The King's School


St. Thomas Beckett (Free), Kingsbridge

The Blue Girls School

The Grey Coat School (1831)

St. Mary's College

Simon Langton School - Middle School, Whitefriars *erected 1878

Blue Coat School

The St. John's Board Schools, St. John's Place, Northgate

Diocesan National, (Broad Street School House), St. Mary Northgate

St. Paul's School, Church Street


St. Augustine's Missionary College


Industrial School, Wincheap

St. Mary Bredin Schools, Rhodaus Town

St. George's Church of England Primary School

St. Dunstan's Parochial, London Road

Infant School, St. Dunstan's, near Canterbury containing 250 Children *supported by endowments (summary of education returns 1833)

St. Mildred's National Schools

Elementary School, Chantry Lane


Kent Wesleyan Methodist School Association (Limited). Kent College for Boys, St. Thomas Hill


Wesleyan School, St. Peters Street

Roman Catholic School (St. Thomas'), Stour Street (moved to Military Road by 1913)

Holy Cross and St. Peter's Parochial Schools

Garrison School

Payne Smith School

Charity Schools

Sidney Cooper School of Art (School of Science & Art)

The Laurels Watling Street - A girls school

Dane John Academy, 1 Watling Street


St. Edmunds College, St. Thomas Hill (Clergy Orphan School)



St. Stephens Board School, Hackington - (mixed) erected in 1848?, rebuilt 1908 *Pop. 436, Two Daily Schools, wherein are 17 males and 11 females whose instruction is paid for by their parents. One Sunday School (commenced about 1824), attended by 26 males and 31 females, and supported by voluntary contributions. 1835 PP


Thanington National (mixed) Wincheap, erected 1838, for 38 children, Miss Rebecca Sharpe, Mistress 1891






All Saints Parish (Pop. 419) - One daily school, in which about 8 males are educated at the expense of their parents; the children of this parish attend the Schools in the parish of St. Mildred.

St. Alphage Parish (Pop. 1088) - Two infant schools, containing 6 males and 28 females. Five Daily Schools; two of which contain 45 males and 20 females; and the other three, 28 males and 25 females; in all the above schools the instruction is at the expense of the parents; and four, with 90 children have commenced since 1818. Three Sunday Schools; one of which, of the Independent denomination consists of 127 males and 128 females; another of Baptists (commenced 1823), of 56 males and 64 females; this School has a small lending Library attached; the other appertains to Unitarians (commenced 1832), and is attended by 12 males; these Schools are supported by contributions.

St. Andrew Parish (Pop. 587) - There are not any Schools situate within the boundaries of this parish.

Archbishops Palace Precinct (Pop. 218) - No School within the precinct

Christchurch Precinct (Pop. 216) - Two Daily Schools, one of which, a "Free Grammar School," was endowed by Henry VIII., at the recommendation of Cranmer; the salary of the head master is £97 per annum; the second master has about £61, and £1. 8s. 4d. is allowed to each scholar annually; the master has a house rent-free, and both derive advantages from scholars not on the foundation, and from the teaching of mathematics, &c.: there are at present 63 scholars, 48 of whom are on the foundation; the other School is for 10 choristers and 4 probationaries; the salary of the master and all expenses are paid by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury.

St. George the Martyr Parish (Pop. 1277) - Three Daily Schools, one whereof (commenced 1829) contains 37 children of both sexes; another (commenced 1830), 27 females; and the other (commenced 1831), 6 males and 13 females; all these children receive instruction at the expense of their parents.

Holy Cross Westgate (Within and Without) Parish (Pop. 1006) One Daily School (commenced 1827), wherein 3 males and 34 females are instructed at the expense of their parents. One Day and Sunday School, containing 5 males and 25 females, is endowed by a bequest from Mr. Deans; the salary of the mistress is 9s. 6d. per week, the house rent-free and coals.

St. Margaret Parish (Pop. 902) Six Daily Schools, one of which, an endowed Blue Coat School, contains 16 males, who are admitted from nine to eleven years of age, and continue until they are fourteen, when they are apprenticed; the salary of the master is 30l. per annum, with board, &c.; in the other five Schools, are about 25 children of each sex, whose instruction is paid for by their parents.

St. Martin Parish (Pop. 169), See St. Paul

St. Mary Bredin Parish (Pop. 817) - Five Daily Schools, four of which contain 19 males and 51 females; in the other (commenced 1825), are 10 males and 17 females; and - One Boarding School (commenced 1822) containing 75 males; in all the above Schools the instruction is at the expense of the parents. Two Sunday Schools, in one whereof (commenced 1833), are 12 children of both sexes, who attend the Established Church; the other appertains to the Huntingdonian connexion and consists of 49 males and 61 females; both Schools (the former of which has a lending library attached) are supported by voluntary contributions.

St. Mary Bredman Parish (Pop. 457) - The children attend Schools in other parishes.

St. Mary Magdalen Parish (Pop. 470) - Three Daily Schools in one whereof are 14 males and 16 females and in the other two (commenced since 1818), 24 males and 40 females, all of whom receive instruction at the expense of their parents.

St. Mary Northgate Parish (Pop. 2149) - Four Daily Schools, one whereof, called "Jesus Hospital" contains 12 males who enter at ten years of age, and remain until 14 when they are apprenticed; it was endowed in 1599 by Sir John Boys with an estate in the parish of Shoulden near Deal, in this county, who ordained that each boy should have two years or more of schooling, one suit of clothes, and 4l. premium, which has been increased to four years schooling, four suits of clothes and 20l. premium; the other three (commenced 1818) contain 28 males and 20 females whose instruction is at the expense of the parents.

St. Mildred Parish (Pop. 2013) - Ten Daily Schools, collectively containing 90 males and 83 females whose instruction is paid for by their parents, with the exception of a small endowment of 2l. per annum for teaching five poor children. One Sunday school, of 103 children of each sex, is supported by voluntary contributions.

St. Pauls Parish (Pop. 799) Seven Daily Schools (wherein are 122 males and 85 females) two of which contain 60 children, and are supported by endowment; in three others are 92; in another (commenced 1827), 20: and in the other (commenced 1833), 35 children; in the five Schools last mentioned the instruction is at the expense of the parents. One Sunday School, of 25 children of both sexes is supported by subscription. Many children from the parish of St. Martin attend the above Schools.

Borough of Longport with the Almonry and dissolved Monastery of St. Augustine (Pop. 1025) - Six Daily Schools (including Boarding Schools), in which 19 males and 57 females are educated at the expense of their parents; five of the above schools containing about 60 children, have commenced since 1818.

St. Peter's Parish (Pop. 851) - Two Infant Schools, containing about 20 children of each sex; and - Five Daily Schools (including Boarding schools) 65 males and 110 females; all these children receive instruction at the expense of their parents. One Sunday School consisting of 125 males and 128 females, appertains to Wesleyan Methodists, and is supported by voluntary contributions.

See also the Infant and National Day and Sunday Schools, at St. Dunstan's near Canterbury.

St. Dunstan Parish near Canterbury (Pop. 809) - One Infant National School, containing 132 males and 118 females; (for support, &c. see Day and Sunday Schools below) - Four Daily Schools (all commenced since 1818) wherein 73 males and 41 females are instructed at the expense of their parents. Two Day and Sunday National Schools, one whereof contains 200 males, and the other 209 females (about half the number in each attend on Sundays); these Schools, together with the above Infant School, were, until 1828, supported by Subscription, without any payment from the children; but in that year Mr. Tillard bequeathed 6000l. three per cent. consols (which, with the legacy duty deducted, yields 162l. per annum), for the purpose of keeping the building containing the above three schools in repair, the residue to be expended in providing a mistress for the infants and clothing the children of that School; the salaries now paid are from 20l. to 30l. per annum to the mistress of the Infant School, 80l. to the master, and 40l. to the mistress of the other two; the Infant and the Day and Sunday Schools are chiefly attended by the children from the city of Canterbury.

East Bridge Extra-Parochial (Pop. 30) - One Daily School, containing 30 males, was endowed by a late ordinance from the Archbishop of Canterbury; the master receives 40l. per annum, and a house in the hospital.

East Bridge Parish (Pop. 16) - No School in the parish.

St. Gregory (Ville) Extra Parochial (Pop. 833) Five Daily Schools, containing 62 males and 44 females, who receive instruction at the expense of their parents, many children attend the National and Sunday Schools at Canterbury.

Staplegate Extra Parochial (Pop. 247) - This place is considered to be within the city of Canterbury, and the children are educated at the Schools therein.

St. Cosmus and Damian in the Blean Parish (Pop. 554) - this place being contiguous to Canterbury, the children attend the Schools there.





Mr. Ambler, Guildhall Street

Rev. John Birt, D.D., Precints - The King's School

Miss Drake, Hawkes Lane

Miss Jeudwine, St. Peter's Street

Joseph Luddington, Castle Street

John Philpot, St. Peter's Street

Miss Saffery, St. George's Fields

Mrs. Tritton, St. George's Street

1824 D





Dane John Grove (looks like an all girls school)

Elizabeth Jefferys, Schoolmistress & Mary Bartley, Assistant

Students: Mary Byden, Susannah Baydon, Julia Hodges, Mary Mace, Elizabeth Collard, Jane Collard, Emily Cooper, Elizabeth Cooper, Elizabeth Morgan, Louisa Curteis, Eliza Denne, Fanny Denne, Fanny Lake and three servants, Mary Roveth, Margaret Philpott and Sarah Figg



At Miss Goulden's Establishment, No. 2 Saint Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury, Kent, YOUNG LADIES are liberally boarded and instructed in all the usual branches of a useful and polite Education. References kindly permitted to the Rev. J. K. Foster, Canterbury (late of Cheshunt College) and the Rev. H. Cresswell, Canterbury.




Misses Ann & Mary Terry, Ladies' School - Westgate House, St. Peter's Street

Mrs. Fanny Sophia Harvey, Day School, 6 The Friars

Mrs. Ann Acors, Ladies' School, Orchard Street




Miss Evans, Young Gentleman's School "HOLME HOUSE" Old Dover Road *subscriber 1882 to Rambles round old Canterbury (Rev. Leonard Hugh Evans, M.A., a House Master at King's School Canterbury)

Mrs. Hook, ladies' school Brunswick terrace - Old Dover Road

MISS TERRY, ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES (Young Ladies' School) - St. Peter's Street

1889 Mrs. Lucas - LADIES SCHOOL - Havelock Street




Mrs. Emma Sparks, Private School, 27 Longport Street




Ladies' School - Fairbourne House, Dane John, Miss E. Meek

Ladies' School - A.T.C.L. 72 St. Dunstan's Street, Miss J. Scoones

Miss Greenland, 12 St. George's Place (1917, Schools, Preparatory& Kindergarten)

Miss D. Pierce, 2 Guildhall Street (1917, Schools, Preparatory& Kindergarten)


School Teachers


*application for aid - Nov. 33, 1843 - The erection of an infant school. Canterbury, St. Martin and St. Paul


"The Rev. George Hearne, in 1805, bequeathed £37 per annum, long annuities, for the support of a Sunday School for the parishes of St. Alphege and St. Mary Northgate, which sold in 1812 for £637. 5., and appropriated to the purchase and adaptation of a building for a National School, in which fifty-six children of those parishes are instructed." 1831 TD


School Board - Canterbury 1872

G. Furley, Chairman

Colonel Horsley, Vice-Chairman

J. J. Lancaster, Clerk

S. Hardey, H. Hart, R. W. Harris, J. G. Drury, A. Fielding, Rev. T. S. Huxley



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