Municipal Ward of Dane John, Civil Parish St. Andrews, St. Mary Bredman

the part of the main street between Best Lane and Mercery Lane

Mercery Lane

No. 1


1858 Ms. Woods

Richard Skinner, Draper (wife Mary A. Skinner) *

1889 Richard Skinner & Sons, baby linen warehouse, &c.

1903 Misses E. & E. Lefevre, ladies' outfitters and baby linen warehouse (also at 9 & 10 Mercery Lane and 42 Burgate)

1917 Misses Lefevre, ladies outfitters


No. 2

1838 John BUDDEN, Commissioner of Pavements, 2 High Street

1838 John BUDDEN, GRAFTON HOUSE, 2 Hight Street, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers &c.

August 18, 1863, the building burnt down in a fire

Richard Skinner, Draper (wife Mary A. Skinner) *

1889 Richard Skinner & Sons general drapers "GRAFTON HOUSE"

1903 Stephen Hilton, Boot warehouse

1917 S. Hilton and Sons, boot warehouse, A.J. Bassett manager


No. 3

August 18, 1863 burnt down in a fire - The South Eastern Telegraph Office

Isidor Kuner, Jeweller, Watch & Clock Maker * (In Hampshire in the 90's)

1889 - 1892 Netterville Oswald Talbot, Watchmaker and Gold Jeweller *passed away in 1892

Dec 20, 1894 - Presents, Presents, Presents. T. M. Turner, 3 High Street, Canterbury. Practical Watchmaker Jeweller, &c. Watches, Clocks, Electric Plate, Wedding Rings, Keepers and Engagement Rings in Great Variety

1903 Thomas Morris Turner, Jeweller

1917 New London Central Meat Co. (ltd.)


No. 4


August 18, 1863 burnt down in a fire - Jacob Abrahams

1882 Jacob ABRAHAMS, Glass & China Dealer

1889 - 1890's Jacob ABRAHAMS, China and Glass Warehouse

1894, J. Abrahams was a Preferential creditor: J. Abrahams, Canterbury, £31 10s, of Jane Long, Fishmonger, St. Margaret's Street

December 26, 1896, 10,000 articles from 6d. ABRAHAMS' Xmas Show of China and Glass. First Class Quality. Superior Taste. Moderate Price. See Fresh Novelties in windows daily. Tea Services, Dinner Services, Dessert Services. Inspection Invited. 4, High Street, Canterbury

1903 Jacob Abrahams, Glass & China dealer

1917 Jacob Abrahams, China warehouse


No. 5

1838 Robert George CHIPPERFIELD, 5 High Street, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants

1860's Edward Hopper, Confectioner

August 18, 1863 burnt down in a fire - Mr. Colcock, Confectioner

Bookseller *

1889 Hardy & Willis Freeman, Boot & Shoe Warehouse..... (c. 1889-1917)

Daly James Lintott, Manager of Boots Business (

1896 Barney Hadlum....guarantors Eustace Card (Draper) of 33 High Street and Jabez Linton of 5 High Street (buying seven stolen Fowls)

1903 Hardy, Freeman & Lim. Willis Lim., Boot Makers

1917 Hardy and Willis Freeman, (ltd.) boot factors; J.J. Lintott, manager


No. 6

1838 J. POUT, Librarian of the Philosophical Institution and Museum, Guildhall, 6 High Street

*April 18th, 1795 - In Canterbury, of a decline aged 25, Miss Sarah POUT, daughter of Mr. William POUT, upholsterer. She bore a tedious and painful illness with the most christian patience and resignation, and her kind and amiable disposition will be long remembered by her friends and acquaintance.

John Pout, Upholsterer $

John Pout, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker %

1852 John POUT (Voted Bridges/Deedes) Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

* Mr. John Pout, sworn and examined, May 17, 1853 Parliamentary Papers - Are you a voter? I am. Householder of course? And Freeman. What is your trade or occupation? An Upholsterer. I am told in 1852 you were on the red side? Yes, and I have always been red, all the time I have had a vote. How many years have you had a vote? Since 1831. In 1831 I was a freeman. My first vote I think was in 1832. Have you always taken an active part in the election? Yes, always. From the earliest period? Ever since I had a vote. Did the red party have committees? Yes, generally. ....

1860 Mr. Edward Pout (Upholsterer and Auctioneer) is a member of the Kent Archaeological Society

August 18, 1863 burnt down in a fire - Mr. John Pout *fire broke out here




*Kent (East) Natural History Society, 6 High Street, Canterbury, Capt. McKakin, President; G. H. Nelson, Esq. Acting Hon Secretary - Reports (Annual), 8vo, which are not sold - The English Catalogue of Books 1878

CANTERBURY PRESS office & printing works

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Singer Manufacturing Co. listed under Sewing Machine Makers

1886 East Kent Natural History Society, 6 High Street, Canterbury (Founded 1858) Officers. President: The Hon. and Rev. Canon Fremantle. Hon. Secretary; William P. Mann, B.A. Middle Schools, Canterbury. Papers read during 1885. "Transactions" are exchanged (free) with other Socities; price to Non-members 1s. Dowker, G., F.G.S. Birds of East Kent. Feb. 3 and Mar. 5 (In Trans. and separately). Notice of Eagles in East Kent. Nov. 18 (In Trans.) Our Social Wasps. Nov. 3 (In Trans.) Capt. S. G. M'Dakin, - On Bos longifrons. Jan. 7 (In Trans). On the Properties of Tannin. Mar. 3. (Not published) James Reid, F.R.C.S. Sanitary Effects of Light. Oct. 6. (In Trans) T. B. Rosseter, On the Larva of Corethra plumicornis. (In Trans., and Journal of R. Mic. Soc.) G. S. Saunders - On Gall Mites. Jan 7. (In trans. and Garden) On Sea Stars. Apr. 8. (In Trans.)

1889 Singer Manufacturer Sewing Machine Company; Murdoch McLeod, manager

1889 South Eastern Gazette Office, P. De Eastes, manager

1889 East Kent Natural History Society; Frank BAKER, C.E., secretary

1889 Canterbury Press Office and Printing Works

1903 Ernest S. BEECHING, Engraver

1917 Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd., and Ernest S. Beeching, General Engraver and Cross and Jackman, Printers


No. 7

1838 C. Smith WALKINGTON, Commissioner of Pavements, 7 High Street

August 18, 1863 burnt down in a fire - George EASTES, piano & music seller

1889 Medhurst & Hopper Drapers (John Hopper)

1903 Medhurst & Hopper, Drapers division (also at No, 38 High Street)

1917 International Tea Co. (ltd.) W. F. Matson, manager


No. 8

Joseph WILSON, Pharmaceutical Chemist %

1860's AD - To Mothers and Nurses. Every Medical Requisite for a Nursery, comprising the newest and most approved inventions for Infants, as also for Ladies previous to and during the period of Nursing, may be procured of JOSEPH WILSON, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 8, High Street, Canterbury. A Circular, stating particulars and prices, will be forwarded on application. Orders to the amount of 20s. sent Carriage Free.

August 18, 1863 the property burnt down in a fire

1880's - 1890's Sidney Harvey, Pharmaceutical Chemist & Private Analyst

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists - Sidney HARVEY, (Pharmaceutical Chemist) 8 High Street, Canterbury

Sidney HARVEY and wife Julia Ann

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mr. Sidney HARVEY, F.I.C., F.C.S., 8 High Street, Canterbury

1903 Young & Briggs, Auctioneers & Valuers, Architects & Surveyors, house & estate agents

1903 Ainslie Brothers, Butchers

1917 Ainslie Bros. Butchers, E. Hedger Manager

1917 Canterbury Conservative Association; Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Assoc.


No. 9

No. 9 High Street, Canterbury. Sept. 7th, 1830 - Elizabeth Wood

1838 Kent Herald, (L) published on Thursday, printer and publisher George Friend WOOD, 9 High Street

George Burch, Printer & Publisher %

1858 William Davey Jun. Printer and publisher of Kent Herald, High Street (no address listed)

August 18, 1863, pulled down to stop the fire - Kent Herald Office (William Davey, Printer and Publisher)


1884 Herbert Swainson CLARIS, proprietor of the Kent Herald residing at 9 High Street, Canterbury (William Gambrill of St. Mary Breadman was apprenticed to him - cca)

1889 THE KENT HERALD office and printing works; Arthur H. Claris, proprietor


1891 Thomas Fluwell Grantham, Printer, born Boston, Lincolnshire, married to Hannah Maria Fluwell (nee TERRY), with children Charles Frank, Sidney Howard and Amy Beatrice. 9 High Street his place of work 1892-1900

GRANTHAM, Thomas Fenwick, born in Boston, Lincs, on 20 July 1849, the son of Francis and Elizabeth Grantham (nee Hill); married Hannah Maria Terry at St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, on 24 June 1880.

From 29 October to 5 November Thomas Fenwick Grantham printed and published the Kentish chronicle, after which, from 12 November, the imprint was Herbert Swainson Claris's. Thomas Fenwick Grantham remained an employee of the Claris family. After the death of Arthur Hampden Claris, who had succeeded Herbert Swainson Claris as proprietor of both the Kentish chronicle and Kent herald, Thomas Fenwick Grantham, as his foreman, took over the printing and publication of both newspapers from 11 August 1892 to 27 July 1899, presumably on behalf of the Claris family. The two newspapers were then printed and published by Albert Henry Pilcher [newspaper imprints; Kentish chronicle: 13 Aug. 1892]. Thomas Fenwick Grantham then moved to Ashford sometime before 1901 [census 1901] and apparently worked in 1914 for Headley Brothers, printers in Ashford, as there exists a photograph of the compositors at the Headley printing works, and some are named - one is "Major Grantham", "Major", possibly a nickname carried by Thomas Fenwick Grantham, who in the photograph has a fierce-looking moustache [Headley Brothers archive]. Thomas Fenwick Grantham died on 5 December 1919, and described then as a journeyman compositor. His son Sidney Howard Grantham was in 1901 a printer's clerk. (information kindly supplied by Richard Goulden)

1903 J. A. Jennings Limited, Printers & Publishers (also at St. Georges' Lane)

1917 Savoy Cafe Restaurant, James Long Proprietor, luncheons & teas

1922 Savoy Cafe Restaurant, 9 High street, Canterbury, opposite Queen Elizabeth Guest Chamber. Caterer for all kinds of Parties. Luncheons, Dinners & Teas a Speciality. Noted for Italian & French Cuisine. Special Luncheons from 1/6 & 2/6 Special Suppers from 2/-. James Long, Proprietor.


No. 10

1828/9 GUILDHALL, Henry Jones

Henry Clements, Tavern Keeper %

1852 Henry CLEMENTS (Voted Deedes) 10 High Street Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

1858 Henry Clements, Wine Merchant, 10 High Street


1884 Shaxby Brothers, 10 High Street (listed under Soda Water & Lemonade Manufacturer)

1889 Russell Stratford, Wine and Spirit Merchant GUILDHALL HOTEL

1917 J. Hepworth and Son (ltd), clothiers, outfitters and bespoke tailors


Guildhall Street


No. 11


1838 T. DAVEY, Exhibtor, Collector of the Philosophical Institution and Museum of Guildhall Street, 11 High Street

Guildhall & City Sessions House, Richard Wellard, Hall Keeper

1852 Thomas DAVEY (a) Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

1917 E. Jarvis, Hall keeper

*Excavations at No. 11 High Street, Canterbury by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust 1992



The picture on the right shows the building "Costa" where the Old Guildhall used to be

No. 12

Thomas DAVEY, Curater of the Canterbury Museum %

Samuel PRENTICE , Bookseller & Stationer (r) %

1880 - 1917 William LEFEVRE, Draper and Milliner *wife is Frances, daughter's Eliza and Bessie

*William Lefevre born c. 1835 Canterbury, died in Canterbury in 1911


No. 13

William HOBDAY, Music Seller & Staioner %

1889 - 1890's Edwin Furner, Tobacconist

Henry Fairbrass, an errand boy: stealing 2s from his employer, Edwin Furner, a Tobacconist, of 13 High Street Canterbury. Being a young person under the Summary Jurisdiction Act 1879, that is a male under 14 years he was sentenced to 6 strokes of the birch rod in the presence of a Police Inspector and a parent/guardian, if they so wish to be present.
9 Oct 1897 - Conviction Notice - Court of Summary Jurisdiction - Canterbury Cathedral Archives -CCA-CC-J/V/1897/211

1917 Peark's Dairies (ltd.)

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) Currys Ltd. ....Local Branch - 13, High Street, Canterbury


No. 14

1838 Edmund SAXBY and Son, Listed under Ironmongers and Hardwaremen and Founders, 14 High Street

Edmund Saxby, Iron Merchant %

*1825 Edmund Saxby subscriber to "A walk in and about the city of Canterbury" by William Gostling

(there was a death of an Edmund Saxby esq. age 68 on August 22, 1850 at Beltinge, near Herne Bay....I wonder if this is any relation to the Canterbury family?) GM

1889 Charles Heathfield, Grocer and Wine Merchant

1917 Lipton Ltd. Grocers & Provision Merchants - F.C. Ellis Manager


No. 15


Elizabeth Oakenfull, Victualler %

George Hogben, BELL INN ^

Thomas Derry *

1889 BELL HOTEL, James Badger

1903 BELL INN, Miss Bertha Gammon

1917 Bell HOTEL, G.A. Walter


No. 16

James NASH, Tailor ^

Mary Ann NASH, Tailor *

1889 Madame Emily BELL, Milliner

Dec 1896 - French flowers and feathers. MADAME BELL, Milliner and artificial florist, Canterbury and Deal. Showrooms replete with the Latest novelties in Hats and Bonnets, Many of them direct from Paris. The "Leslie," and other Cycling Hats, etc. Veilings, Gloves, Corsets, Ornaments, Coque and Ostrich Plumes, etc. Ladies own material re-made.

1903 Madame Emilie BELL, Milliner

1917 J.F. BARBER, Tobacconist & Mrs. J.F. Barber, registry office for servants

1934 Arthur LANDER, photographer, 16 High Street, Canterbury


No. 17

1832 LION HOTEL, John Minter

Joseph Sheppard, Apothecary RCS ^


William James COOPER, Apothecary and Chemist %

John Ramsay COOPER, Chemist *

1884 J. Ramsay COOPER - 17 Hight Street, Canterbury - 1378 - Sheets for teaching children to read the english language upon a graded method of Phonic Word building by the ordinary orthography. Official Catalogue 1884

*John Ramsay Cooper died in 1885 in Canterbury (age c. 55)

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Chemists & Druggists, also listed under Chiropodists- Franics Richard HARRIS, 17 High Street, Canterbury

1889 Charles GRIFFIN, Chemist and Surgeon dentist, The Medical Hall

1903 Lander & Smith Chemists

1903 East Kent Natural History Society

1903 East Kent Dental Institute Ltd., Artificial Teeth Maker

1917 Arthur LANDER Medical Hall (J.P.) Chemist, optician & photographer & East Kent Artificial Teeth Depot.

1922 Lander & Sons, Chemists, Photographers, and Opticians, 17 High Street, next door to the Royal Museum, Canterbury. Pure Drugs and Chemicals. Sponges. Toilet Requisites, etc. Photographic Materials and all Kodak Supplies, Amateur's Plates and Films Developed and Printed. Portraits taken and Enlargements made, etc. Lantern Slides of Canterbury and Neighbourhood.

1925 A. LANDER, chemist, photographer and optician, next door to the Royal Museum


No. 18

1832 James VIDGEN


GEORGE AND DRAGON John Blissett, Inn Keeper %

William Butler, Licensed Victualler *


THE BEANEY INSTITUTE AND ROYAL MUSEUM Canterbury Free Library and Royal Museum



No. 19

Thomas Rogers, Victualler %


GREYHOUND - Charles W. Parker *

1889 "GREYHOUND", Thomas Andrews

THE BEANEY INSTITUTE AND ROYAL MUSEUM Canterbury Free Library and Royal Museum


No. 20

1828/29 Joseph Royle, Spirit Merchant

1839 Joseph ROYLE, Wine Merchant, 20 High Street

John Bushell, Corn Factor, Hoyman & Maltster ^

Levy Jacobs, Tailor *

1889 - 1917 Hart & Company, Tailors & Outfitters

(Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, April 8, 1933) Hart & Co., Ltd., Agents for "Harlevia" Tailoring Suits to Measure All the Latest Sports & Holiday Wear at Popular Prices. From 37/6. 20, High Street, Canterbury (Next to Beaney Institute)

No. 21

Robert FINN, Grocer %

William FALDOR, Grocer ^

Jacob Schlencker, Grocer *

1903 Schlencker & Son Grocers

1917 J. Schlencker, Grocer and Provisions Merchant


Above...High Street & the corner of Best Lane (left) and Stour Street (on the right)

No. 22

1838 Bartholomew BEAUGRAND, 22 High Street, Listed under Foreign Fruit Merchants (his wife is Gabrielle Isabelli Beaugrand, both born in France but British Subjects)

Bartholemeaux Beaugrand, Dealer in Foreign Goods %

Charles W. Brooks, Foreign Fruit ^

early 1880's - 1889 Edward Wilkinson, Baker

1903 John Oatridge, Baker

1917 Herbert E. Taylor, Baker and Confectioner





GRAVEYARD behind the church off of Best Lane


No. 23

William H. EATON ^

Charles DUNN, Clerk *

1889 Sydney WACHER, Surgery

1917 James Henry NASH


No. 24

Charles MAXTED, Printer

Frank WACHER, Surgeon *

1882 Medical & Vaccination Officer - Frank WACHER

1889 Sidney Wacher, Surgeon *Sidney Wacher, Eddington, Canterbury, certificate (Medalists and Prizeman)

1894 Frank Wacher was a creditor of Jane Long, Fishmonger, St. Margarets Street in the amount of £10

1903 Frederick Healey DORE, Architect (Firm of Young & Briggs) 5 High Street

1917 Frank Wacher Esq. (M.R.C.S., L.S.A.) Medical Officer of Health, Sidney Wacher Esq., Harold Wacher Esq., F.B. Sawbridge

1923 - F & S Wacher, Surgeons, Kings Bridge


No. 25

The Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr, Eastbridge Hospital

Kings Bridge


No. 26

The Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr, Eastbridge Hospital, Lodgings (Almshouse)

1889 F.H. Bradford, George Gann, William Waite, Iggledon, Pearson, Mrs. Read, Mrs. Shesher, Mrs. Pamflett, Miss Sutton, Mrs. Palmer


No. 27

* A photo of the front of the shop in Canterbury A second selection by Derek Butler

1889 Miss Maynard

c. 1907 - 1920's F. SLADDEN, Confectioner


No. 28

The Old Post Office which was Neame's House, his Soap & Candle Manufacturing was in Stour Street

KINGSBRIDGE HOUSE - Alfred NEAME, Independent, brothers William, Albert, Walter, sisters Emily, Jane, Alice, Louisa, Eleanor $

Alfred NEAME, Soap & Candle Manufacture ^

*1864 Marriage, November 17th, At All Saints Canterbury, John, eldest son of John Tilden esq., of Ifield-court, Norfleet, to Laura Spencer Neame, daughter of Alfred Neame, esq., of King's Bridge, Canterbury.

This property was purchased by the post office in 1868

Post Office - Thomas ANDERSON, Letter Carrier &

1889 POST OFFICE Charles Joseph AYRE, Post Master, Inland Revenue Office

**C. J. Ayre gave money towards the restoration of the Holy Cross Westgate churchyard, as per the notes in J. M. Cowpers book c. 1888

1917 Directory GENERAL POST AND TELEGRAPH OFFICE, A.Cook Esq. Postmaster Inland Revenue Office, W.O. Bishop, surveyor of taxes

1917 Directory Customs & Excise J.T. Wareing and G.T. Cox, Old Age Pensions Officers

Showing the building 2010 (no longer a post office), and the new building back in the early 1900's

Post card from my collection, "Dear C. This is our new Post Office. to Miss C. Peapell, Market Place, New Malden, Surrey"


No. 29

Samuel & Charles GREAVES, Saving Bank $

John WILTSHIER, Builder &

*Return of owners of land, 1873, J. E. Wiltshier, Acres, 1 0 22, Rent 10 10

(John E. Wiltshier, Stour Street, Canterbury (Subscriber to The Parish of Chislet, Kent 1887))

J. E. Wiltshier was in possession of "A catalogue of the rare and valuable works of Edward WARD (1661-1731) Commonly known as "Ned Ward." (cross & jackman 1907)

July 1897 James GILBERT accused of stealing from his employers daughter, Edna Lilian ASHENDEN of 29 High Street. CCA

1889 KENT FIRE AND LIFE OFFICE, Mr. Thomas ASHENDEN, dist. manager


1903 Royal Insurance Company (East Kent Branch) R. R. Johnston, local manager

1917 Kent Fire and Life Offices, Alvis T. Stapley, Royal Insurance Co. (ltd.) Alvis T. Stapley local manager

1925 Royal Insurance Company Limited. local manager Alvis T. Stapley



Stour Street (*Lamb lane)

"In the Gentlemen's Magazine, June 1865, it is stated that on June 20, 1758, in digging out a cellar at the house next to the King's Head, in the city of Canterbury, a tesselated pavement was found. I have, I think, found this somewhat indefinte locality as being a house next to Mr. Delasaux*, High Street, at the corner of Lamb Lane. Here not many years since, an old inn stood bearing that title. Now I find the level of the ground at the street between these premises and Alderman Hart's establishment opposite, to stand 34.080 feet, nearly 2ft below the St. Peter's and Westgate levels. This, too is assuming the pavement of the Roman house was found at or near the surface, which it certainly was at. The nature of the soil between Westgate and Eastbridge affords no evidence at the depth attained by the excavators of its ever having been the residuum of a lake." Journal of the British Archaeological Association


Tesselated Pavement, found at Canterbury, 1758

"In High Street, Canterbury, beneath six houses, numbered 30 to 35, one of which is the Fleur di Lis Hotel, and beneath the roadway in front of them, lie the massive foundations of a large and important Roman building. Mr. James Pilbrow, F.S.A., when constructing the deep drainage system of Canterbury, in 1868, carefully examined these foundations and came to the conclusion that they appertained to the Roman Citadel or arx of Durovernum....

To form a cellar for a house, next door to the King's Head Inn, excavations were made which brought to light this pavement, about three feet below the surface, 125 years ago. Such insertions of cellars necessarily tend to raise the level of the soil and street, and here we ascertain some facts respecting the results. In 1868, more than a century after the cellar was insterted, Mr. Pilbrow found 5 feet of soil above the Roman pavement of large stones close by, in High Street, which extends also up White Horse Lane." "Archaeologia Cantiana, 1883"

*At Canterbury, aged 54, Elizabeth, wife of T. T. Delasaux, esq. coroner. GM1855


No. 30

County Hotel

1850's - 80's Thomas P. De Lasaux, Wine & Spirit Merchant &*

Thomas Pauli De Lasaux died 1887 in Canterbury

1889 Directory G. H. Delasaux, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant and "Ye Old Vinter" vaults (George Henry De Lasaux - married 1885)

Ye Old Vinter, Herbert Lukey (

1913 C. Tomkins & Co. 30 High Street, Canterbury

1917 Directory C. Tomkins & Co. (M.A. Tomkins) Wine and spirit merchants

The card was posted to a Miss Janett of Enfield Court, Enfield Middlesex, on June 19, 1909

Above...High Street & the corner of Best Lane (left) and Stour Street (on the right)


No. 31

A fire broke out lately, at Canterbury, which consumed some workshops, a stable, coach-house, granary, and a room appropriated to the Free Masons, at the King's Head Tavern. MM May 1796

At the King's Head Inn, after a few day's illness, having lately arrived from the West Indies, Ensign W. Gillam, of the 68th Regiment of foot - The Monthly Magazine 1803 pg. 393

"Through the courtesy and research of Mr. J. R. Hall, I have been enabled to ascertain that the site of the King's Head is now occupied by the Kentish Gazette office, which is No. 31 High Street. Thus it becomes evident that the tessellated Roman pavement, discovered in June 1758 (beneath the front of No. 30 or No. 32) formed part of that Roman Building which Mr. Pilbrow called the Citadel, and Mr. Faussett denoted by the letter N." AC83

Freemasons Lodge - No. 498 (No. 1779-80), 1776? The Industrious Lodge, KING'S HEAD, Canterbury 404

Died on Monday, at Canterbury, suddenly, after eating a hearty breakfast, Mr. Dilot Wildish of the King's Head Inn (date c. 1820's)

Mrs. Carter to Miss Talbot. Deal, April 30, 1750. "To be sure, .....In the first place, I will infallibly, if I live and prosper, meet you on Tuesday, May the 8th, at the King's Head (the post-house) in Canterbury. The road from thence to Dover I never travelled, but my brother assures me 'tis a very good one. The inn to which all strangers go there is the Ship. From Dover to Deal is eight miles, a good road, excepting the hill, which may be walked up, and there is a beautiful romantic prospect from the top of it. From Deal to Canterbury is sixteen miles, a most excellent road. FSL 1809

1828/9 KING'S HEAD INN, Dilmot Wildish

1832 KING'S HEAD, Abraham Field

1837 "The Freemasons meet at the King's Head, High Street. Their secretary is Mr. W. M. Smithson"

William MOUNT, sons Charles and William, Bertha $

1847 William Mount, Esq, 31 High Street

William Mount, Magistrate and Treasurer of the City of Canterbury % (granddaughter Bertha Gaunllett)

Death, July 9, Aged 66, Grace, wife of William Mount, esq. of Canterbury. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1853

July 1854, marriage, at Canterbury, William Lemon Oliver, esq. of Widcombe house, De Beauvoir square and Threadneedle Street to Bertha Mount, youngest daughter of William Mount, esq. of Canterbury. The Gentlemen's Magazine 1854

1855 Henry Ward (printer & publisher) - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855


Jane Ward, Printer and newspaper Proprietor &



No. 32

William HORSLEY, Butcher $

1850's - 1903 William ASHENDEN, Purveyor of Meat. Families supplied with English Meat of the best quality at moderate terms.

Williams wife's name was Lydia, and William was his son

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1825 William ASHENDEN, 32 High Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of Thannington (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

Edith Kemp & Katherine and Beatrice ASHENDEN (

April 1898 They have a George CROUCHER working for them (a butcher of High Street in the employ of Mr. ASHENDEN) CCA

1903 William ASHENDEN, Butcher

July 20, 1907, During July we shall sell our large stock of Millinery absolutely regardless of the original cost. The newest straws at 6 3/4d. and coloured crinoline at 1s., for two weeks only - BALDWIN AND SON, opposite Beaney Institute, Canterbury

32 & 33 1917 Baldwin & Son Drapers


No. 33

1838 George PAYN, listed under Linen and Woollen Drapers, Haberdashers, Silk Mercers &c., 33 High Street

George PAYN, Linen Draper $

George Payn, Linen Draper %

1860's Ad Mr. G. H. Payn, Professional Pianoforte Tuner, No. 33 High Street, Canterbury. Tuner to the Canterbury Musical Union, the Catch Club, the Glee and Madrigal Society, the Apollonian Glee Club, Public Concerts, &c. Pianofortes Tuned, Repaired, Regulated, &c. in Town or Country. Instruments selected from the best Makers. (John Brent)

George PAYN, Draper &

1889 John SIMMONS, Draper & Milliner

1896 Barney Hadlum....guarantors Eustace Card (Draper) of 33 High Street and Jabez Linton of 5 High Street (buying seven stolen Fowls)

1903 Morford Brothers, Drapers

32 & 33 1917 Baldwin & Son Drapers


A view of High street showing the Fleur de Lis Hotel on the left


No. 34



1828/9 John MILLER, Fleur de Lis

1832 Toke James SIMMONDS, Fleur de Lis

Toke James Simmonds & Wife Jane, Inn Keeper $

Zachariah PRENTICE &

Jane SIMMONDS, Inn Keeper %

1889 Fleur-de-lis, H. WARD

1903 Fleur de Lis Hotel, Charles SANDERSON, Proprietor

1917 Fleur-de-lis, M. SHEPPARD


No. 35

1858 W. Chipperfield's Billiard room, next the Post-Office, 35 High Street. The Times, Globe, Bell's Life, and Punch taken.

Alfred SABINE, Baker &

June 7, 1873, The Solicitor's Journal & Reporter - "Liquidation by Arrangement" first meeting of creditors, Friday, May 20? 1873 - Alfred Sabine, Canterbury, Baker, June 13 at 2 at office of De Lasaux, St. George's Place, Canterbury

1889 H.S. Budds, hosier and glover

1889 Fleur-de-lis billiard rooms

1903 Hollamby & Williams, Hosiers

c 1900's - 1917 O. Hollamby, Hosier & Hatter


Whitehorse Lane


No. 36

The last building just before Whitehorse Lane

Former White Horse Inn (Abstract of title 1843-74 to 36 High Street, Canterbury, part or all of the former White Horse Inn)

The White Horse, High Street became a private house in 1805

1847 William Burgess, Railway Office & Agent to Herne Bay Steam Packet Company, 36 High Street

Alfred SABINE, Baker %

Dec 1884 Michael ABRAHAMS, Manager of Mr. Lazarus business at 36 High Street, Canterbury

1889 Lazarus & Company Tailors and Outfitters

1890's Tailor Shop Only

1917 Lewis CASTLE, Fruiterer



No. 37

1889 Walter Cozens, Plumber & Decorator

1889 - 1890's Mrs. and Miss Sayer (Photographic Artist)

No. 37 High Street 1896, purchased by H. J. GOULDEN from Henry MORRIS

1917 Directory A. Bozon Confectioner



No. 38

1852 Edward BAKER (Voted Bridges) 38 Hight Street Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

Frederick G. Hawkins, Grocer * His wife and children are living in Ramsgate

Frederick George Hawkins, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, butcher, ironmonger, and dealer in furniture, glass, and china, 38 High Street, and Alexander Terrace, Canterbury. Ct .Canterbury. Order June 29. Adjudications. Under Bankruptcy Act, 1883 Gazette. July 3. 1888

1889 Medhurst & Hooper Boot & Shoe Warehouse, Walter Budge, manager

1903 Medhurst & Hopper, Boot Warehouse (Drapers division at No. 7 High Street)

Aug 1911 - Harry UPSON, Manager of Messrs. Medhurst & Hooper CCA

1917 Medhurst & Hopper, boot dealers


No. 39 & No. 40

1839 No. 39 John GREENWOOD, Watchmaker, 39 High Street

1847 No. 40 High Street - James BROWN, Leather Cutter

No. 39 Thomas BLAKELEY, Grocer and Cheese Monger, husband to Eleanor ^

Thomas was born in Bowers (?) Essex and Eleanor in Colchester Essex, their daughter Eleanor Charlotte was born in 1853 in Canterbury

it was possible that Thomas was living in High Street, Braintree, Essex in the 1850's working for himself as a Grocer, he was single

Tombstone of Thomas BLAKELY, located in St. Martins Churchyard

No. 40 Richard SAVEL, Tobacconist ^

H.J. GOULDEN Music and Pianoforte Mart

1875 Henry James GOULDEN, has William James Randall and William EAMES working for him (CCA)

1917 - H.J. Goulden (ltd.) Music sellers and pianoforte manufacturers, stationers, booksellers and fancy warehousemen

1927 - H.J. Goulden (ltd.)


No. 41

Charles Goulden, Bookseller % (kids William, Charles L. Edward B., Hannah L and Henry L.)

1852 Charles GOULDEN (Voted Dering/Deedes) 41 High Street, Canterbury, Nov 1852 The Poll for the Knights of the Shire to Represent the Eastern Division of the County of Kent taken the 16th and 17th of July 1852

1855 - Charles Goulden, High street (Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers' directory for London)

1861 no one listed

1882 Edwin BUSBRIDGE, Confectioner (Eatery)

1889 EDWARD GAYWOOD, Cook & Confectioner___

1890's - 1917 Frances Ellen Gaywood, Pastry Cook & Confectioner

1908 - Canterbury Camera Club - On Monday evening, at "Gaywood's Restaurant", the members of this club assembled for a lecture entitled "Yesterday and To-day", provided by Messrs. Burroughs and Wellcome. Mr. B. J. Fisk-Moore kindly undertook the duties of lecturer. He said photography might be described as the sun-worship of today amongst the youngest of our arts and sciences, yet it has progressed perhaps more rapidaly than any other. Its scope, possibilites and number of followers excite wonder when one remembers that it was undreamt of in the yesterday of a hundred years ago. The reseraches of Niepee, Daguerre, Fox-Talbot and Scott-Archer were discussed and some amusement caused when a slide showing the equipment of the wet plate days was exhibited on the screen the apparatus being conveyed on a hand-cart, the unlucky photographer thus assuming the guise of a travelling showman. Today the equipment of the photographer needs no illustration; portability and compactness are necessities. "Tabloid" Photographic Chemicals admirably fulfil these qualities, and their use renders unnecessary uncertain solutions and chemicals liable to deterioration. Some excellent lantern slides and prints illustrated the results possible by use of "Tabloid" products for developing, toning, reducing and intensifying, whilst samples of the latest introduction "Tabloid Rytol" were distributed amongst the members. At the next meeting on Monday, December 7th a latern lecture on "Half-hours with Nature" will be given by Mr. F. C. Snell.

Wednesday, September 4th 1912 - Wedding of Mr. Ernest George GRIFFIN and Miss Gwynfred Constance ADAMS, Gaywoods supplied the refreshments

1917 Directory F.E. Gaywood & Sons Bakers

1917 - Canterbury Chess Club meets at Gaywood's Restaurant on Saturdays; Honorary Secretary, Mr. Henry J. STONE, 20 St. George's Terrace

Gaywoods building was renovated sometime between the 20's and 50's as the outstide now has changed


No. 42

James Brown, Leather Cutter %

1858 H. & G. Misken, 42 & 45 High Street. Birmingham & Sheffield Warehouse, China, Glass & Earthenware Depot, And Fancy Repository. (Table spoons, Dessert spoons, Tea spoons, Table forks, Dessert forks, all other articles equally cheap. H. and G.M. being the Sole Agents for Kent, they are enabled to supply the Trade at the Manufacturers' prices.

1860's - 80's George Misken, Hardwareman

1889 George Miskin Birmingham and Sheffied Warehouse

c. 1902 E. J. Philpot, 42 High Street Canterbury. If you wish for the best value you must purchase your bicyle, sewing machine or perambulator, from E.J. Philpot. Cycles supplied are kept in order for 12 months, Sewing Machines for three years FREE OF CHARGE. Electric Light, Power, Telephone & Bells fitted & maintained. The oldest established depot in Kent. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

1917 Eastman Ltd. Butchers A.A. Tomlin Manager

*July 20, 1907, wanted a lady clerk - apply in writing, stating terms to Eastman's Ltd., High Street Canterbury


No. 43

1828/29 Benjamin Evans, Spirit Merchant

John Cowell, Wine & Brandy Merchant %

John Cowell, Veterinary Surgeon ^


1889 Mrs. E. A. Sparks, OLD CROWN and dining rooms

1917 Directory The Arcadia Bazzaar Co.


No. 44 & 45


44 - Benjamin ROFE - Boot & Shoe Maker %

45 - Henry, John & George Misken, Hardware Dealer %

45 - 1858 H. & G. Misken, 42 & 45 High Street. Birmingham & Sheffield Warehouse, China, Glass & Earthenware Depot, And Fancy Repository. (Table spoons, Dessert spoons, Tea spoons, Table forks, Dessert forks), all other articles equally cheap. H. and G.M. being the Sole Agents for Kent, they are enabled to supply the Trade at the Manufacturers' prices.

44 - Henry MISKEN, Boot & Shoe Warehouse ^

44 - 1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Manfield & Son, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

44 - 1889 International Tea Company, grocer's, &c.; Wm. Brown, manager

44 - 1903 International Tea Co.'s Stores Limited

1917 - No. 44 Pilcher and Chittenden, fruiterers (Tel 161)

1889 Geo. Misken, Birmingham and glass and china warehouse

1917 No. 45 & 46 The City Meat and Grocery Stores, F. Finn and Sons, Ltd. - G.G. Duddles (M.G.I., A.J.I., A.I.H.) manager

1925 Pilcher & Chittenden, Fruiteres & Greengrocers

1927 Pilcher & Chittenden, Fruiteres & Greengrocers, 44 High street Canterbury (also Deal & Folkestone) (phone book)

High Street 1952, hand-coloured photograph in my collection, Hall & Co. truck on the left


No. 46

John Elgar, Gorcer & Tea Dealer %

John Elgar, Grocer, Tea Dealer and Cheesemonger ^

Frederick Bailey*

1889 CITY STORES, grocers and patent medicine vendors

1917 No. 45 & 46 The City Meat and Grocery Stores, F. Finn and Sons, Ltd. - G.G. Duddles (M.G.I., A.J.I., A.I.H.) manager

*1882 Bailey, a son born May 24th at 46 High Street


No. 47

1847 Mrs. Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis %


1889 - Secretary, Frank Carlyle Forrester; Resident Manager, Charles Kemp

1903 Foresters Hall, John Barden, Steward

1903 Foresters', Court Victoria A.O.F., Silas Bokdin, Secretary

1917 Foresters' Hall, Silas Bodkin, sec., J. Barden, steward




*Possibly the Fullagar Brothers (the older gentlemen in the photo above)


No. 48

James Fullagar, Fancy Dealer & Music Dealer &

Edwin Fullagar & George Fullagar, Toy Dealers *

1881 Mr. FULLAGAR, 48 High Street (Honorary Assistant Secretary ) (Members - from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)

"The Microscopical department has been ably represented by the original work of our Hon. Assistant Secretary, Mr. J. Fullagar, whose painstaking investigations and beautiful delineations of natural objects make our Association known far beyond the locality that gives name to the Society. Mr. Fullagar's researches are published with the transactions, illustrated by a frontispiece of actual drawings, from the microscope of living objects, copied photographically by the well-known photographer, Mr. Bateman of St. George's Street, Canterbury, to whom the Society are indebted for 150 copies of which Mr. Bateman has generously presented it." (Report of the Committee for 1880)

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Pool & Son, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

(+ relative? Richard Pool (1853) Canterbury, Kent, boot closer in the Gaol of Canterbury) TJ 1853

Dec 20, 1894, Greenwoods - Seeds. Seeds. Seeds. For vegetable and flower seeds of all kinds, and of a really good and reliable quality. You should go to Greenwoods. 48 St. Georges Street, Canterbury. Catalogues post free on application. Horticultural sundries of all kinds in stock.


No. 49

1850 - William and Isabella Pool (employing 12 men) plus sons William Pool, Chemists Apprentice, Walter Pool, Scholar, James Pool

1860 - 1863 Mr. William Pool, 49 High Street, member of the Kent Archaeological Society

(baptism of Walter Laughy (Langley) Pool October 13, 1839 at St. Andrews to William and Isabella Pool)

(baptism of James Harry Pool, August 23, 1846 at St. Andrews, Canterbury to William and Isabella Pool)

1861 Walter was noted as age 21 and wine merchant and was visiting Henry H. Dobson a Goldsmith at 9 Alfred Place in Brompton, Middlesex

William and Isabella Pool, Boot manufacturers &

(buried at St. Gregory's - (William born c. 1802-6) "In affectionate remembrance of William Pool of High Street in this city who departed this life September 3, 1871, aged 69 years. Also of Isabella Jemima widow of the above who departed this life May 25th 1888 aged 76 years. Also in remembrance of James Harry youngest son of the above who died on his passage to New York in the steamship "Aurania" and was buried at sea 17th July 1888.) *he was living at No.9 Vernon Place

Isabella Pool, Boot Warehouse, with son Walter L. Pool (American Farmer) age 42 and daughter in law Augusta A. Pool*

James H. Pool with wife Elizabeth, children Harry Cecil, Isabel M. C. Pool *

Walter Pool died 1884

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Pool & Son, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.


Re-built 1887

New Premises at Canterbury

This house and shop has been erected in High Street, Canterbury for Messrs. Pool & Son. The external facing is of red brick and stone. The frieze is of Bracknell bricks, carved by Messrs. Reid & Co. of London. The work has been done by Mr. W. W. Martin of Ramsgate, from the design and under the superintendence of Messrs. Cowell and Bromley of Canterbury & Folkestone.

*John Cowell, died 1888, Architect, place of activity - Canterbury. Sources - Directory - British Architects 1834-1900


1889 F.J. Orchard (late Pool & Son), Boot & Shoe Warehouse. Importer of Paris and Vienna goods. Large Assortment kept in stock, and made to order.

c. 1902 Fred H. Orchard, Military and family bootmaker. A large and varied stock of High Grade Boots and Shoes of the best English Makes for the present season. American, Parisian and Viennese Goods of the best and newest designs in stock. Established 1798.

1917 F.H.Orchard, Bootmaker

F.H. Orchard, Military and Family Bootmaker, 49 High Street Canterbury (1937), from an invoice, courtesy of a frequent visitor to the site


No. 50

1838 Joseph Taylor TYSON, Commissioner of Pavements, 50 High Street (also listed under Ironmongers and Hardwaremen)

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1729 HOBDAY, W. 50 Hight Street (1371 BK), Canterbury, listed under parish of Saint Peter (it is the parish of qualification)

William HOBDAY, Ironmonger &

Henry OVENDEN, Ironmonger *

1889 - 50 & 51 Hammond & Co., Canterbury Bank


No. 51

George TURMAINE, Bank Manager &

1889 - 50 & 51 Hammond & Co., Canterbury Bank


Hammond & Co. Canterbury Bank / Assembly rooms

The Capital and Counties Bank late Hammond & Co.

1917 Capital and Counties Bank (ltd.) A. S. Blunt Esq. manager (Bank house) Alfred Jones Esq. chief cashier

"From Mercery lane we cross High street into St. Margaret's, the corner of which, on our right hand has perhaps, the largest and most elegant assembly room, built by private owner, in the whole kingdom." *At the corner of St. Margaret's, under the assembly room, is a public bank, and a few paces higher, another. WG




Thomas BLACKLEY, bootmaker

Edward Morccock BROWN, cornfactor

John BROWNE, linen draper

Henry CHRISTIAN, chemist & druggist

Clackett and Giles, candle warehouse

Claris and Marrable, wine merchants and stationers

Charles COLLINS, hairdresser

William FARLEY, breeches maker

Thomas FOWLE and Co., hat manufacturers

Francis HOPKINS and Son, grocers and tallow chandlers

Horn GILES, butcher

James GORLEY, hat maker

James HACKER, King's Head Inn

Elizabeth HAGELL, pastry cook

Hammond NICHOLLS, watchmaker

Thomas PARKER, ironmonger

Payler, Hammond, Simmons and Gipps, bankers

William PETTIT, coffee house

Charles POUT, auctioneer & upholsterer

Charles and Samuel POWELL, woollen drapers and salesmen

James RONALDS, gun maker

Joseph ROYLE, brandy and hop merchant

*will of Joseph ROYLE of Canterbury, April 1, 1848 (National Archives)

*Obituary, The Gentlemens Magazine April 1848. At Canterbury, aged 87, Joseph ROYLE, esq.

STUPPINGTON is a manor in St. Mary Bredin's parish, which had antiently the same owners as the adjoining one of the Dungeon, having been the property of the Chiches, and afterwards of the Hales's, one of whom, Sir James Hales, in the 15th year of king James I. appears to have suffered a recovery of this manor, with those of Nackington, Staplegate, and the Dungeon, all within the liberties of the city of Canterbury. After this and some intermediate owners, it became vested in later times in the family of Toker, of whom Mr. Stephen Toker resided here, and at his death was succeeded in it by his son John, who married Bennet Blaxland, by whom he had five sons and one daughter; of the former, Mr. Stephen Toker, the eldest, possessed this estate, but dying unmarried, he devised it by his last will to his nephew Edward, eldest son of his fourth brother, by Margaret Ford his wife. (fn. 13) He afterwards resided here, and in 1795, conveyed this estate, consisting of the mansion with out buildings, gardens, and part of the lands, to Mr. Allen Grebell, who now possesses them; but the other part of the lands to the westward of the house, called Wellclose and Stuppington hill, were sold in 1798 to Mr. Joseph Royle, who is the present owner of them. (Hasted)

Sankey and Miles, stagecoach office

Ann SPENCER, plumber

Robert STAINS, ironmonger

John H. STRINGER, woollen draper

William THORNTON, druggist

Lee WARLEY, attorney

Joseph WARREN, flax dresser

William WELLARD, fellmonger and breeches maker



A photograph in my collection showing High Street (old Chequers Inn) on the left and Parade on the right, and Mercery Lane in the centre and a NOW picture.


"As the Kentish Post of December 19, 1724, now lies before me, I shall subjoin a theatrical advertisement, by way of specimen:-"This is to acquaint the Curious, That at the Theatre in High Street, Canterbury, is to be seen the most Noblest Piece of Work that ever was performed upon a British Stage; consisting of a large Artificial Actors, five Feet high; and by them will be Acted, on Saturday next, a Play, call'd The Unhappy Favourite, or the Earl of Essex, with the Beheading of the Earl upon a Mourning Scaffold, and his Head expos'd to publick View by the Hands of the Executioner. Having met with great Applause from both the Universities, and most of the Nobility and Gentry resorting to Bath and Tunbridge Wells, and most of the Judicious Places of the Kingdom. - Note, There is a new pair of Stairs, and the Theatre is Ceil'd, being now made very commodious for Gentlemen, Ladies, &c." MM 1807



George PLOMER, High Street - Listed under Attorneys

Charles POUT & Sons, High Street - Listed under Auctioneers

William HORN, High Street - Listed under Bakers


John Liptrap, Esq. May 17, At his lodgings, High Street, Canterbury, aged 60, John Liptrap, esq. F.R.S. and A.S. formerly of Mile End. A gentleman who for literary acquirement, gentlemanly feeling, and benevolence of heart, was inferior to none. At the early period of his life, and during much political difficulty, he filled with general approbation several distinguished public situations, and mixed in those circles to which the talents of some of our greatest men were given to infuse amusement and instruction. For some years past, his mind has been weakened by repeated attacks of paralysis, but now and then a gleam of his former self would break forth that gave us a faint idea of what he had formerly been. By his family and friends he has died esteemed and regretted, and their only consolation is that he is relieved from the sufferings he continually underwent. GM 1826 (married to Elizabeth Hunt)


"In 1187 the Fish Market was kept in High Street, by the church then called St. Mary, Fishman's, and afterwards, as now, St. Mary, Bredman's, from the Bread Market being then near to it. The Fish Market was removed from High Street into Burgate, and again into High Street, but at length, about 1480, was fixed in St. Margaret's Street, where it now continues." FS


At the entrance of this street stands the side front of the Guildhall, immediately opposite to which a very compact range of buildings have been erected, originally fitted up as an inn and tavern, and called the GUILDHALL TAVERN, for which purpose part is now occupied, and the remainder has been converted into a Bank and other offices. The old established Catch and Glee Club, so frequently visited by strangers passing through Canterbury on Wednesdays is also held under this roof. Near this has lately been erected, a handsome edifice for philosophical purposes, where lectures are given. It contains a library and museum, which are highly creditable to the projectors and members. HW


1839 William MOUNT, Wine Merchant (and hop), High Street



Susannah Chipperfield, Confectioner with son Robert George whose a solicitor's clerk and son William a Confectioner

"An Ancient Powder Flask"

A few years since, a chimney sweep was employed to clean a chimney in a house occupied by Mr. Chipperfield, High Street, Canterbury, nearly adjoining the Chequers Inn, spoken of by Chaucer, as being the resort of the Pilgrims on their way to the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral; and after he had been in his sooty abode for some time, fears were entertained for his safety, and it was intended to break a passage through into the chimney to rescue him, but on this project being carried into effect, the little urchin made his appearance through another apartment of the house. It having soon been found necessary, from the dilapidated state of the premises alluded to, to remove the chimney, when an apartment was discovered, evidently intended, from its situation, to contain fire-arms and other weapons used in those troublesome days, which the ancient City of Canterbury have formerly so unfortunately witnessed; and in this apartment four ancient Powder Flasks were discovered, one of them being that of which we have given the above representation: it is made of wood, and the ornaments of steel. It is now in the possession of Richard Friend, Esq. of Canterbury.

We are indebted to the kind attention of Mr. Ward, bookseller of Canterbury, for the drawing and particulars of the above curious antiquarian relic.

The Mirror or Literature, Amusement, and Instruction...Vol. XXXIII, 1839

Robert George Chipperfield, Solicitor's Clerk (moves to London - St. Dunstan in the West, Middlesex then onto Lambeth) *member of the council for the Borough of Canterbury, Attorney & Solicitor

Robert George Chipperfield, Esq., Canterbury Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

1855 Charles Maiten (printer) High Street - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855

1855 Ashdown & Co. (wholesale stationers) - Hodson's Booksellers, publishers and stationers directory for London and County 1855


Mary Ellis

James Elgar, Grocer

William Bowman, Tailor

Ann Catherine Paine and Edward Paine, Butchers

Richard Hammond, Druggist

*an ordinary marriage licence 1842, Steddy/Hammond - CCA-U3-30/2/J/87

William West Biggleston, Ironmonger (Crown Yard)

John Clements, Superintendent of Police (Police Station House)

William Newport, Brandy Merchant

James Brown, Leather Seller

Zachariah Prentice, Linen Manufacturer (04)

Mr. Zachariah Prentice, Canterbury, Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

The British Medical Journal, August 13, 1881 - Royal College of Surgeons of England. The following gentlemen passed on the 29th ultimo. Zachariah Prentice, L.S.A., Canterbury. (b. June 3, 1860. Dec 1874. Surgeon, House Surgeon at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, 1886. Died c. 1920)

James Norris Moses, Chemist

Samuel Pollard, Watchmaker *sons James Pollard and Samuel Pollard

Edward Sankey, Surgeon

August 16th, Death at Canterbury 1856, aged 57, Edward Sankey, esq. Surgeon, GM

William James Cooper, Surgeon

George Homersham, Plumber


2 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in High Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


"Excavations lately made in the High street of Canterbury have laid open the foundations of Roman buildings which cross below the present street, proving that it cannot be of so early a date as some have imagined. On the side of the Watling Street, just beyond the city walls, a Roman Cemetery has been touched upon by excavators for the foundations of a house. Mr. John Brent has been assiduously watching these discoveries on the part of the Kent Archaeological Society." GM 1861

"The High-street presents gabled ends and projecting fronts. Alleys and lanes toward the cathedral and its precincts look antiquely picturesque." IG 1872

"When the old Red Lion Inn disappeared from the High Street in 1806, in order to open the new thoroughfare we call Guildhall street, it is very probable that the Medical Hall was built." WC

1828/9 - White Horse, John Elvery, High Street

1860 AD - J. Nash, Tailor and Draper, High Street, Canterbury (John Brent)

Enoch Fenner died 1729, leaving his business to his son Rest Fenner the third, whose advertisement in the Kentish Post ran as follows : " Rest Fenner Book-binder from London (the son of Mr. Enoch Fenner, bookseller of Canterbury, deceased), continues the trade in the same shop, now the sign of The Bible and Crown, behind St. Andrews church Canterbury, and sells all sorts of Bibles, Common Prayer Books, Books of Devotion, School-Books and all other sorts of Books, viz, Law, Physick, Divinity, Mathematicks, Geometry, Astronomy, History, Voyages and Travels, Poetry, Plays, Paper Books of all sorts, Painted papers for hanging of rooms all sorts of fine-maps and prints ; Fine writing paper, [etc. etc.] N. B. All sorts of Books neatly bound in any manner of binding : Gentlemen's studies gilt and lettered either at Home or at their own Houses at a reasonable rate."

November 1795 - Death, November 29th, In High Street, Canterbury, Mr. Hercules GILES, butcher. KR

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