St. George's Terrace, Catnerbury, Builder's foreman, giving evidence of identification said he last saw him alive at 12:35 pm on Monday at Highland Court Farm. Witness had no reason whatever to think that he was worried or depressed. He knew he was in love with a young lady and was a little disappointed that his attentions were not reciprocated. Witness knew of nothing else that could have upset him. Deceased wrote no note either to his mother or to witness........

Funeral of Mr. F. W. TAYLOR - The Funeral of Mr. Frederick William Taylor of 11, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury, the victim of the shooting tragedy at Highland Court, took place yesterday (Thursday), the first part of the service being held at St. George's Church, and the interment at Canterbury Cemetery. The Vicar (Rev. G. Keable) officiated.

The chief mourners were: His father and mother, his sisters Phyllis, Joan and Peggy and his Brother Tony, Mrs. Fred Vallis, of Wexham (aunt), Mrs. Carter, of Ives (grandmother) and Mr. Percy George TAYLOR, of Uxbridge (uncle).

Amongst others at the church and graveside were Mr. P.A. Wood (representing Mr. George Browning), Mr. W. Tunbridge (Office Staff), Mr. A. W. Goldup (Highland Court Farm), Mr. C. Faulkner, Mr. Joe Flanders, Messrs. Troot, Ovenden, Everett, W. and F. Wetherell, J. Swan, C. Curtis, Flanders, jnr., Pitcher, Andrews, Giles, and many of his fellow employees, Staff from Highland Court, Mrs. Tom Divers, Mr. and Mrs. Roach, etc.

Beautifuls wreaths were sent by: His Mum and Dad........etc.

The funeral arrangements were efficiently carried out by Mr. George Browning, of Canterbury, under the personal supervision of Mr. T. Wheeler.


No. 12

Martha BURGESS %

Death February 1866, At 12, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury, aged 74, Lewis CROW, esq., late of Davington. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1866

George Courtland B. TAYLOR, Lieutenant 19th Hussars &

John McMerney, officers servant

John Charles CHRISTIE, Lieutenant 19th Hussars &

Arthur BLUNDELL, visitor, Lieutenant East Kent Militia &

Thomas SMITH, Officers Servant

1882 James FULLAGAR (Previously a Toy Dealer), subscriber to Rambles Round Old Canterbury

1889 James FULLAGAR

John J. BATCH, Railway Porter )

1903 John James BATCH, Apartments

1907 William FEDARB, Accountant, Valuer and House Agent (Mortgages Negotiated)

1913 Walter FEDARB, 12 St. George's Terrace

*Land and Building Societies - Starr-Bowkett (209th) (2nd Canterbury & District) Walter Fedarb, Secretary, 12 St. George's Terrace, Canterbury

*Public Halls, Canterbury Agricultural Hall Co. Ltd., Walter Fedarb, Secretary, 12 St. George's Terrace

St. George's Hall - Walter Fedarb, Leasee, 4 St. George's Street, Canterbury

1917 Walter FEDARB, House Agent and Accountant


No. 13

Ann DEAN w %

George Frederic WOOD, Master Boot Maker &

William BEAR, Professor of Drawing *

1882 William BEAR, Teacher of Drawing &c.

1889 Thomas HORNE

Charles HORNE, Builder )

1903 Charles HORNE

Miss COOKE !!

1917 Miss COOKE


No. 14

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Miss Sarah FOORD, 14, St. Georges Terrace

1847 Miss Sarah Foord, 14 St. George's Terrace

Miss Sarah Foord %

*death of a Sarah Foord, 1868 b. 1786 (unmarried, House and fund Holder), Mary Ann Hammond is her friend/cousin

and death of a Sarah Foord 1875 b. 1798 - wife of John Foord School Master / 35 Broad Street (1861)

Mary Ann HAMMOND %

*death of Mary Ann Hammond 1873 Canterbury

Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Last Day of Claim. Tuesday, July 29, 1873 - Mary Ann Hammond, Canterbury. Aug 22. Callaway and Furley, Canterbury. The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter Aug. 2, 1873

Harriet READ *

1882 Misses Read

1889 Vacant

Anna M. DENNE )

1903 Miss Annie Denne, Apartments

Miss DENNE !!

1917 Miss Denne


No. 15

1847 Mrs. Mary DEWELL, 15 St. George's Terrace

Mary Dewell (w) %

1858 Mrs. Mary Dewell, St. George's Terrace

William BEAR, Teacher of Drawing


1882 John CROSS

1889 Albert E. Fright, Clerk


1903 Edward Hopkins

1903 Mrs. Sneller


1917 Mrs. Hopkins


No. 16

1840 Hills Samuel Westfield, 16 St. George's Terrace

1847 Rev. Jacob Kirkman FOSTER (Huntingtonian), 16 St. George's Terrace

Charlotte Mary THOMAS, Lodging house keeper

John William THOMAS, printer died September 11, 1863. His mother was Mary Elizabeth THOMAS. Children John William Thomas and Frances Elizabeth Thomas. (was originally of St. Peter's Place)

C. COTTEW, Esq. R.N. (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)


1889 Mrs. C. P. Hallard, Apartments

Mathew LILL, working for a Pawnbroker )

1903 Matthew LILL, Apartments

Mr. LILL !!

1917 Matthew Lill


No. 17

1840 Miss Priscilla Kingsford, 17 St. George's Terrace

List of Subscribers to Fugitive Pieces: By Frances Greensted 1796 - Miss Priscilla Kingsford, Kent (no address listed)

Will of Priscilla Kingsford, Canterbury, Kent 1838, she died 1839, buried at the Friars

(birth of a Priscilla Kingsford to Sampson and Mary Kingsford, December 17, 1784 - Blackfriars General Baptist, Canterbury, Kent) *had a brother named Sampson

Her father Sampson Kingsford was a minister at the Friars, died 1821...

1847 James Wilson, Solicitors Clerk, 17 St. George's Terrace

Thomas Oliver, Retired Tailor

Edward Cooper Jewkes, lodger, Attorney and Solicitor, working for Callaway & Furley

Eliza Hooper, Annuitant

Elizabeth E. Anderson, Governess *

1882 Mrs. Dance

1889 Thomas Ford

Henry LILL )

1903 Henry Lill, Apartments

1907, July 20th - Miss Wilson wishes to inform the public that she is removing her School from 30, St. Margaret's street to 17, St. George's Terrace, Canterbury, where she will be pleased to receive new pupils of all ages at any time. Terms moderate.

1917 Miss Wilson


No. 18

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Sarah FOULJAM, 18 St. George's Terrace

1840 Mrs Sarah Fouljam, 18 St. George's Terrace

1847 Mrs. Mary Ann Cook, 18 St. George's Terrace

George C. Wood, Shopman *

1882 Miss Anderson

1889 John A. Jennings, Printer (moved to Hawks Lane in the ealry 1900's)

Mary A. Joyce )


No. 19

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Mary FRIEND, 19 St. George's Terrace

Charles Baker, Esq, 19, St. Georges Terrace, Canterbury *The Bankers' Magazine 1856, shareholders in the London Joint Stock Banks furnish those of the Bank of London and the City Bank - the two principal of the recently organized institutions; and as much depends upon the credit and responsibility of the proprietors we have considered it advisable to reprint this information at length.

1882 George Dunn, Retired Hotel Keeper

1889 - 1903 George Dunn


1917 Mrs. E. Johnson


No. 20

1840 Mrs. Catherine Palmer, 20 St. George's Terrace

1882 John Hurley, Revenue Collector Clerk

1889 John Hurley

Henry J. Stone, Schoolmaster )

1903 Henry J. Stone

1917 Henry John Stone, Esq.

1917 - Canterbury Chess Club meets at Gaywood's Restaurant on Saturdays; Honorary Secretary, Mr. Henry J. STONE, 20 St. George's Terrace


No. 21

"We know there was a lesser mound. It was called the "Little Dunghill," and stood near the Terrace and the present Gravel Lane, almost on a line dividing the parishes of St. George and St. Mary Bredin. From an abstract of an ancient deed, dated 6th December, 1757, in the possession of Mr. FRYER, the present owner of the Property, I find it was situated adjoining the house of a Mr. Tassell. It is alluded to afterwards in 1782 as being on the property of Mr. William LONG, one of the Alderman of the city. The house, now No. 21, in Saint George's Terrace, is in the parish of Saint Mary Bredin. The house adjoining, No. 20 is in Saint George's Parish. The mound stood on the site of these two houses, next to a lane called Sheepshank Lane, now Gravel Lane, extending to the brick wall next to the wall of the city. Mention is made in the said deed of there being a messuage upon it. We have no account when this lesser mound was levelled, probably, however, it was demolished when the houses abouve alluded to were built; now are we sure it was in existence at the date of the deed." cot

1840 Mrs. Mary Anne Flood, 21 St. George's Terrace

1847 Miss Mary Ann Flood, 21 St. George's Terrace

1882 Miss Mary Hubbard, Nurse

1889 Charles John Court

Jane E. Swaffer )

1903 Mrs. Swaffer

1917 Miss Swaffer


No. 22

Possibly built by William WHITE

1840 Mrs. Mary H. Elsted, 22 St. Geroge's Terrace

1847 Mr. William Beer, 22 St. George's Terrace

*there was a William Beer, insolvent debtor, of Canterbury, foreman to a brewer, July 1844

William Beer, Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

Jemima BULLARD, Dressmaker ^

1882 Samuel Walker, Teacher of Music

1889 Samuel Walker, Teacher of Music

1903 Mr. George Rupert, Householder

1917 George James Mitchell


No. 23

William Minter CLARIS, Draper ^ (bought Dane John Academy/Oswald House 1875) *moved to Mercery Lane

Edward Austen, Chemists Assistant )

George Wiltshire, 1889


No. 24

Susanna Westfield, Lodging house keeper ^

1882 Henry Fryer, House Agent

Catherine Fryer, Schoolmistress

1889 Mrs. Fryer, Ladies School

1903 Misses Louisa & Catherine Fryer, Girls' Private School

1917 William Henry Kelway


No. 25

1847 Mrs. Mary Ann Pillow, 25 St. George's Terrace


1882 Misses Bullard

Jemima Bullard

1889 The Misses Bullard

1903 Miss Bullard

1917 Bert Gladwell


Gravel Walk


No. 26


Elizabeth KING ^

1882 Henry Cladish

1889 Henry Cladish, Terrace House

Early 1900's Benjamin Austen, Clergyman (Church of England)

*Benjamin wrote a book, "The Vanished Gates of the City of Canterbury", (with Illustrations) by the Rev. B. Austen, privately printed in 1900. Inside my book is a letter to Mrs. Long from the Rev. *There was a Miss Mary A. Long working as a Companion to Harriett Scoones at 9 St. Dunstan's Terrace at this time


....Feb. 16, at St. Geroge's terrace, Canterbury, James W. Bain, Esq

1917 Charles Dunkin, C. W. Dunkin, M.R.C.V.S., D.V.H. Liverpool, M.R.S.I. (tel 58)

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