All Saints Canterbury (the church is no longer there)

John and Ann(e) Terry (nee?) had the following children:
Children Baptised at All Saints in Canterbury
Samuel Terry - May 12, 1763
Sarah Terry - March 24, 1765 (most likely died before 1774)
**Mary Terry - August 3, 1766
Ann Terry - July 8, 1768
*John Terry - February 28, 1772
Sarah Terry - October 21, 1774
Elizabeth Terry - June 16, 1783??

I believe this **Mary TERRY could be the mother of our John Terry, base born son of Mary Terry, baptised on April 22, 1787, at St. George, the Martyr.

There is the burial of a Mary Terry aged 21 on October 9th, 1788, at St. Mary Northgate, which would make her birth year about 1766, so it seems to fit in nicely. One of the witnesses at John Terry and Hannah Steady’s wedding in 1816 was a James Terry. *John TERRY, Mary’s brother (see above) had a son named James. James was baptised on October 25, 1795, at All Saints Church in Canterbury. James would have been about 21 when John and Hannah were married in the Fall of 1816.

St. George the Martyr

*John and Mary TERRY (nee ?) had the following children:
Sophia Terry - Baptised August 22, 1790 - St. George the Martyr
Mary Ann Terry - September 22, 1793 - baptized at All Saints *1841 Census information on Mary Ann Terry age 47 living on King Street (this is most likely her, as the age is about right) death of a Mary Ann TERRY , burial May 25, 1851, age 57 Years, of King Street, buried at St. Alphage
*James Terry - October 25, 1795 - baptized at All Saints (see information below)
Elizabeth Terry - January 7, 1798 - baptized at All Saints


Marriage of John Terry and Hannah STEADY, October 7th, 1816

John TERRY of this city labourer by marrying Hannah the daughter of William STEDDY late of this city labourer - deceased who was a Freeman of this city at the time of the birth of the said Hannah [??]

Also the birth of a George TERRY and a William TERRY to John and Hannah

*Possible relations....both James and Martha were residing at Eastbridge Hospital...they were married at Canterbury Cathedral

Banns - June 26th, July 3rd & July 10th, 1825 - James TERRY of St. Alphage, Canterbury to marry Martha BAINES of the Precincts.

Marriage - July 12th, 1825, James TERRY of St. Alphage married Martha BAYNES.

1838 Directory James Terry (gardener only) Donjon Fields

1841, parish St. Alphage

Thomas HOWARD, 72 turner, born Kent

Jane HOWARD, 41, charwoman, born Kent

Eliza HOWARD, 20, school mistress, born Kent


Picture of John TERRY jr. and daughter Eliza Jane Terry, Canterbury

Photo of Eliza TERRY nee HOWARD courtesy of Katherine K.

There is an embroidered sampler by Eliza that one of the family members still holds that was hand-stitched and reads:

Religion prompts us to a future state,
The last appeal from fortune and from fate.
Where God's all righteous ways shall be declared.
The bad meet punishment the good reward.

Eliza Howard October 31st. 1831
Aged 10 Years.

JOHN TERRY (1821 - 1891) & ELIZA HOWARD (1822 - 1900?)

Married February 24th, 1845

Eliza's father - Thomas HOWARD, farmer/turner?

Marriage information

Their son George Terry (baptised August 24, 1845)

(Eliza would have been at least 4 months pregnant when they were married as George was baptized 5 months after their marriage)

George TERRY of King Street age 15 months, was buried on October 25th, 1846 at St. Alphage Cemetery

Their son George Thomas Terry
Born July 8th, 1847 2 a.m. King Street, St. Alphage, Canterbury. Fathers occupation - Labourer

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Their son William Terry (baptised April 14, 1850)
Their third child William was baptised on April 14, 1850, also at St. Alphege.William is listed in the 1851 Census with his parents, John and Eliza and brother George Thomas. He was only 1 at the time. The family was living at 14 Black Friars, St. Alphege. I found the death of William Terry after doing a little more searching. William died on the 28th of October, 1854, at Black Friars, Saint Alphege, Canterbury.
William was the son of John Terry, a labourer, and Eliza Terry (nee Howard). He died of Scarlatina at the age of 4. His father was in attendance at his death. William TERRY of Blackfriars was buried November 5th, 1854 at the age of 4 1/2 in St. Alphage Cemetery.

Their daughter Eliza Jane Terry (b. Sept 29, 1852)
Dec 1852 Canterbury Vol: 2a Page 490

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John Frederick Terry (baptised May 27, 1855)
He was baptised as John Frederick Terry on May 27, 1855, at St. Alphege in Canterbury. John Frederick was 6 years old in 1861 when the census was taken in Canterbury. He was the son of John Terry, Upholsterer’s labourer. He died of Morbus Cordis, certified at the young age of 8 years. Morbus Cordis means no more than heart disease. A catch-all phrase for death by natural causes when the exact cause was not evident to the physician. He died on the 17th of December, 1863, while the family were living at 9 Black Friars in Canterbury. John Terry, his father was present at his death. (not buried at St. Alphage)

Henry William Terry (b. May 7, 1856)
June 1856 Canterbury Vol: 2a Page 5(??)

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Charles Terry (b. Sept 3, 1858)
Born third of September 1858, Black Friars, St. Alphage, Canterbury. Fathers occupation - Porter, mother Eliza Terry formerly Howard

_ _

Charles TERRY (d. 1925) in his Railway uniform, his first wife Frances Hayward TERRY nee LESLIE (d. 1905) and 2nd wife Catherine TERRY nee HUME

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Hannah Maria Terry (baptised September 23, 1860)
Sept 1860 Canterbury Vol: 2a Page 518

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Joseph Terry (baptised December 28, 1862)
Joseph was baptised on December 28, 1862, at St. Alphege in Canterbury. He would have only been 8 when he passed away at the end of the year in 1870. He died on November 9, 1870, of Scarlatina (Scarlet Fever). The family was living on Black Friars still, and John Terry, his father was working as a Groom. Joseph’s grandmother, Hannah Terry was present at his death. She was quite possibly caring for him while he was sick. Her place of residence was in Wincheap, Canterbury. Burial November 13th, 1870 age 8, Joseph Terry, at St. Gregory the Great (A155)

Mary Jane Terry (baptised April 21, 1867)
Mary Jane was baptised on April 21, 1867, at St. Alphege in Canterbury. She died in the later part of 1870, the same time period as her brother Joseph. I believe it is quite probable that she also died of Scarlet Fever, as the disease was very contagious. Mary Jane would have only been about 3 years old when she passed away in 1870. Burial November 6th, 1870 age 4, Mary Jane Terry, at St. Gregory the Great (A155)


1838 Stapleton Directory, John TERRY (greengrocer only) 14 King Street, Canterbury

1838 Stapleton Directory, Miss Mary TERRY (stay and corset maker) 19 King Street, Canterbury

1838 Stapleton Directory William TERRY, Coach builder and wheelwright, Bridge, Kent



John TERRY junior, sworn and examined

Are you a freeman? Yes

Did you vote last year? Yes

Who did you vote for? Johnstone and Gipps

Did you have any money for your vote? No

Any colour tickets? Two

Employed as a messenger? No

Had you a vote in 1847? Yes

Who did you vote for? Conyngham and Smythe

Any money did you get? No

Colour tickets? No

Were you employed as a messenger? No

You voted in 1847? Yes

Were you in the employment of Mr. SHARPE then? Yes

You voted blue because he voted blue? Yes

In 1852 you voted red, and your master voted red? Yes

And you voted red because your master voted red? Yes

*1851 there was a William SHARP of 49 Burgate Street who was an Upholsterer employing [?] men

1824 Pigot Directory - William SHARP, Burgate Street, Listed under Cabinet makers and brokers


John TERRY Senior called, did not answer (supposedly received 5 pounds for voting for Messrs. Johnstone and Gipps in the election of 1852)

James KELSON...There is a J. TERRY; is that John TERRY or James TERRY? I think that has no business to be in that list. It is money that I lent the man privately. I am not certain whether I gave Mr. POUT an account of that or not. How much was it you lent him? I think about 5l or 6l. I lent it him at different times. Did you lend it him to secure his vote? No, I did not. When did you lend it him? Previous to the electionl; a part he has borrowed since. It is more like a gift of charity than anything else. How long before the election? It might be three or four months. But how long before the election? Perhaps three or four months, I am telling as far as I know.

1851 No. 14 Blackfriars, John TERRY, age 29, Porter, wife Eliza TERRY age 29 Dressmaker, son George Thomas TERRY age 3, son William TERRY age 1.

1851 No. 5 St. Peter's Friars, John TERRY age 66 Green Grocer born Canterbury, Kent, wife Hannah TERRY age 64 Laundress born Canterbury, Kent.

1855 Directory - John TERRY, General Dealer, 5 Blackfriars

November 8th, 1855, East Bridge Hospital, All Saints, death of John TERRY, male age 72 years, inmate of Hospital, died of inflamation of the lungs, information given by Hannah TERRY, present at the death, East Bridge Hospital Canterbury (registrar Frank MASTERS). Burial of John TERRY November 14, 1855, age 73 Years of Black friars, buried at St. Alphage, by William Temple, Rector.

Graveyard of St. Alphage, Canterbury

1859 - James TERRY was buried April 13, 1859 age 63 (of Dane John), at St. Martins

1861 No. 9 Blackfriars, John TERRY, age 38, Porter born Canterbury, Kent, with wife Eliza TERRY age 37 dressmaker, born Canterbury. Children: Eliza Jane TERRY age 8 scholar, Frederick J. TERRY, age 6 scholar, Henry W. TERRY age 4 scholar, Charles TERRY, age 2, Hannah M. TERRY age 8 months and Maria HOWARD, visitor, unmarried age 40, Servant born Canterbury.

1861 Census
Hannah TERRY - Widow - Age 72, Occp. Laundress - Born in Canterbury
Ann STEDDY (Waddy) - Widow - Age 60, Occp. Servant - Born in Canterbury
Maria, (?) - Lodger - Unmarried - Age 60, Occp. Charwoman - Born in Canterbury
Living at 36 St. Peters Lane, St. Peters, Canterbury (RG09 Piece 521 Folio 113 Page 15)

1871 Blackfriars, John TERRY, married age 49, Porter, born Canterbury and wife Eliza TERRY age 49, Dressmaker, born Canterbury. Henry W. TERRY, son age 14, errand boy, born Canterbury, son Charles TERRY, age 12, scholar, born Canterbury, daughter Hannah M. TERRY age 10, scholar, born Canterbury.

1881 11 Old Dover Road, John TERRY, age 59, Upholsterer born Canterbury with wife Eliza TERRY age 57, Dressmaker, born Canterbury. Hannah GRANTHAM, daughter, married age 20, Milliner born Canterbury, and Thomas F. GRANTHAM, son-in-law, married age 30, Printer, born Boston, Linconlshire.

1881 - Hannah TERRY (born c. 1784) St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Inmate, widow, charwoman (pauper), disabilty - imbecile, Canterbury Union Workhouse, Nunnery Fields

March 11, 1882 - noted death of Mrs. Hannah TERRY deceased widow, late of Burgate Street, Canterbury

1891 John TERRY, married, age 71, Upholster Journeyman, patient at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, employed, born Canterbury, Kent *journeyman means he's completed his service as an apprentice in a trade and is qualified to work for someone.

Death of John TERRY


Leslie & Terry family

What is believed to be... Top - left to right Walter West Leslie, Hannah Purvis Leslie, John Ashcroft Westbrook Leslie, Mary Ann Leslie, William James Leslie. Bottom - left to right, Elizabeth Ashcroft, William Elgar Leslie, Winifred Edith Fitzjohn, Frances West
Baldwin, Edith Isabel Leslie, Earnest James Fitzjohn
Picture courtesy of R.F. c/o S.T





The wedding of John (Jack) Stanley Leslie & Daisy Edith Lily Carver took place in Barking on 16th September 1933.
Jack continued in the family trade and was a shipwright working in the London Docks for his entire career.





William Elgar Leslie, Winifred Edith Fitzjohn, Frances West
Baldwin, Earnest James Fitzjohn


_________________Cursan Studios 115 The Grove, Stratford c. 1904 and onwards





1759 Nov 22 Marr Ann Jancock & William TERRY, botp, banns (All Saints, Canterbury)

1760 Feb 7 Marr Mary Powell & Samuel TERRY, botp, banns (All Saints, Canterbury)

1760 Jan 13 Bapt Elizabeth, dau of Willim & Ann TERRY (All Saints, Canterbury)

1761 Jly 1 Bur Elizabeth TERRY (All Saints, Canterbury)

1762 Sep 19 Bapt Rebecca, dau of William & Ann TERRY (All Saints Canterbury)

1765 Mar 24 Bapt Sarah, dau of John & Ann TERRY (All Saints Canterbury)

1768 Jly 8 Bapt Ann, dau of John & Ann TERRY (All Saints Canterbury)

1768 Aug 13 Bapt Mary, dau of John & Ann TERRY (All Saints Canterbury)

1788 Nov 28 Marr Jane Harris & Thomas TERRY, lic. (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1794 Dec 25 Marr Margaret Wellard & Adam TERRY, banns (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1799 Jly 12 Marr William Bean & Sarah TERRY, banns (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

1804 Apr 22 Marr George Hammond & Jane TERRY, lic. (St. Pauls, Canterbury)

Burials at St. Gregory the Great (partial)

John TERRY C490 - age 3 and 57 days, buried November 6, 1864

Sarah TERRY C488 - age 25, buried Oct 2, 1865

? TERRY F458 - age 49, buried May 11, 1866






*christening of an Isaac TERRY, son of Isaac and Jane TERRY at Saint Dunstan December 18, 1768

*christening of an John TERRY, son of Isaac and Jane TERRY at Saint Dunstan May 5, 1771

*christening of a James TERRY, son of Isaac & Jane TERRY; received 22nd August at Saint Dunstan August, 13, 1773

*christening of a Thomas TERRY, son Isaac and Jane TERRY September 17, 1775 at Saint Dunstan

*christening of a James TERRY, son of Isaac and Jane TERRY, Februay 6, 1778 at Saint Dunstan

*christening of a Jane TERRY, daughter of Isaac and Jane TERRY, February 6, 1780 at Saint Dunstan


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